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  • Katla49Katla49 Posts: 6,080Member Member Posts: 6,080Member Member
    Rita: The field of Pecos Sunflowers is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the photo. :flowerforyou:

    Allie: Tallah is a lovely girl. Thanks for sharing her photo. :smiley: I am sending good thoughts for Chester. :heart:

    We’re off to see our niece’s new home in person. We’ve seen photos, but not with her things in it. I am delighted for her. Her daughter and grandson will be there and I have a touch & feel book for him. I gave one to my grandson and he enjoyed it. Baby D is quite a bit younger. It may be good now, or maybe better later. Up to his mom to decide when to give it.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • bwcetcbwcetc Posts: 1,722Member Member Posts: 1,722Member Member
    Lanette ... thank you for sharing...hugs

    Rita ... the photos of the sunflowers are beautiful!

    Beth near Buffalo
  • kevritkevrit Posts: 1,526Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,526Member, Premium Member
  • spikeyhairspikeyhair Posts: 1,704Member Member Posts: 1,704Member Member
    LANETTE thanks for link I've registered as I enjoy these docu series

    Arrived home safe some laundry done already. I love my holidays but when I get home I like to get back to normal as soon as possible

    HEATHER love your giant badge

    Kate UK <3
  • OregonMotherOregonMother Posts: 646Member Member Posts: 646Member Member
    Lanette I think you are being wise. You have done what you can, and nagging or complaining won't change anything except strain the relationship. I hope your carrots and potatoes inspire an appetite in your DH, and that you enjoy your meal.

    Much love.

    Willamette Valley, Oregon
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Posts: 6,675Member Member Posts: 6,675Member Member
    Allie - Gorgeous granddaughter <3 Super pic.

    My DH hardly ever goes near a doctor, but so far he keeps himself very fit. Demon exerciser and healthy eater. If he ever gets sick, I dread to think what he'll be like. :( I know there are tests he ought to have done - bowel/prostate etc, but he's not having any of it. No flu jabs etc. Grrrrrr!

    Beautiful day today! Weather perfect. Friend lovely. Lunch gorgeous. LOTS of walking and a short sit on the beach.

    DH home now having watched a record breaking bowling performance and a win for his team. Very happy man. It means he won't have to go back tomorrow.

    I dropped in to my favourite furnishing shop and they had the giant Christmas baubles I missed out on last year. I want some coloured ones, but I bought a gold and a silver one so as not to miss out this year. They will hang above the double door way between the living room and the dining room, where we have a curtain pole. They were very cheap, but I love them.

    Trying to organize the delivery of our freezer. The website link is not working properly. I might ring them tomorrow. :#

    My cleaner/organiser got back to me to say her health is not good and she is giving it up. The girl who actually does the cleaning will contact me direct and we will sort out a regular slot. The dates I want don't work for her. :* I thought something must be wrong with the organiser when she didn't get back to me immediately.

    Much love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    edited September 18
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 605Member Member Posts: 605Member Member
    Lanette you sound very wise with your DH.
  • csofledcsofled Posts: 2,228Member Member Posts: 2,228Member Member
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 605Member Member Posts: 605Member Member
    @ginnytez it's kind of like I'm piecing together work as adjunct(in terms of salary) but we all have full or not-to-expensive health care here anyway, which makes a difference, and finally, they have to hire us year round. I'm working at 3 schools, about half-time each : 51% time, 52% time and now 43% in the other. Yes, about 150%. it pays annual minimum wage, so that's what people do. I avoided it for years, but it's too hard to get by otherwise. I'm doing translations at present too. I can recycle a lot and since the pay is so poor I do very minimal correcting. after 6 years they can only fire us if the school board validates getting rid of classes. in my field it's difficult or impossible at present. they are obliged to teach our subject and they could reduce hours for all (in 2 of the schools), but not all classes. one would have to commit a fault to get fired. But in fact the schools are also merging radically, and some schools have less favourable (and more illegal) conditions, so it's quite conceivable that at some time they decide to merge our field and have classes taught by lower paid people who are more like adjuncts. it's not legal but many many places let people go after 5 years.The teachers aren't aware that that's not really legal. and it would be a big fight, which most people are not up for, this for a part time job.
  • KetoneKarenKetoneKaren Posts: 3,914Member Member Posts: 3,914Member Member
    Allie Taliah is adorable. :)
  • JenniferM1234JenniferM1234 Posts: 173Member, Premium Member Posts: 173Member, Premium Member
    Hey -- I'm new, can I ask, please, how you get photos/screenshots onto the message boards here? All I see is the text bar...just curious. The pics are so nice.
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 605Member Member Posts: 605Member Member
    accomplished in last 24 hours:

    started a translation
    spoke to a colleague in a tricky situation all around, who needed to talk
    picked up and took anti-inflammatory with stomach protecting medicine
    picked up a few groceries
    sorted out one school 100%
    sent off all copies to make for at least first week in all schools for next week.(à bit long and busy-work)
    did a quick sketch
    did dishes
    put up ad for tiny rental studio and answered several interested parties.
    tried making a few calls (didn't get through much today)
    made plans for Friday evening
  • exermomexermom Posts: 4,272Member Member Posts: 4,272Member Member
    Jennifer - welcome! To insert pics, after you make your post, click on one of the icons that look like a sheet of paper above. One will be an all black rectangle with the right corner turned down. After you click on that, there will be instructions, follow them and a link will be posted for anyone to look at and see the picture. To the right of that is another rectangle that looks like it has a mountain on it. Click on that and you will be prompted with instructions. When you post your reply, your picture will also post. Hope this helps and I haven't confused you too much!

