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  • annliz23annliz23 Member Posts: 1,021 Member Member Posts: 1,021 Member
    jonason62 wrote: »
    I am 69 now, started MfP just before my 68th birthday. I am 5ft tall, hovered between 10 1/2 and 11 stone for years, although I always did a lot of exercise. After logging calories and exercise, I steadily lost 2-3 pounds per week and weighed 8 3/4 stones after 5 months. I was particular pleased to drop 2 bra cup sizes. I wasn’t too happy about my face looking a bit gaunt, which was rather ageing. What seemed to help in weight loss was giving up dairy produce, which I did for digestive reasons - no acid reflux now. My weight now hovers at 9 stone and my face has lost the gaunt look. After over a year of strict calorie logging, I have found it a bit of a bind, particularly on days I eat out or go away on holiday. I have found that when I return to logging consistently my weight starts to fall quickly, which is encouraging. I think the regular exercise is crucial, helps the metabolism. I am now aiming to get to 8 stone, ideal for my height.

    I'm 5ft 1 and trying to get to 8 stone 5 but if I manage that 8stone 1 at the moment 9stone 1 so still some to go.
  • EvamuttEvamutt Member Posts: 1,714 Member Member Posts: 1,714 Member
    @megamom congratulations on your retirement, love your dog too
  • megamommegamom Member Posts: 924 Member Member Posts: 924 Member
    Evamutt wrote: »
    @megamom congratulations on your retirement, love your dog too

    Thanks, she is my obstacle and my buddy exercising.
  • fitlulu4150fitlulu4150 Member Posts: 1,597 Member Member Posts: 1,597 Member
    Hmmmmm, just found this very interesting group. Looks like you're all trying hard and reaching for better health and fitness. I congratulate you all.

    I'm 69 and started here at MFP in 2013 after a long illness that caused me to lose weight rapidly (35 lbs in 10 weeks) and then gain it back just as rapidly once I was cured.............LOL

    From September 2013 to the end of 2015 I lost 60 lbs. I did it by eating about 1300-1400 calories per day with a macro balance of C-40, F-30 and P-30. I started out swimming laps at the gym I joined, then added strength training 4 days a week, followed by long walks with my dog. In 2018 my sister was diagnosed with throat cancer and since she really had no one to help take care of her we moved her into our home. It was a very consuming experience and over the 8 months prior to her death I somehow managed to gain 15 lbs back. Mostly lack of exercise but she craved sweets and I had trouble resisting them myself.

    As of today I've lost the 15 lbs again and am jumping back into maintenance. I'm 5'7" and weigh 150 lbs. At the top end of the healthy BMI chart. One thing my doctor has mentioned, several times, is that as we age we do not want to become too thin. We're just one illness away from losing energy and strength without a little bit of a weight cushion. My goal was always 135 but she convinced me otherwise and I find that I'm happy and comfortable with myself at this weight.

    Up until this week, I've been doing a lot of hiking (just got back a week ago from a road trip from CO to MT, going through Yellowstone and hiking some beautiful spots), walking hills with my 8 year old dog (generally in the 3-3.5 mile range 3 days per week) and working out at the gym 3 or 4 days a week lifting weights. I still swim but just in the summer in our backyard!

    5 days ago I woke up extremely dizzy and was diagnosed with Vertigo (the BPPV variety) so it's been a long week with little to no exercise. I'm hoping to overcome this soon as it appears to be the most common and easy to get over type of Vertigo.

    In the 6 years since I started this journey, I've had so many injuries that I'm just treating this as one more thing to overcome.

    Never give up and always remember that age is just a number.

    Keep chasing your goals!

