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    I haven't checked in the past couple of days because my 2nd Covid vaccination kicked me into bed! The first went really well, so I was surprised that the second one hit me hard. Now, 2 days later, I'm rested and recovered. Whew!! My advice to those who are in the vaccination cycle, keep a bottle of water and your favorite pain kill/ fever reducer next to your bed. So if you wake up feeling horrible, you just need to "reach for the relief".

    Of interest is that although I feel Ok now, 2 days later, I have zero appetite. I have many calorie left to consume, but don't even want to indulge in a higher calorie snack. I'm going to make a protein drink later though, because too many missed calories will sometimes give me a headache. Since I just recovered from the vaccination headache, I want to head off another one.

    Is anyone else planning on air travel soon? What finally kicked me into paying attention to my weight was that I want to do some visiting, and not packing around extra pounds makes travel a lot more comfortable. Especially with the tiny tight seats these days.
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    I pretty much don't know what to say unless someone asks a question: Pandemic life is pretty quiet, in my world.
    Welcome to MY world! It would be hard to have it quieter. Part of my upcoming travel will likely require a 10 day quarantine when I return home, but since I'm home almost all the time nowadays anyway, it won't be anything different from how I've been living the past year.

    I've usually (pre-pandemic) got a few "fun" things each week to get me out and about. Not now, since many group activities are stopped. I'm really hopeful of restrictions lessening up once more people are vaccinated.

    Does anyone else have next-to-nothing-filled-onto-their-calendar due to covid shutdown/restrictions?

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    For those older workers, I’m working and I just recently had the courage to apply for a supervisor position where I work. I had an interview, but did not get the position. It’s ok because I don’t think this particular job was for me. I’ll look to see if something comes available I might like better. Maybe better things lie ahead. Working makes it easier for me to stick to my plan because I’m not snacking when I’m working. I try not to make up for it when I get home. Wish me luck that I have a good week this week with MFP. Thanks!

    You sound like a "glass half full" person. B)
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    I love retirement but you do have to find things to keep you motivated, each night we make a list of jobs to do and hey presto, we are busy bees!
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    Hello I'm 61 and new to the group, hope everyone having a great day 😀
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    Checking in!

    @southkonahi Glad you are recovering from 2nd shot. I get mine in about a week. Planning to drink lots of water before and after. It is funny how "do nothing" used to be a goal for me. MG took me down so I haven't had the activity withdrawals with lockdowns, but I am champing at the bit to be back up fully functioning. Stuff is beginning to open back up here (Alabama), so I think I can find something to keep me occupied for fun. ---Shoot! At this point, doing housework would be a 'good time' and much needed:-).
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    Hello again to all. Wonderful seeing news of familiar posters and so many new joins on the thread. Thanks.
    All has been well in my part of the world. Since being vaccinated I’ve been able to visit the Grandchildren (wow they grew fast) and feel comfortable shopping in local garden centers. Spring has been taking it’s time this year. My little deck garden has had a slow start (frost again last night.) I’ve harvested a little lettuce but herb seeds are just sprouting. The metro area is blooming with dogwoods and azaleas and the cherry blossoms had a short peak before a cold front nipped them.
    Doing well with tracking, daily walks and a slow, steady loss. Still not feeling safe going to the store or gym yet. The gym in my complex remains closed, although the library has opened and some distanced activities are starting up again. I’m very happy being able to walk the trails in the neighborhood and parks nearby.
    I’ve been reading through threads regarding food, nutrition and maintaining for tips and found so much helpful information posted on those threads. One post by @AnnPT77 talked about using a food scale and I reacted immediately (Amazon next day) to the suggestion that I should be using a digital scale vs measuring my peanut butter by the tablespoon. I forget what she called the tablespoon type but since I’ve started measuring my nut butter by grams, a jar lasts longer and I’m losing faster.
    Thanks to all who have share their experience and knowledge, it really makes a positive difference.
    Today was a wonderful Earth Day in my neighborhood. The weekly local farmers market opened for the season, got a nice brisk walk and some great plants and local fresh veggies from the vendors.
    Stay well and keep on tracking y’all.
    Friend Hugs <3
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    Hi. Looking for friends 60 and older to help keep us all motivated. Maybe checking in with each other every day to keep us on track. Just started yesterday, have to lose 30 lbs. The older u get the harder it seems to get.

    I'm with you gals, I'm 68. It is hard with age-related wear and tear. I was not easy on my body with my eating habits, and drank a lot in my 20s. Dropped that , and the smoking at age 33 but didn't clean up my diet. Thought I ate good, the way I was taught to believe back in the day.