    Strung some popcorn today. I'm getting closer and closer to the end!

    Ceramics tonight.

    Michele in NC
  • coastalgosgalcoastalgosgal Posts: 2,720Member Member Posts: 2,720Member Member
    Lanette, you are very empathetic towards the issues with your dear husband. By not nagged and just "planting seeds" of suggestion, you empower him. He makes his own decisions and that means so much to the men in our lives. Its hard for them to feel manly, and contributing to the marriage when they are told to do this or that. I remember the doing, and getting and tending to my husband. I balanced on the fence between caregiver and his wife. I suppose I could've been both, but for my own sanity, I tucked my sense of self as a wife away. I applaud how you are dealing with his issues and all.💖
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 605Member Member Posts: 605Member Member
    my young classmate (30) has a thyroid cancer return. I read that it has a 98% cure rate and am relieved about that.she seemed pretty sure she would be ok. since she's around 30 they didn't want to fully remove first time around as that can have bearing on childbearing I guess, but now she'll have to have most of it removed.she says she probably won't be able to have children, but she is a bit ambivalent about it as her sister is a drug addict and has had 4 kids and abandoned some of them and one is in foster care and my friend takes care of her every other weekend. I don't know how she manages. she's also working full time in special ed and doing a thesis, apparently progressing fairly decently or well. she's about 25 years younger than me. She talks and talks and talks, but I have some compassion for her. i think I partly see my past self in her. I used to need to talk all the time I'm sure, at one point long ago. though I write a lot I'm not a huge talker. she complains a lot, but also doesn't have such an easy life. I think her mom was an alcoholic. I used to have lots of if not mostly older friends when I was her age: 10-15 years older or so. I definitely feel like in a big sister or aunt or "older person" relationship to her. I listen a lot and try to help her see clear, just a wee bit: like that she doesn't have to spend 2 weeks of summer at her parents house (in another country) if they are not all that pleasant to be around for so long, that a shorter trip might be better in some ways. without being pollyannaish I try to help her put things into perspective and she seems to do so, so far. i don't do it in a patronising way. She doesn't listen much at all if I talk about what's going on with me unless it's kind of an example in relation to her own issues, and often switches the subject right back to herself. I don't know if it'll be a long friendship/relation, but I guess I feel for her. I guess I get some fulfilment out of helping a little. she was texting me tons, but has eased off. we had coffee and a bite 2 weeks ago and I suggested a coffee this weekend.

    I put an ad up for a tiny studio since my renter is leaving. my god! I gave number and email contact, suggesting they preferably send an sms.i was getting like 20-25 sms per hour. I did't even look at mail. it's like renting out a studio in NYC. September is surely the easiest time to be a landlord. last time I rented out in September it was maybe 5 years or more ago. now, ever more digital, I must have gotten at least 100 sms today, and the phone was ringing all day. I didn't even glance at emails (different address used). I've always been able to answer most people but I would have had to do nothing but that today. and I don't want a line of 50 people tomorrow.
    I had to erase the sms sent right away or my phone was getting overloaded; I felt so stressed for the renters, the very age of my students. how can they get an apartment when even an attentive landlord is in the impossibilty of answering them. I answered some of the first 30 or 40 and then just stopped.

    happy to be in bed.
    need to keep working on translation. I worked on a 1st draft of about 2 pages out of about 11.
    it should be ok but I want to be in advance in case of computer or other glitches.
  • coastalgosgalcoastalgosgal Posts: 2,720Member Member Posts: 2,720Member Member
    Today at the gym, it was a struggle! My stomach muscles are sore indeed. I talked with two older ladies yesterday at the gym, and we all complained about how sore we all were. I told them I do feel more stronger, my body seems to carry itself better. I have to realize that I am pushing my body, and its going to rebel abit. When I do feel sore, I have to remember the great feeling after my saunas. It is like my metabolism is on high!

    Yesterday at dinnertime I had a large peach for dinner! No cutting, just took big juicy bites. Had a dish towel nearby to wipe the juices off my chin!

    So I have now made $30 with my minimalistic selling spree! It will go towards my pen pal costs.👍
  • 1948Peachy1948Peachy Posts: 1,044Member Member Posts: 1,044Member Member
    Lanette ~ I went back and read your spoiler again. I am so sorry that your husband is not doing what he needs to do to help himself.
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