  • annliz23annliz23 Member Posts: 1,021 Member Member Posts: 1,021 Member
    megamom wrote: »
    Morning everyone. Tomorrow is my weigh in at WW. Yesterday I was at 159.6, below my goal weigh, today I am at 160.9, above again, sigh. Getting into the 50's is taking me forever. However, I am still at it.
    I added tai chi and dug out my old Leslie Stallone walk a mile CD's, I forgot how much I like them. I find if I do the same exercise all the time my body becomes completely used to it and my weight loss stalls so am switching it up and hope to make my ole body wonder what the heck is going on.
    9 more working days until I retire so everyone is having little parties for me before the big retirement party in Sept and none of the treats are on the healthy end at all. My boss though said she will make sure there are healthy options at my big party.
    My exercise routine for this week was, Monday, gym doing keep the pace on the treadmill and then 90 minutes of strength training, I love lifting weights, Tuesday, tai chi and yogo in the morning and then 17 mile bike ride, Wednesday just work but 12,000 some steps, Thursday gym day, Friday, walking with Leslie. Next week, same routine different days
    My little dog loves doing yoga with me and has the down dog perfected Have a great day all.


    Fab workouts, enjoy your ip coming retirement.
  • EvamuttEvamutt Member Posts: 1,714 Member Member Posts: 1,714 Member
    @fitlulu4150 Welcome to this group. I'm so sorry about your sister, also about the many injuries you've had (I've had many too) congratulations on your maintenance. It seems our weight is a life long journey, whether losing, gaining or maintaining. For me it always comes into play. I'm a little ocd & I just can't forget about it on special occasions like today is one of our grand son's birthday parties & I've been deciding if I should have a piece of cake or not. I've gained 10 lbs so taking a day off deficit is not ok. Sometimes I think if I should just maintain at my current weight but it felt SO good when I was 10 lbs less, then I did eat a little extra on special occasions & it didn't effect my weight
  • ginnytezginnytez Member, Premium Posts: 537 Member Member, Premium Posts: 537 Member
    I'm still trying to decide on good final weight. See doctor in a couple of weeks and going to discuss with him. He is a very good internist and I trust his opinion. Until the, I will just do what I have been doing, but they do seem to want us to pay attention to that in a different way as we age.
  • EvamuttEvamutt Member Posts: 1,714 Member Member Posts: 1,714 Member
    I started at size 18/20 then got down to 12 which was loose. Now I'm a 14 but can still get into 12, a little snug. My best friend called me skinny when I was size 12, now she says I look average & not overweight but I feel overweight
  • fitlulu4150fitlulu4150 Member Posts: 1,597 Member Member Posts: 1,597 Member
    Thanks @Evamutt, yes losing weight and maintaining are both a challenge, but in some ways I think maintaining can actually be more difficult. I'm always afraid that I'm going to give myself too much permission to go CRAZY. I would probably have the cake today and then try to make up for it tomorrow.

    @ginnytez, I think there are so many factors that play into our final weight goal. Liking how we look and feel is one, but also our frame size and muscle composition come into play. I don't think there's a one size fits all answer. Hopefully your doctor takes many things into consideration.

    This will probably sound weird but when I was at the doctor's last Monday for my Vertigo, they had me sitting in a chair instead of the table, so I wouldn't fall over I guess.............LOL, and the doctor suddenly decided to push on my tummy in several places, because I'd been nauseous presumably. It felt really good that my tummy was solid and mostly flat and not a squishy mess of rolls. It's the little things. ;)
  • ginnytezginnytez Member, Premium Posts: 537 Member Member, Premium Posts: 537 Member
    I agree @fitlulu4150 - My cholesterol was starting to creep up-that is a number I want down. A non-squishy tummy is big in my world!
  • MalimalaiMalimalai Member Posts: 231 Member Member Posts: 231 Member
    Hi all,I'm 64 and follow keto/low carbs woe. I walk my little dogs everyday and I started to do toning exercise too now. I lost 24 lb in 7 months , I have 9-13 lb left to lose.I'm healthy and I have good check up report from my doctor.I try to eat healthy foods. If you follow keto or low carbs woe , you're welcome to add me. So, we can support one another.x 🌞🥑
  • swim777swim777 Member Posts: 582 Member Member Posts: 582 Member
    Congratulations @megamom on your retirement! Love your dog! I have a schnauzer who runs our house. Totally spoiled and loved.
    @fitlulu. Hope the vertigo ends soon! It sounds like you were really doing well with the exercise!
    @evamutt. I struggle most with celebrations and those social meals, too. In the past, I might not have sweets only to go home and snack. I’m hoping to figure out how to handle those times.
    I fell this week on our road, which slowed my exercise for the week, and really hurt my feelings! (We have lots of broken pavement).
    Planning to be back on track walking starting Monday. Have a great Sunday, everyone!
  • fitlulu4150fitlulu4150 Member Posts: 1,597 Member Member Posts: 1,597 Member
    @swim777, thanks for the well wishes. I'm hoping that I might be over it because tonight is the first time in almost a week that I feel normal............for me anyway! I have a new appreciation for men and women who have chronic health issues though because of the debilitating nature of this Vertigo. Luckily, I should be back to normal soon and just dealing with my normal aches and pains............LOL

