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  • debbie7373debbie7373 Member Posts: 442 Member Member Posts: 442 Member

    @betsychange Congratulations on getting to onederland! 🎉👏🎈

    @debbie7373 Have you tried flexing your foot a few times before you stand up? I don’t know if it will work for you, but it does minimize the pain for me, sadly it doesn’t eliminate it fully.

    @ConfidentRaven Thank you for the suggestion. I have tried flexing and stretching my foot, but sadly it doesn't help. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and sometimes it flares up. This time it's on the sole of my foot again and I have a swollen lump right in the center of the ball of my foot. I'll just have to stay off of it for the most part for a couple of days and the swelling should go down. I'm hoping I'll be back to getting my steps in soon. Thanks again🤗
  • deepwoodsladydeepwoodslady Member Posts: 2,875 Member Member Posts: 2,875 Member
    @kmfeig87 Congrats on entering the 120's. What an ACCOMPLISHMENT!

    @Roxmom66 Stay safe on your travels. Wishing you much fun! We look forward to seeing you when you get back!
  • Roxmom66Roxmom66 Member Posts: 285 Member Member Posts: 285 Member
    @deepwoods. Thanks so much!
  • acquilla30acquilla30 Member Posts: 148 Member Member Posts: 148 Member

    Hi all, this is my third round and excited to see where this next round takes me. I first started my MFP journey in 2015. I dropped down to 138 pounds and went into maintenance. I was fine for awhile until my world went crazy and exercise was no longer a priority. After putting on over 20 pounds, I got back to working out and calorie counting diligently. I have IBS and no gallbladder, so I stick to a low fat diet. I am also hypothyroid which makes losing weight at times challenging. I keep on trucking because the pot of gold at the end of 🌈 is health and an increased life expectancy.

    Age: 36
    Height 5’2-5’3 been measure both.
    HW: 230lbs
    SWMFP: 220lbs
    CW: 127.2
    GW: 115-120
    UG: to love my body; even with stretch marks, cellulite and loose skin. Gain muscle and lower body fat.

    R83: SW 132lbs EW 127lbs
    R84: SW 127.5lbs EW 126lbs


    08/01 127.2lbs. Weight is up from yesterday, but I refuse to stress over it unless the scale goes up ten pounds or something crazy. I got my strength training in and will take a walk to end my day. Lesson I’m learning: don’t sweat the small gains.

    08/02 127lbs. Today was my rest day. Did a short step aerobic workout and made sure my protein intake was good. I’m starting to like what lifting weights is shaping my body into; really keeps me motivated.

    08/03 127lbs. Today was 🥵 hot!! I got my workout 🏋️‍♀️ in early and walked to my doctors and the grocery store. I ate smaller frequent meals so I could have enough calories for the day (eating less is so easy in the summer). My calories have been too low on hotter days. I than turned on my fan and took a nap. Goal for this next week: meal prep and pack snacks for jury duty to get in my calories and protein.

    08/04 127lbs. I almost didn’t want to train today. Unless I am walking, I train early. Today, my sister surprised me and we went out shopping during my usual workout time. By the time we got back, the thought of working out seemed exhausting. I forced myself to do it anyways and feel energetic from my lifting session. I was even able to keep up with my protein intake with careful food selection with lunch and snacks I now keep in my purse. Hopefully, the rest of the week goes this well.

    08/05 126.8lbs. Woke up early and got in a good weight lifting workout. Food was on the low side of ok. My calorie intake is kinda low but part fear of an IBS attack and part habit and part 🥵 makes it hard to eat more. Greek yogurt and protein snacks have been helpful. Yesterday I bought a foam roller for muscle soreness and recovery and it is one of the best fitness investments I ever made. If anyone struggles with muscle soreness and wants to speed up recovery, foam rollers are a game changer.

    08/06 128.2lbs. I weighed late today, so I’m not sure 🤔 how accurate that weight is. Today was my first day of jury duty and it was a looong day of sitting around. I fell asleep 💤 a few times. I did ok with food and walked during breaks. I came home and did some recovery yoga 🧘‍♂️ and foam rolling because: Stiff muscles+sitting for hours sucks.

    08/07 126.5lbs. I officially now have two weeks of jury duty (it’s kind of cool doing my civic duty. Feels like I’m in one of favorite court shows). It’s totally throwing off my schedule; there is not enough hours in the day to get everything done. I’m exhausted 😩 and debating whether to workout with the little time I have left tonight. Ah life and it’s throwing of curve balls...

