Women 200lb+, Let's Have an Amazing August!!!



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    Hi. I am new. I am a 39 year old mother of 3 girls (8, 10, and 13 years old). I did MFP 3 years ago and lost 60 lbs. Then I got depressed and regained it all and more. My metal health is much improved the last few months and now I am working on my physical health.

    I am a vegetarian (for 27 years) and have to work around a lot of food allegies, too.

    SW: 260 on 5/25/2019
    Cw: 238
    GW: 180 (or less!)

    My biggest challenge is after-dinner snacking. I can eat 500+ calories after 7 pm... More when I was depressed.

    My August goal is to keep whittling away at those snacks and eat a better breakfast instead. My weight goal for August is 228. I am also close to fitting my size 16 pants and would love to get rid of my 18s like I already did to my 20s (which were getting tight at 260).
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    SW: 220
    CW: 206.8
    GW: 120

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    I just need to get my butt in gear!!

    SW 251
    CW 228
    GW 170

    August goal is to lose 10 pounds!!
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    Hi! I'm just getting back in the swing of things and I appreciate the accountability of groups like this.
    I am a 37 year old mother of two. I was on track but fell off the wagon this past year. I started back on here in July close to my highest weight (240 years ago)

    SW: 234.8 (July 1st)
    CW - 227 (August 1st)
    UGW: 180

    August Goals:
    - Lose 10lbs
    - Continue drinking at or more than my goal for water - I use an app that tracks water and adjusts when I weigh in.
    - Exercise 4 days a week .- side note. If you haven't already check out the Nike Training Club. It's free and you can
    customize workouts for the gym or at home. I use it if I don't go to the gym.
    - Minimum 8100 steps a day.
    - Continue IF eating only from 9am - 7pm (may change from 10am to 7)
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    Please add me! I'm at my heaviest ever. I NEED the support. I have set goals of 1x a week eating out. Cutting sugar(my biggest kryptonite), snacking and eating after supper. Starting meal prepping. I havent set a goal weight or weight loss. I just want to fit back to my old clothes. My current size is 16 and my closet is filled with size 10.
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    Hi! I'm Marilyn. I seriously started this journey in 2016, lost 80+ lbs, than gained back 40 lbs the last 2 years. I must get it back off.

    SW: 252 (1/1/16)
    CW: 205.8
    GW: 150

    Goals for August are many! Mostly, to go for a walk 3 days a week, log everything even if it means going over goal, and drink more water.
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    HW 242 (June 2018)
    CW 198.8-203 (July 2019) - 202 as of this am. (5 lbs less than my July 01 weigh-in)
    GW for August is 194

    August Goals: Work on stress management which can be a trigger for eating, continue to log, check in with nutrition coach.
    10 day mini boot camp 05 August to 15 August - means uptick in workouts each week and significantly increasing my seafood substitution, and more veggies, being on the lower end of calories in my range. Complete at least one marathon water jogging session by 18 August (3 hours).
    Increase early to bed nights on Tues and Thursdays.
    Try not to get emotionally hijacked and control what I can control.
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    Feel free to add me, always looking for more support and motivaters!

    Getting back on track after falling off tends to be my issue. I know how to lose the weight, I’ve done it before, so I can do it again. MFP helped me lose 50lbs 7 years ago, kept it off for a year...but have slowly put it back on.

    7 years ago 180lbs
    April 2019 SW 230 lbs
    CW 219 lbs
    GW 200 lbs (then 180 lbs)

    August goals:
    Log everything
    Get 30 mins of exercise minimum 5 days a week
    Get to 215 lbs on the scale
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    perica786 wrote: »
    Hi everyone this is my first time participating in the community forums.

    SW: 245
    CW: 234
    GW: 170

    My short term goals are just to establish a fitness routine without a gym since I can’t afford a membership yet. Also drink more water.

    Check out local facilities that might allow an occasional or one-time or weekly rate (maybe instead of a reoccurring membership, every other month or in bad weather you do a week at a gym, to change up your routine. If you have friends with access to gyms, they might be able to get you the occasional free pass. Focus on calories, go for a walk and bring hand weights doing occasional routines as you go on your walk. Look into local parks or trails as well. If you aren't happy with your current job, start looking for one that has a health fitness program as part of a benefit package and or access to a gym (they do exist in some industries).
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    tamz81 wrote: »
    I also just got back from vacation and gained 4 pounds! So I need to be diligent about eating under my calorie goals and walk it off.

    SW: 231
    CW: 218
    GW: 180

    Not so bad, most of it is likely from extra salt while eating out - that should zip down within a week or so after you get back to your routine.
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    My goals for August are maintaining weight loss, not gaining, losing at least 10 pounds this month. Getting to the gym at minimum once a week and walking my dogs more. August in Alaska means rain and fall hits really early and that snow is just around the corner.
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    Hi ladies! I don’t know where to start. Was recently told I have diabetes- it’s early enough to where I take oral medication; so I can change it now or inject insulin later on. I am lost and lacking my spunk. But I have no choice now. So I’m hoping to meet a friend or two or more who maybe can understand depression and attempting weight loss and the fight between them. :) here I am- putting my best foot in front of the other.

    SW: 281.2
    GW: 250 - (1st gw )

    I also have type 2 diabetes. I’m on metformin which made me feel very hungry at first. I strongly suggest meeting with a diabetes educator/registered dietitian. It helped me so much. In 6 months I have lost almost 50 lbs and have good control of my blood sugars.

    Hang in there!! You can do this!

    Connie in KY

    Mrs. Connie, 50lbs weight loss is amazing! Congrats!
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    SW 334lbs
    CW 306lbs
    GW 180ish
    Ready to find my motivation again gained 9lbs back going to push myself to stay with in my calories and get myself off the sofa
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    Back for another round!

    SW: 229
    CW: 199-200ish
    GW1: 185
    GW2 : 175
    UGW: 168

    Goals for the month 1) Lose 7-9lbs 2) Amp up my workouts 3) Stay within calorie goals! 4) Give myself only four reward days thru the month---- I have little to no travel this month. So there should not be many distractions, like it was in July. So I should be able to stay consistent, once I get pass this little knee injury.
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    Happy August, my official weigh in this morning was 277.8 lbs, I think I put 277 as a guess the other day. Was pretty close.

    Here's to a great month of weight loss and goal achieving. Let's have fun too! :smiley: