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    Hi all! This is a really great group to follow. I get a lot of encouragement here and it's nice to read about people in one's own age group as our problems/troubles and victories/triumphs are all so similar. I also belong to another group called the "Lose 1 Pound a Week and Keep it Off 2020" group, here on MFP. So far, I've done just that. They require you to weigh in once a week to stay active and to be kind and helpful in your remarks.

    They have a number of spreadsheets set up with challenges that you can do or not do, as you choose. We have two groups set up that "compete" against each other (although it's a VERY friendly competition - we're just as likely to root for people on the other team as we are those on our own team). Next week we have a great BINGO challenge coming up; it looks like it's going to be great fun!

    If you'd like to check it out, please take a look at the following link:

    We have another member here who also belongs to that group. He knows who he is and maybe he'll chime in on this. Don't forget to keep posting here though! :)B)
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    Hello 60-ish-ers. I'm new, just posted once or twice but really enjoying the discussions. Seems like we all have medical/health related issues that impact our weight loss goals. But it's great having a group of similar age and similar issues that I can really relate to. Prior to my biking accident a few years back, I found it very easy to be active. Loved hiking, walking, biking -- anything outside activity always cheered me up and made me feel better. I have a Catrike now to accommodate my knee injury but living in the Midwest during the winter is challenging. Not easy to get outside and do anything. I take my dog on short walks when it isn't too snowy/icy but have been trying to find things to do inside as well. So far I have started using some light weights (mostly during tv commercials - ha!) and a fitness band so at least I feel like I'm doing something. Thanks for all your posts and encouragement and new ideas. RCVP, can you expand more about how the challenges work?
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    @Fishwishing, sure, I'd love to. Okay, the only mandatory challenge is the weekly weigh in - just like it sounds. You weigh yourself at the end of the week and enter it into a spreadsheet. Points are given for weight loss, BUT no points are deducted if you have a gain.

    Then, we have additional ongoing challenges - Accountability (Setting goals), Calories (Set a calorie goal/limit), Check-In (Just post something daily), Hit Target (Were you within a certain % of your calorie goal), Workout (workout goal), Miles (miles walked, run, biked, etc.), and True Weight (my favorite - you weigh daily and it adjusts your trending weight for water/waste fluctuations. Has a cool graph that goes with it).

    In addition, every week we have 1 or 2 fun additional challenges thought up by the administrators/leaders. Next week is BINGO. Every day there are 4 to 5 small things to do which are set up on a BINGO board. If you do them all, you get a BINGO! for the day and score points.

    At the end of the week, the leaders add up all the points and post the results for each category and for the overall winners. It's fun and keeps me motivated to put my weight loss and fitness goals front and center each day.

    I hope this helps. Sorry for the length of the post. Here's the link again if you're interested in joining:


    Just read the post at the top of that link page by Andreabroadley. It will direct you to a link so you can join if you'd like. :)
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    Hello from bright and sunny Victoria. Terrible day yesterday. Once again I had a glass of wine and all thoughts of controlling chocolate intake were gone. Oh well, today is a new day. Albeit one where I am 0.9 pounds heavier. Back on track today. Funny, I didn’t really enjoy the wine and sweets all that much- why did I keep consuming? This is a very interesting journey.
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    @bacpath, I have the same reaction when I have ANY kind of alcohol - I immediately crave sweets. I never crave them otherwise. It doesn't seem fair that we should have to give up both! :'(
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    Hi RCPV & bacpath, please don't shoot the messenger, because I am sure anybody could find other advice somewhere on the net but, I was curious myself. My sister is a heavy drinker and stayed with us for 4 months once, although she drank no alcohol while she was here she did consume vast amounts of bake goods. I thought it might have been because she missed the sugar in the booze.

    Alcoholic beverages primarily consist of water, alcohol (ethanol), and different amounts of sugar. The calories come from the alcohol and sugar and are considered "empty calories" because of the lack of the other essential nutrients. ... You do not need to be an alcoholic for alcohol to interfere with your health and life. I found this on www.medicinenet.com

    I don't think a drink now and then is necessarily bad though... just my opinion. :D

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    cherylre wrote: »
    Hi. Looking for friends 60 and older to help keep us all motivated. Maybe checking in with each other every day to keep us on track. Just started yesterday, have to lose 30 lbs. The older u get the harder it seems to get.

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    Need friends 60+. Please add me
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    Good morning to all members, just read all new posts and got some morning inspiration. Yesterday was a good MFP day for me, stayed within the 1200 cal. I am like in j29t in that planning really helps me as well, if I know what I am eating for the day, it keeps me on track. I was able to do 2 youtube yoga workouts and even though it was very cold, I got out side for a two mile trail walk with my dog. Today involves more working out and eating right. I can feel my body getting much more toned which is encouraging. Wishing everyone a great day!
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    Good morning 60 and uppers :) Breakfast was a 1 egg omelet with 1/2 sausage patty, black olives, cheddar cheese and 1 pcs of toast lightly buttered, yummy. Welcome to all newbies (hug) n2gardens56 You go girl, you are inspiring me :Dlanky007 I am sure we here can keep you encouraged and be supportive while you take your journey, all the best to you. j29t kudos to you and cayenneandcoopersmom for doing that functional training. I would need training wheels to do it LOL... I pray I will be able to eventually and I agree with you (in that) the trick to success is all about planning and also food prep YAY... Italiansweetie458 so good to see you (hug) you are one busy lady, God bless you o:)tofatnana We all need friends in this journey. Watch for a friend request from me :)barbiecat I love the quote <3 Hey, I play solitaire LOL. We are all in this together and before you know it we will all be at GW.

    Shout out to my friends :D

    Have a blessed day everyone.

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    @lynnchristy, I like your posts; they're very upbeat. :)
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    Valentine's Day was a fun one for me! A couple of friends and I went to the annual Stage Door Canteen on the USS Lexington. The big band was wonderful, and there were lots of folks in uniform or other clothing from the WWII years. There are not many of the old vets left anymore, sadly, so the main attendees were boomers with lots of younger people there as well. I did my usual and went as Rosie the Riveter. Anyway, I ate too much and had more than one (ahem) alcoholic beverage, so I'm going to be making up for my indescretions over the next week - lol.
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    The last 10 days have been frustrating, 2# up, 2# down. Can't seem to get past 143. Do y'all think muscle really weighs more than fat? That is my only saving grace right now.

    Muscle tissue is more dense (takes up less space) per pound than fat tissue, for sure. Muscle is worth having for many, many reasons - particularly as we age - but it's very slow to actually add muscle tissue** (new cells and fibers), and slower for those of us older, more female, and at reduced calories.

    For a woman under ideal conditions, gaining a quarter pound of muscle tissue per week would be a great result (half a pound per week for men). Ideal conditions include relative youth, more testosterone (among other possible hormonal factors), a good progressive strength training program performed faithfully, excellent nutrition (especially protein), favorable genetics, relative newness to strength training, and a calorie surplus. On the flip side, a quarter to half pound of fat loss per week would be about the slowest observable rate.

    If you've been working out, especially if strength training, for a long time, adding muscle is a possibility, and a great thing. Hang in there, keep doing the good stuff, and eventually that scale will move!

    ** Strength increase can be quite rapid, especially at first, but it's coming from neuromuscular adaptation, basically better recruiting and using the muscle tissue we already have. We can also see more muscle definition relatively quickly, mostly because of the way water retention in the tissues works for muscle repair during the process.