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    Hi Gals,
    Janetr – how is the young man in the accident doing?

    Nothing much going on here. It is the 3rd day of 100 + degree heat, it is supposed to get to “just”96 tomorrow and then start going down. I’m looking forward to cooler weather.

    I am having fun typing in all the info on family I have on little scraps of paper into the online family tree – I suspect they all work similarly where once you have a relation in if it matches someone else’s they join the trees so each can see the work someone else has done. I am related to a Mayflower member and so are so many others, so I was not surprised to see lots fill in once I put him in… but I did not expect or even realize it was possible but I have lineage traced into Scotland with death dates in the 1050’s I can barely get my head around 1700 – it’s amazing!

    My 2 grandfathers are the ones that I have the least info, and bummer nothing has popped up. One grandfather there are 2 stories about, one with him being born in the USA while his family was on vacation from Canada; the other saying he was an undocumented immigrant. His parents names are not on birth certificate, death certificate or service records…. Grr!

    One of the grocery shopping comments got me thinking about percentage of income on food, I don't keep close enough records to see... then my mind wandered to I wonder what is "normal" and even what is considered the poverty line in my area - as I knew I was close... Well shocker of all shocks last year my income was 25% of the poverty level for the area I live in, but above the federal poverty line... interesting that there is such a difference. Then I was googleing poverty line in UK, in Australia, in Canada translated it to USdollars it's all over the board.. just an interesting mind game.

    Kim from N. California
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    Kim - I work with the poverty statistics for girls ages 5-17 across three states right now for a lot of the funding work I do, and every single funder uses or wants you to use a different set of statistics. Banks use one that I'd never seen before to set "low to median income," which is based on geographic location in the region, and diagnosing what housing costs are in that area, and only then can you figure out where a family lands on the scale. Foundations tend to use the U.S. Census statistics (or at least, they accept it when I do). United Ways are focused on local/state estimations of poverty levels. It's crazy.

    JanetR - I was wondering as well whether the young man was doing OK.

    Vacation day today, dentist this afternoon, and a SMH for myself. Been waking up at 3 a.m. EVERY morning for the last few weeks, couldn't figure it out. Had started wondering if going back to exercising was the problem, as it's the only major change. I thought. Slept in this morning... realized I only drank one cup of coffee yesterday morning. I'd been drinking the second cup of coffee for more than a week because a) I had time, because I'd been getting up at 3 a.m. and b) I was sleepy... because I'd been getting up at 3 a.m.!

    I can be such an idiot.

    Love y'all,
    Enjoying my one cup of coffee this morning, and off to the gym.Today's cardio day, yay!

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    Debby in VA Debby VA - it sounds as if you are genuinely concerned that your daughter will be physically harmed by her husband. Has she already suffered physical abuse at his hands? If you don't feel comfortable sharing details, no worries, but there are several women here who have histories of abuse and others who are just very wise about such things and can offer support & advice.

    Lisa I read an amusing anecdote in a professional journal that made me realize how important it is to consider caffeine, even if consumed before noon, when assessing insomnia. The anecdote was submitted by a PCP who was determined to figure out the source of his patient's odd snoring history. The patient reported that her spouse was bothered by her snoring. The snoring kept her husband awake 1-3 nights per week. Her husband said she did not snore at all the other nights. She wanted to pinpoint what would make her snore one night but not another. Saturday and Sunday nights made up the vast majority of the "snore nights". The PCP decided to interview her husband, and astutely established that his wife's snoring coincided with the days he had time to drink a second cup of coffee in the morning...usually weekends.


    Karen in Virginia
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    Karen-yes,😔😔,He has hit her.I had suspected for some time,but she has confirmed it.I know the physical will eventually go,but the mental and emotional will last.My heart aches for her and our grandson.
    I have 2 cups of coffee ☕️ every morning and could fall asleep at any given moment.
    Debby In Va
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    It's Friday <3

    Beth - interesting the challenges with your hearing aids. Mine has 2 settings - on and off. Initially they had it set for normal and low. It ended up being a PITA and I had it turned off so much I figured why bother with it. What I can't hear is the phone ringing (it's in the back of the house) and people driving into the driveway/gravel crunching, but that's what Rosie the schnauzer is for, lol.

    Regarding the telephone - we normally leave the ringer off or turned way down, but leave the answering machine on, so if someone calls we hear my voice saying "leave a message". Last Friday we were getting 2 telemarketing calls every hour it seems, what a nuisance. So I figured out that we can leave the ringer off, leave the answering machine off, but it will still record the phone numbers of incoming calls. We just have to remember to check it a couple times a day. So far, all calls have been from telemarketers or wrong numbers. And I'm hoping the telemarketers think it's a bad number since no one picks up and purges our phone number from their records. ;)

    If DH or I leave, the answering machine will be turned on. Otherwise, we are under the new plan. I communicate with everyone via email or FB messaging anyhow.

