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    So happy to hear it is improving for your hubby. Sometimes people on the boards forget that we are all individuals and that not everyone can eat at the same level. I'm glad he's improving and that he's seeing progress in his strength training as well. Kudos to you too for being supportive!

    true but maintenance of 2100 calories for a 5'10" male weighing 195lbs who trains 3x per week does not sound right...

    And who regularly was averaging between 8-15000 steps daily. His BMR alone would probably be near 1800. His exercise burns may not have been completely accurate, but he should have definitely been losing at 2100. I realize all people are different, but that doesn't mean I am going to blindly accept things as fact when they clearly don't add up.

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    I’m glad you posted an update because it would bug me not finding a resolution.

    May I ask what your/his plan is moving forward?

    I ask because I think this would be a great time to really work with his data and nail down how, where, an how many calories he is burning.

    Are you using TDEE or NEAT?

    I would be tempted to do NEAT for a month at least and isolate out his NEAT from his walking cals and isolate out his lifting cals too.
    This way moving forward you have more data to work with than TDEE will give you, and you will be able to adjust easier if problems arise again.

    Sorry if this was said up thread, I didn’t reread it all, just picked up from the update.

    Also, there is the chance he is an outlier, hence the lower cals.

    Whatever the reason for his cals being lower than expected. The numbers you have now work with your logging, including any errors you may unintentionally be making or not, so roll with it.

    (No ones logging is perfect we get the results using best practice and consistency over time.

    Cheers, h.
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    Another idea to add to the mix: has he ever been tested for celiac disease? It's a gut disease where the gut is triggered to attack itself when you eat certain foods.

    The disease can be present for years without gut symptoms. People can have the genes for this disease without it ever triggering, so many people have genes in the family without a known celiac in the family, so they may not know to test for it.

    But one of the quirky things about this disease is that sometimes, for some people, it seems to impact weight gain and loss. Some people with it get very skinny and cannot seem to gain weight no matter how much they eat - this is more well known. But there are also people on the other side of things, who end up gaining weight and they can't seem to lose it past a certain point. Last i heard, doctors do not really know why this is.

    Fatigue is one symptom that some folks get from this, and it can be more prevalent (or show up for the first time) when people try to eat fewer calories, because the body can have problem absorbing enough nutrients due to the gut damage and so needs more food (and therefore the calories with them) just to keep up the nutrient levels.

    No idea, of course, if this is an issue for your hubby. But the initial test for it is a simple blood panel, so it's not too burdensome to request the testing unless you get an ignorant doctor who thinks that 'he can't possibly have this.' There's actually no way to tell this without testing, because there's even a good % of celiacs who are 'silent celiacs' and have no symptoms, but old and out of date medical knowledge thought that didn't exist and not everyone has updated their celiac knowledge. I really don't want to harp on the whole medical thing, but at this point, the medical community is still so bad at realizing someone may have this and testing for it that they estimate 80% of celiacs are still undiagnosed (they estimate this based on studies with randomized testing, and the # of folks in the studies who are positive who were never diagnosed until that point is used to estimate the % of undiagnosed folks in the population, as I understand it).

    So if he is still struggling and can't figure out what's going on, probably at least couldn't hurt to check, you know?

    This link just mentions the silent celiac disease and a few common symptoms, if that might help to see if it seems relatable. :-) ( )