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    Lannette. You are a wonderful wife-partner. Wise and compassionate. ((( <3 )))
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    :) I have a "Kindle" app on my phone (it was free) so I can download e books from the library (also free) so I always have a book with me to read when I have to sit and wait. I love to hold a book and read real print and am always in the middle of reading a real book (acquired free from the library). And I listen to audio books downloaded free from the library on my phone.
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    Margaret After reading your post, I went to the website for the Gammelgarden Museum: and thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the artifacts & outbuildings, as well as reading some of the stories about how the artifacts came to the museum. They offer some nifty-looking classes. I love that spool stool. Thanks for sharing! I would like to see that museum in person.
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    I have a Paperwhite Kindle and the App on my phone and both my tablets. I read the Kindle at night, because I think the light is not so blue. But it's handy to have something always with you. I read magazines on my tablets. Some of them are free on Prime, a few I pay for.
    I get through so many books. I'm a very quick reader. :D Most of them are non fiction these days.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Another busy day. Shopping g and gardening. I have skim read, but no time for individual comments tonight.

    We are off out dancing first thing tomorrow morning.

    ☘️ Terri
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    Karen on our tour they went into some of the history of the artifacts. They did explain the difference of the floral pattern in many Swedish artifacts versus when see it in Norwegian artifacts. It is a biblical reference in Swedish in Norwegian it is copying the floral design on the upper classes furniture design.

    Their construction on the homes was interesting too. They put their homes together using pegs no nails and laid the timber horizontal. They emphasized it was their knowledge that helped them succeed in this new country even when they did not know how to read and write. They often worked with the knowledge that they were doing it for more for their children than themselves.

    It was a wonderful museum. I went with a tour from my church. It is run by volunteers so I don't know how often they give such great tours.

    I took more pictures than I shared here because DSIL volunteers at a living Swedish museum in Sweden and I know she would have loved it. i put more of those on my Facebook page.
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    Carol in GA – prayers for BnL. That is so scary, especially since bypass is a fairly common surgery these days.

    Allie – Chester is adorable-I can see how he has stolen your heart. And your granddaughter is beautiful.

    BananasandOranges – that is a bit of different system, but I do know people who are piecing together similar things here-but there is no health insurance to go with it. Since insurance in this country tends to be expensive, that is really a great addition to the salary. Hopefully it can balance out until you retire. Towards the end of my teaching, I wasn’t correcting as much-the writing level was going downhill so rapidly. I did correct the more egregious errors. In terms of your friend’s thyroid cancer, while she is young, depending upon the actual type, it can be treatable. I have what is considered a slightly more aggressive variant and had my thyroid totally removed 23 years ago. Get checked every six months. When they find a new tumor, they cut it out it out.

    Karen – Enzo is adorable. I love black cats!

    Visit with Endocrinologist went well. Suppression levels for the thyroid cancer are where they want them. Nurse, PA and Doctor all talked to me about my weight loss since last visit. Assured them I am eating healthy and since all of my blood work is very good, they believe me. Told them I am not going to lose much more. About time to give maintenance an extended try.

    In addition to work tomorrow, we have food pantry at church, which I love doing and then choir practice. Will be a long day but fulfilling.

    Prayers for all, especially those going through difficult times.

    Ginny in Ohio
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    Margaret Your sister-in-law will love your photos, I'm sure! That's interesting about the floral patterns in Swedish vs Norwegian artifacts. My domestic partner has Swedish ancestors, and I have Norwegian & Swedish ancestors. I don't know a lot about my heritage.
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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 7.15min, 13amph, 136mhr, 1.56mi= 73c
    apple watch- 68c
    treadmill jog- 9.20min, 9.20min mi, 155mhr, 6.2-6.8sp, 1mi= 120c
    apple watch- 110c
    ROWING MACHINE- 15min, 55aw, 103ahr, 138mhr, 3238meters= 112c?
    apple watch- 151c
    bike ride gym 2 dome- 5.06min, 17.4amph, 1.48mi= 50c
    apple watch- 42c
    jog sta 2 wrk- 5.20min, 10.10min mi, 143mhr, .52mi= 73c
    apple watch- 62c
    jog wrk 2 sta- 4.20min, 9.38min mi, 148mhr, .45mi= 76c
    apple watch- 52c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 18.56min, 8.3amph, 143mhr, 2.62mi= 198c
    apple watch- 136c

    total cal 741
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    ydailey wrote: »
    Oops, missed a day. Happy Read An E-Book Day!

