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Meal Preppers! What are you cooking this week?

ee2368ee2368 Posts: 86Member, Premium Member Posts: 86Member, Premium Member
What’s on the menu this week? How many days/meals do you prep? Do you prep for the whole week, partial?
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  • yirarayirara Posts: 3,722Member Member Posts: 3,722Member Member
    I usually cook for 2-3 days, depending. So far I'm thinking of
    tonight: baked cauliflour and onion parts with chicken, pearl couscous or small ellbow pasta, cherry tomatoes, spices, maybe feta
    Later this week probably a pasta with tomato base and tuna or sardine.

    Depending on the calories of the first I'm sorted for 4-5 days. I also still have one portion of a stew leftover in the freezer
  • ZeebopbiddlywopZeebopbiddlywop Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
    Pork chops - 2 cooked ones each with rice and veggies.
    Diced pork stir fry.
    Diced steak for fried rice.
    Steak with mashed potatoes I made yesterday.

    Everything made, portioned, and frozen for easy meals.
  • TavistockToadTavistockToad Posts: 34,816Member Member Posts: 34,816Member Member
    I tend to prep breakfast muffins and then some batches of stuff for lunches. Today was Bolognese.
  • CowboySarCowboySar Posts: 389Member Member Posts: 389Member Member
    I work away from home 10 days at work 4 days at home. I also eat the same thing all the time so it is pretty simple. Most would say boring and not eat the same but I like it and it works for me.
    On the Sunday start of my work shift I cook 16+ lbs of ground turkey and 12 cups (uncooked) quinoa. This is current as I am slow cutting/maintaining. When Bulking its 16+lbs of eye of round steaks and yams or potatoes. Easy as pie cook once every 10 days. At home I eat the same foods for all except dinner where I will cook everyday for the wife and I
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 600Member Member Posts: 600Member Member
    I'm all about meal planning.

    Sunday - (just got done) Coconut Curry Chicken Thighs, Brown Rice, Creamed Spinach and Peas and Carrots.
    Monday - Leftovers from Sunday
    Tuesday - Mexican Quinoa Burrito Bowl with Avocado (Vegan)
    Wednesday - Out to Thai (I usually go Vegan again)
    Thursday - Trying a new recipe with a Brussel Sprout Salad and Maple/Honey Salmon
    Friday - Pasta (gluten free) Alfredo with fresh Broccoli and Mushrooms
    Saturday - Date night
  • nicsflyingcircusnicsflyingcircus Posts: 1,914Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,914Member, Premium Member
    I'll prep Tuesday for my work week (W/Th/F this particular week, 12 hr shifts).

    9 hard boiled eggs, 3 string cheese, deli meat (chicken probably) and the I need to come up with my main meal for those days. I am thinking chicken taco salad.
  • RunnerGirl238RunnerGirl238 Posts: 92Member Member Posts: 92Member Member
    Hardboiled eggs, homemade turkey sausage patties, egg cups with prosciutto. Whole wheat banana muffins with pecans and dark chocolate Ham and corn for white bean and ham soup
    Ground beef browned for chili
    Onions diced for various things

  • ee2368ee2368 Posts: 86Member, Premium Member Posts: 86Member, Premium Member
    I loved all these ideas! I usually cook a few days in advance and then freeze anything past that.

    Mon-Wed: Mozzarella/Ham rollups, mashed cauliflower, and parmesan stuffed chicken
    Thurs & Fri: we’ll see ;-)
  • MollyeverinoMollyeverino Posts: 19Member Member Posts: 19Member Member
    I cook enough for 4 days for my husband, our 2 year old and me.

    Bfast- seasoned ground turkey, scrambled egg whites and hash browns. Topped with cheese and salsa after microwave.

    Lunch- deconstructed cheese burger bowls 🙌🏻

    Snacks- Dijon salmon w/ Parmesan asparagus or honey crisp apples with cheddar blocks

    Dinner- Mediterranean style chicken w/ turmeric rice

    I’m a snacker so I have fruit, cottage cheese and skinny pop popcorn on hand when I need to munch something
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