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    Nighty night ladies,going to sleep with the sound of nighttime summer love..
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    Barbara- I give you permission to stand your ground! Tell them Oh well I come here for exercise not politics do you have a problem with that? Stare at them practice your on my last nerves dead stare! Drop the flyer on the ground if she hands you one say I’m here for exercise only. If anyone turns to that topic discuss recipes to the weather out of the blue! They can lump it if they don’t like it. Wait for it to blow over or others here you they’ll stand up too!
    Amber Tx
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    :) Thanks, Amber
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    HI cityjaneLondon,

    We are very plastic conscious too. My husband has LUPUS and heart problems and we do not use plastic much except when we are vacationing. I bought stainless steel straws to avoid using the plastic ones!


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    Rebecca Athena is adorable!

    I was looking at a map recently, & I noticed Whidbey Island & realized that's where you live! How interesting! How close together geographically are you & the other gals on this thread who live in Washington?

    Karen in VIrginia
    edited August 17
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    Katla yes biccies are biscuits :D

    HEATHER your DIL is so thoughtful that lunch will be lovely with your boys and grands. The film I saw is based on the autobiography of a writer who was inspired by the music of Bruce Springsteen. Interesting to hear of how music or other external stuff inspires people.

    My eating is still all over the place but I still exercise thank goodness. Think it's due to stress, waiting for results from of DEXA scan get those by Wed I hope and still no news on pilots strike

    Things to do today
    Carry on with sewing project (polka dot skirt and top)
    Order flowers to be delivered for cousin birthday (she's 89 on Wed and the oldest cousin last Wed my brother was 59 and he's the youngest) just realised exactly 30 years difference

    REBECCA Athena is so cute want to hug her right now <3

    Kate UK <3
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    morning ladies~
    I am up and having my tea..
    Boss is all over the place now, he was kind of nasty to me yesterday morning and I understand he is upset the contractor he hired is not doing the work , and we could have worked thursday but he said he would be there all day , and he never showed..
    I know what he is trying to do is to get me to quit , but not going to..
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    Kate UK - The film sounds great. I don't go to the cinema any more, but it will come on TV eventually. :D Or maybe Amazon Prime. I used to go in London to the first showing, around lunch time. I used to combine it with a really spicy curry laksa at a Malaysian restaurant.
    Biscuits, to Americans, means scones. :o You meant cookies, the hard variety. Your cinema sounds great - I'd love to go to one like that!

    Prep day today for my friend visiting. GF loaf cake to make. Food to prep. Bed to make. Bit of housework. I'm going to fetch a chilli out of the freezer as I'll have plenty of other cooking to do.

    I did a Barbie yesterday. :p A friend I reconnected with at the school year reunion has asked to meet up. To be honest, although once upon a time she was my best friend, I have hardly anything in common with her now. I have been avoiding her, as she lives in the next town. So, I decided I didn't want to spend much time with her and suggested a meet up at a restaurant that does cheap OAP fish lunches in town.(She is hard up) I will have a chat, then make my excuses and leave.
    She has cancer and is having a lot of treatment for it. Her life is much more confined and restricted than mine, so I decided to be the bigger person. So we are meeting in about 10 days time.

    Lots of love, Heather UK xxxxxxx
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