Before and afters. Let’s seem them!!!



  • sandracornejo
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    Quick question, because my legs look like your before picture and I get so discouraged but your transformation gives me new hope. Do you think the cellulite minimized more due to your diet or exercise?

    Finally hit my goal after 1 year and 15 months! Sorry about the editing. I wasnt expecting to ever feel okay with sharing these pictures so I did them in my underwear. Next stop toning! zt7ai8n0mo6t.jpg

    Way to stick with it! You rock!!!

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    Nika_Hamed wrote: »
    35 pounds down. SW: 198 CW: 159.6. Started in November 2018 :). Had some fall backs but continuing on with the journey.

    Looking really good!
  • tthickens637
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    Before and during. March 28th vs about two weeks ago at 214. Now I'm at 210, but I'm at work so I can't take a new one. :D

    Wow, great progress in a short amount of time!!
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    6 years in the making, weight lifting and martial arts, sensible calories, high protein, still have a DrPepper every day!


    Incredible transformation
  • tthickens637
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    Oh my gosh!!! You all look amazing and the transformation is stunning. Thank You for sharing. Very motivating. 👏👏👏