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  • echoroyal79echoroyal79 Posts: 72Member Member Posts: 72Member Member
    Welcome @krisclark220 you can do this at any age. Thanks for sharing. When is your birthday? I have about the same amount the loss. We can do it together

    @samsherwin91 you are definitely into the H20 this morning. Great job!!! Since I actually had a day off from work today I took advantage of sleeping in. Coffee first. Then to the h20

  • Running2FitRunning2Fit Posts: 710Member Member Posts: 710Member Member
    Hi! I’d like to join!

    I’m 28. I’ve lost 42 lbs since my highest weight and have another 28 to go! I know 2019 is the year I’m finally going to hit my goal weight. Ideally, I’d like to hit my goal before my sister-in-law’s wedding in May. I started running a bit in September when I re-started focusing on losing weight. I’ve decided to get more serious about it this year and registered to do a half marathon in September.

    SW: 190
    CW: 147.5
    GW: 120
  • riley2eatriley2eat Posts: 33Member Member Posts: 33Member Member
    HW 344
    CW 185
    GW 140

    I’ve been hanging out at my current weight for many a year. I’ll be 60 in 2019 and would love to celebrate my birthday at goal weight. I need accountability and motivation and hope to find a no nonsense group that helps keep me on point. I know you can’t do it for me so it helps to have someone's to report to.

    Thanks for the group!

    Omg look how far you've come already! You're a flipping beast! You got this 100% i'm already proud of you
    edited December 2018
  • riley2eatriley2eat Posts: 33Member Member Posts: 33Member Member
    Oh also 32 oz. So far today lol
  • echoroyal79echoroyal79 Posts: 72Member Member Posts: 72Member Member
    @Running2Fit welcome. you got this. You and I have about the same amount to lose. Jump in and share your daily progress. We are here all the way

    @riley2eat that is fricken awesome. You are doing somerhing right. The night is still young to get all our water in. Did you get a chance to workout today
  • echoroyal79echoroyal79 Posts: 72Member Member Posts: 72Member Member
    How is all you fine people doing?❤

    Today I managed to drink 56 oz. Still more to go.

    Walked each 3 dogs, did 15 mins on the elliptical. Doing more than last week 😎

    I may indulge in a glass of wine for New Year's eve.

    Going to clean up my saddle this evening in hopes to get on one of my horses tomorrow. Wish me luck I dont do something stupid to hurt myself again 🐎🐴❤

    Happy New Years🎉👙😎
  • echoroyal79echoroyal79 Posts: 72Member Member Posts: 72Member Member
  • timetodothis19timetodothis19 Posts: 23Member Member Posts: 23Member Member
    I am 88oz so far today! Super excited. I have a 32 oz bottle at work and I kept watching it go down and I made goals for myself. If I can do it! You can do it!
  • Bliss_330Bliss_330 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Hi All,

    Can I join? I'm new here but could use the daily push for motivation and accountability! I'm turned 30 this year and need to make a change to my health. Since I got married in 2012, I gained about 30 lbs and stayed there for the past 6 years! Well I figured it's a new year, I have a new job, and new priorities! I also recently started exercising again, so that should help (crossfit).

    Cw: 215 (approx- will weigh In tomorrow morning)
    Gw: 175

    Thanks all
  • CandiceMcC1CandiceMcC1 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    Hi! I want to join 😊
  • echoroyal79echoroyal79 Posts: 72Member Member Posts: 72Member Member
    @Bliss_330 Welcome, you are beautiful and you can do this. It is so funny how we end up gaining weight with good or bad changes . Crossfit is pretty intense that is awesome. Check in with your changes and goals.

    @CandiceMcC1 welcome to the group. Share a little about yourself, encourage each other with our goals. Right now we have a water challenge this week. Then weekly we check in with how we all did on workouts, eating anything. Share anything you want.
  • echoroyal79echoroyal79 Posts: 72Member Member Posts: 72Member Member
  • LisianneBoisvertLisianneBoisvert Posts: 6Member, Premium Member Posts: 6Member, Premium Member
    My name is Bianka, I am 25 years old and I am from Montreal, Qc ( yes, I speak French )

    I have let myself go back to almost my highest weight ever (I was 14 years old back then) in about 10 years.

    CW: 185.6 lbs
    GW1: 150 lbs
    GW2: 120 -135 lbs (the weight that will allow me to lead a satisfying life without controlling everything forever)

    I had lost a 100 lbs and I had kept most of it off for the first few years, then 10 pounds more each year recently, I lost 10 pounds here and there, but I haven't been able to really commit to it like before and I ended up getting my weight even higher then before each time which really didn't help motivate me.

    Because I know that it's going to be a long journey again this time, it feels like my brain is just remembering all the bad sides of the journey. The suffering from that past experience. I can't "feel" the good even though I was mostly happy on my first weight journey. It was filled with a 100% success, not a single weak did I not achieved my goals. But I forced myself eating basically everything, because I liked pretty much nothing healthy back then and I probably wasn't eating enough without noticing because I was starving, often. That was a 1200 calories a day, which is what is recommended for my height, but I know I can't eat that little anymore.

    The irony is that it should be easier now, because I don't have to force myself, I like healthy food. I really do. A lot. But it's no longer a straight line, there is a lot of entanglement.

    I am so scared the results won't come fast enough for my level of motivation (and amount of faith and hope left), it feels like I've been sabotaging myself for a while. Particularly by retaking some unhealthy eating habits that were long gone for many years.

    Another significant issue that wasn't there as a teen is definitely the ties between food and my social life. As an adult in a city, most of the time, people want to go out to eat or drink. Second best is inviting you home to eat or drink… Same with my family. I have been trying with mitigated success to invite people to do alternate activities, but with too many of my friends and family, it gets complicated much faster in that case and I end up not being able to see my friends as much as I want, as much as I need.

    The social life aspect of it mixed with emotional eating are my two biggest problems this time. I'll have to tackle it, but there is no straight line for it.

    Sure, I have a lot of control over the emotional eating with enough motivation, but for the social life, it is not only on me. You can't just find new friends to do new things with. It's possible, but it's not as easily controllable as not eating popcorn in the evening!

    Thus, I am hoping to find internet friends here, to be able to at least share some of the struggles. So, add me 😊
  • Bliss515Bliss515 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    Day 1: So far so good! Cutting out my biggest vices (chocolate and pop)! So far I've found myself wanting them, but chose other things pretty easily. We can do this! Starting back to Crossfit tomorrow morning so I can get some exercise in.

    CW: 211
    GW: 175

  • echoroyal79echoroyal79 Posts: 72Member Member Posts: 72Member Member
    @LisianneBoisvert welcome to the group. Thanks for sharing your story, it is brave to be up front about it all. It sure can be a struggle. Let's do this one step at a time. Check in daily and chat with the others for friendship and encouragement. Bianka, I am not French but I was born and raised in Edmonton, AB.
    Let's kick some *kitten*.❤

    @samsherwin91 , girl you are already kicking some *kitten*. Good job🤩
  • echoroyal79echoroyal79 Posts: 72Member Member Posts: 72Member Member
    Hahah. I guess some words are not permitted. Pretty funny😂
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