Women 200lb+, Let's Have an Amazing August!!!



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    Welcome to the new members! Glad to meet you all. 😀
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    I'd like to join in

    SW 304
    CW 277
    GW 238 (set a mini goal of 50lbs at 288 lbs)
    August GW - 272

    My goal is to keep to plan with 80/20 balance, keep within my planned caloric range (1600 to 1800), hit protein and water targets.

    Just updating my goal weight. I may have to update August GW and Current weight on August 1. I'm currently up with swelling, hoping to drop the swelling.
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    tamz81 wrote: »
    I also just got back from vacation and gained 4 pounds! So I need to be diligent about eating under my calorie goals and walk it off.

    SW: 231
    CW: 218
    GW: 180

    It could just be fluid and swelling from going off of plan. Please try to hit your calorie goal and not go under!
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    Well, I'm gonna try this again! I have a HUGE motivator for losing weight and getting healthy but I am still being stubborn!!

    SW: 265.8
    CW: 265.8
    Goal: must be below 230 ASAP
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    Well, I'm gonna try this again! I have a HUGE motivator for losing weight and getting healthy but I am still being stubborn!!

    SW: 265.8
    CW: 265.8
    Goal: must be below 230 ASAP

    Don't try to lose 35 lbs fast. It's not going to happen fast without you jeapordizing your health. It will also make you bail on a healthier lifestyle.

    What's the big rush?
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    Also @laaloba you are such a survivor! Wow! Well done for even continuing to try, I'm so impressed!
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    Started May 31 2019
    Sw 269
    Cw 240
    Cgw 200
    Gw 160
    Goals for August is work out a little more and fast for longer periods of time. Hopefully will be around 230 by end of the month.
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    Hi all,

    July was a struggle but still manage to loose 9 lbs.
    SW 298 (1/1/19)
    CW 244.8
    GW 180??
    Method to continue this journey for August; continue to record food intake accurately and honestly, staying under 1400 calories. Swim strokes at least 4 hrs. a week, bike 2 hrs in the month, bowl at least 2 hrs. in the month.

    Sending positive good energy to all of the group in this very difficult, sometimes lonely and challenging new life style. We can do it!!!
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    shorewifey wrote: »
    Hi ladies! I don’t know where to start. Was recently told I have diabetes- it’s early enough to where I take oral medication; so I can change it now or inject insulin later on. I am lost and lacking my spunk. But I have no choice now. So I’m hoping to meet a friend or two or more who maybe can understand depression and attempting weight loss and the fight between them. :) here I am- putting my best foot in front of the other.

    SW: 281.2
    GW: 250 - (1st gw )

    I’ve been insulin resistant for a long time but my blood glucose has always been fine. I had back to back to back illnesses and was on multiple steroids and antibiotics and my system went haywire. My blood glucose went from fine to so high just one reading was enough to be diagnosed as type 2 in less than a week 😒. So I just started meds last month and am figuring out what to eat to keep things stable 😁. Feel free to add me if you want to since we are both just starting out!

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    Momjogger wrote: »
    I'm a yo-yo dieter and yo-yo eater. I lost about 39 lbs several years ago...gained some back. Was informed I'm pre-diabetic and will have to take medication if I don't change my ways. so, I've been serious for about a month now. I started walking more, 4-1/2 miles sometimes 5. Eating less sweets...seems like its working. Here are my stats.

    SW: 224
    CW: 212 - again, yo-yo's
    GW- maybe 190-185.

    According to charts I'm suppose to be maybe 150 or so. I just want to be healthy, feel healthy. I'm not perfect, but i'm content with trying.

    Walking longer distances is a GREAT way to burn fat. My son was in pre med and he said you burn the most fat walking. Keep it up!

    yes, happy to know that I am doing something right!!
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    laaloba wrote: »
    Hi All -
    I didn’t even know these groups existed. I’ve been logging for years on and off and excited to find I can chat with other members. 🤓

    SW/CW: 243 (6’0”)
    Short term goal: 229
    Long term goal: 179

    I’m 49. I’m the fourth of six (two sisters, three brothers.)

    Survivor: I’ve had four cancers since I was 28, chemo, bone marrow transplant, radiation, ruptured L4 disc, back surgery, loss of beautiful mom 😞 and most awesome chocolate lab, two recent heart attacks.

    Passions: mountain biking, kickboxing, triathlons, 80 hours toward my private pilots license.

    Depression: I now have kidney disease from chemo and damaged arteries from radiation. I can’t even walk now without getting short of breath, severe sensitivity to sunlight and artificial light, lightheaded and dizzy.

    Baby Steps: Gave up caffeinated coffee and salt after my 2nd heart attack in April 2019. I may need a bypass in September if I don’t pass a treadmill/stress test. 🙏🏻

    I lean more toward not eating. It’s 1:45pm and I’ve only had Siggi’s Drinkable Yogurt. I have so much knowledge about nutrition, paleo, keto, macrobiotics, vegan, renal diet that I don’t know what the [email protected]#k to eat. I love veggies but hate the buying, cleaning, chopping, cooking. I am vegan-ish. 🙃

    My new mantra is water and veggies, water and veggies, water and veggies. I’d like to add walking to that mantra. Water, walking & veggies!!

    I don’t believe in restricting. That sets me up for failure. I don’t obsess over scale.

    If you’re in or near Marin come walk with me. I’m slower than a snail! 🐌


    Oh My Goodness! I commend you (applause) 4 cancers?! 2 heart attacks?!! you are welcomed to add me. I do walk 4-5 miles a day. Not a strict dieter, but I try to eat in moderation, less sugar and less salts.
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    ready for August! no vacation this month, so more time to get in some biking.

    SW: 263
    CW: 242.3
    GW: 180

    August goals:
    another 6-8 lbs (234-236)
    bike to work 4x/week 🚲
    average 40 miles/week
    do the lake loop again (13.2 mile route)
    keep on logging!

    I teach undergrads, so this is the last month before the fall semester starts up. I'm aiming to keep riding once class is in session, and I think keeping up the habit this month will help.