    08/08 DNW today was exhausting and long and had no time to weigh.

    08/09 DNW. Was exhausted and caught up on sleep.

    08/10 127lbs. Got some weight lifting in today and ran some errands. Going to bed early and hit it hard tomorrow. Can’t wait to get back to my regular schedule after jury duty is over.
  • Hilogirl2018Hilogirl2018 Member Posts: 524 Member Member Posts: 524 Member
    ***My 15th Round!***
    10 DAY GOALS: (1) 3000 steps daily to increase TDEE (2) Begin "Recomp" plan
    Age: 39
    Height: 5'7"
    Highest weight 158 (3/9/19)
    Round 71 SW 157.8 EW 155.4 (-2.4 lbs)
    Round 72 SW 155.4 EW 153 (-2.4 lbs)
    Round 73 SW 155.4 EW 153.6 (+0.6 lbs)
    Round 74 SW 153.6 EW 153.6 (vacation, mini maintenance goal achieved!)
    Round 75 (BEGAN KETO): SW 153.6 EW 149.2 (-4.4 lbs)
    Round 76 SW 149.2 EW 144.2 (-5 lbs)
    Round 77 SW 144.2 EW 142.8 (-1.4)
    Round 78 (TRANSITION KETO-->LOW CARB) SW 142.8 EW 139.4 (-3.4 lbs)
    Round 79 (LOW CARB-->"CARBY" DIET AGAIN) SW 139.4 EW 139.8 (+0.4 lbs)
    Round 80 SW 139.8 EW 134.2 (-5.6 lbs)
    Round 81 SW 134.2 EW 134.8 (+0.6)
    Round 82 SW 134.8 EW 134.6 (-0.6)
    Round 83 SW 134.6 EW 134 (-0.6)
    Round 84 SW 134 EW 131.2 (-2.8)
    Round 85 SW 131.2 EW 130.6 (-0.6)

    Total lost after 15 rounds: 27.2 lbs
    Halfway GW: 140.4 (-17.4) <<achieved!>>
    UGW: 123
    GW this round: 129.9-130.9 lbs
    ***ROUND 85 (my 15th)***

    08/01 130.6 Great start to the round!
    08/02 131.2 Water retention, maybe. My doctor prescribed IV fluids because I'm not doing well, and yesterday's IV pumped me full of salt, plus I had a craving for even more salt and ate two bowls of popcorn. I'm too far into this journey to freak out over the numbers bouncing around from day to day. At less than 10 lbs from goal (!) I should really be more focused on muscling up a bit rather than weight loss, but I'm starting out pretty weak and tired and finding it tough to get started.
    08/03 131.2 Maintaining is good, no complaints.
    08/04 131.2 Low energy and slept a lot yesterday- so much for the IV boosting my energy! Salt loaded at the end of the night, hope it makes a difference. At least I'm maintaining!
    08/05 131.6 Slightly up, but basically maintaining.
    08/06 131.8
    08/07 131.8
    08/08 130.8
    08/09 130.6
    08/10 130.6 Kind of a boring round and I didn't have much to say about it. Maintained exactly from day 1, but lost 0.6 lbs (using my starting weight from the last day of Round 84)!

    Total lost after 15 rounds: 27.2 lbs
    edited August 2019
  • MBabydollMBabydoll Member Posts: 85 Member Member Posts: 85 Member
    My highest weight was 197# at 5’4”. I’m 48 years old.
    I was 189# when I first started keto (1/1/18), and had gotten down to 150# before I let life interrupt me.

    Round 83 (my round 1) SW - 165.5, AW - 163.25
    Round 84 (my round 2) SW - 160, AW - 161.2

    Round 85 (my round 3)
    8/1 - 159.5 - started beef & butter yesterday. Not angry about the weight loss. Am over the headache I had last night.
    8/2 - 159 - worked out yesterday, so I have some water retention, but that’s expected. Staying the course with beef & butter.
    8/3 - 159
    8/4 - 159 - I’m tired of this number.
    8/5 - 159 - look! Again!!
    8/6 - 159.5 - well. That’s not what I wanted. 😒 I need to TMI. Maybe that would help. Ugh!
    8/7 - 158.5 - finally a different number! Frustrated is an understatement, but I’m staying the course. Lots of changes happening and still basically no activity, so I just have to ride this out while my body finds the new “normal”.
    8/8 - 158 - more movement. Can it be real!?!
    8/9 - 158 - hanging in there!
    8/10 - 158
    Average Weight - 158.75

    On to round 86!!
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