    Sue - sorry to hear about your tummy troubles. Hope you are feeling better today.

    - you too. Nothing fun about the "surprise runs" but I think we all get them from time to time.

    - so happy to see you back posting with us on a regular basis. B)

    Kim - running through the sprinkler sounds like a great way to cool down. When we had the farm and would bale hay in the summer, seems it was always about 100 degrees. We kept wet towels around our necks - bring in and unload a wagon of hay, dip the towel in the sheep water tank and head out for another load. Diving into the family history really is a lot of fun, and getting the info from elderly family memories and the little stories are really something. My paternal grandfather said his dad died in jail. Not sure if that's true, but makes sense that he was diabetic and "acting drunk" so they tossed him in there to dry out, not aware he needed some sugar.
    Remember that Norman Rockwell family tree illustration? With pirates and all kinds of folks in the lineage? Probably right on the money, lol.

    - update on future grandson? And did you give us a due date for future great grand? <3 EDIT - still catching up. I see end of March for the new arrival. :)

    - so glad to hear you are taking antibiotics for sinus infection, bet that will perk you up. Is your DH worried about upcoming hernia surgery? Aggravating it takes so long (to me) to get these ultrasounds scheduled then to the doc for more decisions.

    Katla - hope too your DH gets surgery scheduled soon and some pain reduction.

    So, I saw my surgeon yesterday. Incisional hernia from his poke above my belly button 7 years ago. Surgery scheduled Aug 26th, should be simple and no mesh unless he finds something else when he gets in there. So upcoming week busy with getting things caught up around here since I'll likely be limited for a while. Pre op testing this coming Monday.

    My main concern is nausea afterward. Hopefully I'll only be "out" for a short period of time and they'll be able to dose me up with anti-nausea drugs or a patch of some kind. Puking and belly stitches - yuk. I still have my "cough" pillow from my gallbladder surgery if I need it. :#

    Make it a great day ladies! <3

    SW WA State
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    Regarding telephones ... we haven't had a landline for the last decade. Well, we did get a landline when we lived in Victoria (AU) for about a year in 2011 or so. The internet connection there was a little flaky and it was hard to make appointments etc. via Skype or our mobiles, so we broke down and got a landline. But I know we haven't used one since June 2012.

    I have my mobile set on vibrate. If I miss calls, I miss calls. If it is important, they'll leave a message.

    I don't like using a phone but have gotten a bit better at it since my husband's accident ... because I've had to!

    Regarding coffee ... for years and years I could drink coffee at any time day or night, and if I sat down and closed my eyes anywhere, I'd fall asleep. At night, I could lay my head on the pillow and be fast asleep in about 5 minutes.

    Then, in 2013, we moved to Tasmania and spent the first several months sleeping on a large air mattress. Several things converged ...
    -- a mattress that wasn't particularly comfortable
    -- both of us tired and frustrated with finding and starting new work
    -- both of us gaining weight and snoring
    -- living in a city rather than a quiet, remote little town
    -- a townhouse right next to a main road/hwy where the traffic would start up about 3 am and quiet down about 1 am
    -- me in perimenopause

    And all of a sudden my 24/7 coffee habit had to go. I would go to bed exhausted and fall asleep, but about an hour later, I'd wake up and then toss and turn all night which, on an air mattress, would wake my husband, and if I dozed off, he's start snoring because he'd been wakened ... well, you get the picture. I was getting about 2 hours of sleep a night, and so was he!

    Now, I will make my last coffee of the day at about 4 pm and drink it by 5 pm ... then no more after that. And I'm back to falling asleep within about 5 minutes again. :)

    Of course, we've fixed most of the issues above too, which has helped.

    Regarding Asperger's syndrome ... it is no longer a separate diagnosis, and is part of the autism spectrum disorder.

    I have wondered, at times, if I might have high functioning autism. There are a lot of things in the list of 'autism in adults symptoms' that describe me. Like ... looking at people in the eye. That's something I have really had to work at and have to remind myself about all the time. "Make eye contact!" I say to myself. And hating group work of any sort. And not making close friends. And not liking loud noises, strong smells, uncomfortable clothes. Etc.

    But I've made it this far, so I'm probably not going to pursue it.