    Sorry you fell, hopefully there are no lasting issues from that!

    @Malimala,i I wish you luck with your Keto/low carb goal, unfortunately my digestive system cannot tolerate that. And I need carbs in the morning for my hikes/walks/gym. We're all different though and need to find our own way! Sounds like you've found yours!

  • EvamuttEvamutt Member Posts: 1,714 Member Member Posts: 1,714 Member
    @fitlulu4150 glad to hear the vertigo is better. I get that once in a while but not for a long time now. there is a video on you tube of what you can do that, according to one of my daughter in laws works pretty well.
    @swim777 I'm so sorry you fell. I fell so many times in my life & know what it's like to stop & recover. Most of my falls were from playful dogs at dog park running into me, sprained ankle, broken wrist etc but the last one was walking my dogs & a piece of pavement was sticking up on road & went down on my face, ugh.
    @Malimalai I eat low carb but not on purpose, carbs make me feel sluggish & protein makes me feel more alert so I eat higher protein naturally plus I prefer protein foods lol
    It was a nice party yesterday, it was family so not too many ppl. we had...costco rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, pizza & one of those cakes with strawberries on top, no frosting & that cream in the middle so I had 2 smaller pieces. I must have had 8oz of the chicken breast & i'm sure more than a cup of mashed potatoes. No pizza, I'm the only person in the city who doesn't like pizza lol, I don't care for red sauce or pizza dough, oh & I had chips. I had 700 cal left before I went over but I'm sure I went over, today's another day
  • MalimalaiMalimalai Member Posts: 231 Member Member Posts: 231 Member
    @fitlulu4150 ,I agree that you need more carbs because you're in maintenance and you do a lot of exercise .I'll increase carbs and calories too when I reach my goal weight.
    @Evamutt ,I'm glad you enjoyed your party.I don't eat sugary foods or high carbs like rice, potatoes, bread or pasta.Yes,these foods make me feel sluggish too.I can eat more good carbs and more calories when I'm in maintenance . I would enjoy eating low carbs desserts and low carbs pizza(pizza is not my regular food either ) etc.They're healthier options for me too.🍕🍰🍌
  • annliz23annliz23 Member Posts: 1,021 Member Member Posts: 1,021 Member
    iamomx2 wrote: »
    Just wanted to post here that while I ate one piece of marvelous apple pie (and enjoyed every morsel) at a funeral luncheon yesterday...I DID NOT EAT THAT SECOND PIECE that I really wanted!!!! (My brother ate it--his 2nd piece 🥧🥧🥧)
    Yeah, me!
    PS I'm 60...trying to make this work (AGAIN) in a non-drastic way that I can live with...need to be healthy for my self and my family...I like this group!

    Well done resisting!
  • rimtorimgoalrimtorimgoal Member Posts: 117 Member Member Posts: 117 Member
    I'm 61 for the next 6 weeks or so. Would love to join your group. I'm tackling C25K. Just finished Week 2, Day 1. It is hot outside though.
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