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September 2019 Monthly Running Challenge



  • polskagirl01polskagirl01 Posts: 730Member Member Posts: 730Member Member
    September goal 100 miles


    Nice run with some trails and fast intervals mixed in for fun :)
  • zeesparrowzeesparrow Posts: 294Member Member Posts: 294Member Member
    @MegaMooseEsq I just saw the news about the tornado in Sioux Falls. Are you friends OK?
  • MegaMooseEsqMegaMooseEsq Posts: 3,046Member Member Posts: 3,046Member Member
    zeesparrow wrote: »
    @MegaMooseEsq I just saw the news about the tornado in Sioux Falls. Are you friends OK?

    I’ve been checking in all morning - so far everyone seems okay. So scary though!
  • kgirlhartkgirlhart Posts: 3,226Member Member Posts: 3,226Member Member
    September goal: 110 miles

    9/1: 8.86 miles
    9/3: 6.31 miles
    9/4: 6.25 miles
    9/5: 6.25 miles
    9/8: 10.55 miles
    9/10: 6.25 miles
    9/11: 6.25 miles

    50.72/110 miles completed

    I ran another 6.25 miles this morning. It was a good run. The weather was nice enough for September. Still warm and humid, but not horrible. It was clear and there were lots of stars out. I saw a member of the Rotary club putting out flags for 9/11. (Our local Rotary club has a fundraiser where they put out American flags on the holidays and days like Veterans and Memorial day). I am starting to get some mild aches and pains after my runs which are typically the sign that I need new shoes. I just checked and I have 299.6 miles on my shoes. Usually it is around 300 miles that I start needing them. I last replaced my shoes June 26, so I guess it is about time. I really wish I could find something that would last longer than 300 miles.


    2019 races:
    2/2/19: Catch the Groundhog Half Marathon - PR 2:15:17
    5/18/19: Run for 57th AHC Half Marathon - Cancelled due to weather

    2020 races:
    5/16/20: Run for 57th AHC Half Marathon
  • martaindalemartaindale Posts: 360Member Member Posts: 360Member Member
    @MNLittleFinn Oh, the bad luck of only being 8 miles in on such a long race and having an allergic reaction bad enough to need an Epi-pen!
  • T1DCarnivoreRunnerT1DCarnivoreRunner Posts: 9,609Member Member Posts: 9,609Member Member
    @MNLittleFinn That sounds like an epic race!
  • Scott6255Scott6255 Posts: 756Member Member Posts: 756Member Member
    @MNLittleFinn The race report sounds great so far!!

    @martaindale great job on your 5K! I am surprised the race was that unorganized. I have run the Houston marathon the last 5 years (well 4 HMs and the full last year) and it is the most organized race I have ever been in. But probably since your race was a new venue, they still had some bugs to work out.
    7lenny7 wrote: »
    That Superior 100 mile race that @MNLittleFinn just ran...there was a couple who ran the 100 mile who started the race engaged, ended it married. They had a wedding at the aid station at 77 miles. It was her first 100. Thankfully she didn't DNF!

    I really thought you were going to say "and ended it divorced"!!
  • TrambomanTramboman Posts: 741Member Member Posts: 741Member Member
    Wow, I am failing miserably at keeping up with this thread right now. I skimmed through 290ish posts to get sort of caught up.
    @7lenny7 great race report! That trail is beautiful. And I’ve never heard that about pickle juice!
    @mbaker566 Ouch! Hope you are healing well.
    @MegaMooseEsq Congrats on a race well run and getting through a tough year!
    @MNLittleFinn Awesome! I can’t wait to read a RR for that one.
    @Elise4270 I’m so sorry things are hard for you right now. Like many others have said, we are all here to provide some moral support.

    Also, I am loving all the rock climbing talk!! I mostly climb inside because there are no rocks in Houston. Just buildings. But when the weather cools off a bit, we will get some outdoor time in around the Austin area and have a trip to Hueco Tanks planned the week after Christmas and a spring break trip to Horseshoe in Arkansas. I would love to get to Red Rocks eventually, even if it is busy.

    RACE REPORT: On 9/7 I did a the Run for Life 5K supporting organ donation (love a race for a good cause). My training plan called for a 5K race and this one happened to fall perfectly. There aren’t many races in Houston in September because of the heat. This one not only was a cause near to my heart but also started on the field at Minute Maid Park, which is where the Astros play. Lots of races take place downtown but starting actually on the field never happens!
    Anyway, this was a small race, probably 400-500 people total and tons of walkers and baby strollers. The number of people actually running the race was tiny. This was a new location for the race and the disorganization was evident. They had a path for people to walk down onto the field and a “Start” area marked with balloons but no one telling people which direction the race actually started in. So, people leisurely filed in and ended up standing around on the wrong side of the start. There were still people standing around up until a minute or 2 before the starting gun fired. Also, it was really unclear where the start actually was. The map on the website made it look like the real start was just outside of the field so many of us assumed the field portion was basically ceremonial. There wasn’t a timing thing at the start balloons either but our bibs had a timing chip on them. SO confusing.
    Because of all this, we got started late. As we are standing on the field, my husband and I realize that every minute we wait, the sun is getting higher and the temps are going up. It’s gonna be hot. We started and ran around the field on the way up to the street level. I didn’t start my watch because I expected to cross a timing pad at some point, but we didn’t so I started it when it because evident we were actually racing. We really pushed ourselves. There were like 3 water stations on a 5K course consisting of 2 loops! Crazy but nice of them given the temps and general fitness levels of a lot of the participants. We grabbed water once about halfway through because we were dripping and the sun was brutal but didn’t really even break step to drink it. Just a quick sip to wet the mouth and continued on.
    So, my distance was totally off on my watch, but according to the website, I finished in 27:10.6 (8:45 pace)! That was good enough for a second place in my AG and 26th out of 366 overall. My husband was 6th in his AG. We were both really happy with how we did! I enjoyed a smaller race and I expect that some of the organizational things will be worked out next year if they use this same venue.

    9/1: 3 miles
    9/2: 4 miles
    9/4: 3 miles
    9/7: 3.5 miles
    9/8: 3 miles
    9/9: 5 miles
    9/11: 9 miles

    Sept total: 30.5 miles
    Sept goal: 84 miles

    2019 Races:

    Piney Woods Trailfest 5k - 2/2/2019 29.23
    Rodeo Run 10k - 2/23/2019 1:03.12
    Run Houston! Minute Maid Park 10k - 3/23/2019 1:01.28
    Brazos Bend 50 10k - 4/6/2019 1:15:33
    Run for Life 5k - 9/7/2019 27.10
    10 for Texas 10 Miler - 10/2019 registered
    Wine and Dine half marathon - 11/3/2019 registered

    Run the Year 2019 - Team Five for Nineteen

    Super time! Well done!!
  • Mari33aMari33a Posts: 481Member, Premium Member Posts: 481Member, Premium Member
    01/09 2.58 miles
    07/09 3.28 miles
    08/09 2.52 miles
    10/09 3.29 miles
    11/09 3.18 miles



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