    Would love to make some friends here as well. Always room for the younger gals in my life, but especially drawn to gals that have been around about the same amount of years ;) Denise

    PS I'll friend you cherylre, and hope some of the gals here will friend me as well as you ;) I'm a Type 2 Diabetic, so very low carb, and got into Keto pretty much. Got my blood glucose under control, but struggling with the the hunger thing between meals. Eating too many calories in snacks, low carb but still high calories some days.
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    Please feel welcome to friend me if you like, I am so happy to find this thread and it would be great to get to have others my age, or close to, to support and be supported by!! What a great thread <3
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    I was laughing at the comments about retirement activities because I have a pad on my refrigerator that has squares for each day of the week. Mine was totally blank & my sister (who was not retired at the time), said “so this is what retirement looks like”. Lol Days seem to fly by even tho I don't have planned activities.

    Weather in Iowa sounds a lot like Michigan. Warm a few days, then cold & snow & now saying maybe 80 on Monday.

    Dh & I fully vaccinated, so relaxing a little. Today we visited cousins (also fully vaccinated) that we haven’t seen since Nov. 2019.
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    @AnnPT77 Yes I love how you pop in to answer complex exercise questions. I will be off June10 thru July 27. I'll try to see if the weather stabilizes. Yes, mom said they had gotten a little snow. I'm contemplating driving a rental up north to avoid flying. I messed around and got an old schwinn bike last week at a thrift but took it back because it had a lot of issues. So I'm in the market for a mid-level mountain bike. I don't care for treadmills but enjoy walking 3 miles. Home repairs has kept me away but I'm almost there. I love, love the flower pictures. I relax around the beauty of nature of the land, plants, flowers, waters and such. We can never get too much. Even in this pandemic, it's still gorgeous. I turn 63 on April 29th! I have an countdown Widget on my phone when I 'hope to retire.' Glad others are enjoying it right now. I hope to have grandkids one day too. I can only imagine. (Love that song by Tamela Mann).
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    Am I able to join your blog🙋🏼‍♀️
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    Am I able to join your blog🙋🏼‍♀️

    Come on in. Nothing to join. Just introduce yourself and post here to your heart's content. Share your triumphs, your failures, and your frustrations if you like. Welcome!
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    So after not losing I have decide to eat more, wish me luck!
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    I'm back, for a quick minute. Checking in. This thread/discussion gets hot and cold. Seems hot when the men chime in? Lol. I've been busy, had main drain stopped up and had to rent a snake. Going to have to use tree root killer annually. Now sprinkler repair is scheduled this week, after a 2 week wait. Texans are still catching up with the winter storm damage. The pool filter tank order is still on a month backlog. I did mowing, edging yesterday for 2 hours. I tried to hire it out but the quote was pricey. Uhm, I had to go off all friend requests stuff because I felt I barely had time to log food being a high school nurse M-F with evening chores. I felt I had to log exercise that really wasn't good exercise, which was very time consuming since I'm Not retired. I'm at a 11 lbs loss plateau for 2 weeks because stress makes me snack too much on healthy snacks like nuts. Keto seemed to help at first but the gains disappear as quickly when returning to normal eating. I'm at a standstill but at least I've maintained my loss. Counting down50 days before school is out for the Summer! Yeah! I want to visit mom/siblings in Michigan. 😎

    I pretty much don't know what to say unless someone asks a question: Pandemic life is pretty quiet, in my world. Sounds like you've been having plenty of adventures, not necessarily all good ones!

    One tip: This may not be the best time of year to visit Michigan, Summer sounds better. Last week, it was around 70F, and I took my walk happily in a short-sleeved t-shirt. Today, it was a few degrees above freezing, I was bundled up in multi-layers, and it snowed during my walk. I hear what you're saying about missing family, and wanting to visit . . . but there are advantages to holding off until actual Summer, in hopes of the state deciding by then what weather it wants to have.

    Uneventful updates: Weight holding steady as intended, haven't started on-water rowing season yet, doing some 5mi walks and indoor rowing/biking, trying to bring strength training back into my workout schedule (which I sadly don't enjoy, so struggle with, despite knowing 100% that it's good for me).

    Since I've really got nuthin', how about some more flower pictures from the yard (L to R, top to bottom, Helleborus orientalis, Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum - a wildflower), different color (near black!) Helleborus orientalis, Double Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis), Checkered Lily (Fritillaria melagris), Corn-leaf Iris (Iris bucharica):



    Awesome flower pix. Thanks for posting!