    Hot Weather ... I'd love that! But even in the midst of summer here, we don't get hot weather. Sometimes I'd like to move to Queensland ... I look at opportunities up there once in a while, but for the time being, we're stuck on the island and won't be able to leave.

    Happily, we're having a tiny hint of spring this weekend, and then next week winter will be back.

    Friday ... Today was Friday and I was tired. I thought about going downstairs and exercising after work, but just didn't have the energy. So I've spent the evening dabbling away with my new website. I keep getting stuck and then surging forward again a little bit, and repeat.

    This week at work was all about putting out fires. I took Monday off ... walked in on Tuesday and barely had time to take off my jacket before I was dealing with stuff. However, I did finish one project I've been working on for a couple weeks. Or I hope so! I submitted everything today at about 4 pm. I'll find out on Monday if it is OK.

    I also went to both my lecture and tutorial (Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons) ... lots of walking. I skipped both last week, and then listed to my lecture recording at home. I'm very tempted to do that in the future. One of the girls in my class told me she skips the lecture and listens to the recording at 2x the speed!!

    Plus I've been working on some at-home projects.

    I'm going to go to bed early, I think.

    Just feel worn out.

    I think I might need to make a change ... like blocking out one lunch hour each week for walking. No errands, no walking to university, no appointments, no shopping ... just walking briskly in the sunshine.

    Machka in Oz
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 8,555 Member Member Posts: 8,555 Member
    Hi all,
    Lisa - I'll look into that. Thanks. :D
    I had the weirdest, 'stuck record', dream last night, and it involved you, Lisa. My dreams are often very verbal and I wake up exhausted from explaining things. Last night, for about four hours, I was telling myself that I had to remember to tell Lisa that I had managed to make a cow/ox carry my luggage. For some reason I thought this was vital information that you could use on your ranch. It made perfect sense at the time. :o

    Just said goodbye to the grandchildren for two weeks. :'( They had a good time here, though Edie was in a mischievous mood. Grrrrrrrrrr! :D I shall miss them horribly.
    I have to admit to worrying about the aeroplane carrying the whole family I love so much. Can’t bear the thought. Ugh. :s

    Then I went for a dental check up. All fine.

    We got up at 6.30 this morning so we could get most of our exercises in before the kids arrived at 9. I'm a little short, but not by much. I'm determined to lose the extra few pounds before the cruise. Fish soup tonight.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 8,555 Member Member Posts: 8,555 Member
    JR - My DH's elder daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers at the age of 47. A great relief to her and it explained a lot.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Cheri- My Mom had auditory hallucinations with her Schozophrenia, Retardation, spreading cancer , not including things everyone else gets in old age like glaucoma to aches y pains.I was a caregiver didn’t mind because she loved me with a giant heart ,I saw so many who didn’t have that with a normal mom not even a feeling of love to grab onto. Sad when the kid who’s moms coloring sponge bob coloring book sucking a sucker being told if she lets the nurse put the tubes in (chemo alternative treatments but it’s still chemo you get very very sick ,but it’s healthier option) not throw a tantrum she can have ice cream 🍦 y whataburger has more love understanding for their child than someone who has normal parents. Dad with brain injury did his best too.Having 2 parents like this made me vulnerable to predators tho got hurt a few times,but Mom being hurt since age 4 herself just looked said opposite of what she was told “Not yours fault!”. Sad when you realize the ones on the spectrum have more wisdom than all of us out together. We should strive to be like them not the other way around.

    Debby VA- If you ever see a bruise on her take a secret picture with your cell phone keep them! When she finally strong enough to leave it can help her get custody of her son fully or with him having to have supervised visitation ! Keep doctor papers if she ever has them get a copier y copy that down! Hospital records can be obtained at the hospital by her during the divorce someday.If the baby starts to get hurt documenting y pictures! Get custody yourself if need be! APS y CPS (adult y child) are very helpful when she’s ready or if you ever need them.At age 7 my Daughter called APS to save me Saw it on the school bathroom door wrote it down on her show bottom. Babysit as much as possible so you can document y you know their safer. Hope she does become a teacher.I wanted to be a dental technician tried again in old age but found out luckily before starting X-ray classes that I was pregnant with JR! Radiation scare the teacher refunded immediately ! Remind her it’s not her job to keep the peace it’s his as a Man! Ask her to allow grandson to sleep over Friday nights to Monday morning or Sunday night. So he’s usually with you,school,or her she can head to parks etc if need be it will limit contact keep him safer. Even if they only agree to 1 day a week it limits his abuse towards the boy (spankings for no reason to shouting). After she finally leaves counseling for both!

    Amber Tx
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