    "Ebooks enable you to take the stories and authors you love with you anytime, anywhere. ... Check out an ebook for free from your library and share why you love reading with the hashtag #ebookLove."

    Machka - Had to laugh at your weather report for Tasmania! We have pretty much the same thing, only it's Hot, Holy Cow Hot, When Will It End, and Fall. But with at least one annual hard freeze long enough to kill anything that isn't protected. Oh, and about the Love List, it's free of charge. Google "Stephen Sandifer My Love List." The legal side of things will differ, of course, but it's still a nice guide for getting the basic facts down.

    Cathy - I think my gay nephew has benefitted from the fact that we're close. He knows his parents love him, but they struggle with his orientation and I've been able to be more accepting. We're going to a Pride event with him this weekend.

    Kim - Your post about insurance really hit home. That's where I'm at, too, and it's been hard to come to grips with the fact that I will likely have a shorter life than I might have because I don't have health insurance. The minute one of us has a catastrophic illness, it's all over. That said, there are a lot of things I want to leave behind when I'm gone but a partner in medical bankruptcy isn't one of them. The truth is that when we had insurance, we were spending so much on the premiums that we couldn't even afford basic preventive care. This problem is fixable if we only had the will to fix it, but in this country that's not the case.

    Rho - Ooh, those tank tops are nice! I always seem to have a hard time finding tanks with straps wide enough to cover my bra straps. (Yes, I know it's fashionable to let it all hang out these days, but you won't find me doing that!) I'm very excited that a Duluth Trading store just opened up a couple of towns over so I can go try on some of their "no-yank tanks."

    Felicia - So glad your husband's review went well.

    Pip - The lit-up bicycle is so cute! What an inviting yard!

    Karen - Awww, Enzo looks so sweet! Give him some scritches for me, please.

    If you read, do you use an ebook? I was dubious at first because I love the printed page, but traveling is much easier since I quit having to lug bags of heavy books around! My Nook fits in my purse so I always have something to read when I'm standing in line, etc. And I do regularly check out ebooks from the Central Texas Digital Library.

    Motorcycle was being a big poopyhead yesterday and wouldn't start for me. She does not appreciate it when she doesn't get out for a ride often. So she's been on a battery charger overnight and now I'm going out to try again.

    -Yvonne in TX

    thanks :0)
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    I use lots of ebooks. I especially like the fact that when I go to a doctors/have a test etc. I can read and not have to use the magazines that are in their waiting room

    barbie - do you uses Overdrive to get your books or hoopla?

    Heather - I didn't know that ebooks are some free with Prime. I'm assuming you mean Amazon Prime. Gotta check this out.

    Went to ceramics tonight then Lowe's Foods since they had a digital coupon for Doritos plus they were on sale. Tomorrow is the Green Room

    Michele in NC
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    :)MIchele, My library uses both Overdrive and Hoopla so I have access to lots of books. :)t9507.gif 2191610q208gshr57.gif
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    Reinventing Rhonda - Day 18
    * Kept fats to a minimum and got in lots of walking today.
    * BF's procedure went well. He's home and resting comfortably, for now.
    * Was on a wait list to see dermatologist to get me in earlier than planned. Saw the dermo doc, had a couple of skin tags removed and punch biopsy for questionable lesion on my scalp.
    * After the run-around with an earlier tow company (and AAA, ugh!), my inoperable car was towed this evening for $100 less than the run-around tow company had quoted. :)

    All in all, a good day. Will catch up with y'all tomorrow. <3

    Rho (south of PDX)
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