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    HoopsGuy72 wrote: »
    47, male, 5'11"
    Highest weight ever: 245.0
    Original SW/BF%: 229.2/19.6 (7-31-2019)
    Ultimate GW: One-derland

    R85 EW/EBF%: 224.6 (-4.6)/19.0 (-0.6), AW/ABF%: 228.1/19.37
    R86 EW/EBF%: 226.2 (+1.6)/19.2 (+0.2), AW/ABF%: 226.4 (-1.7)/19.19 (-0.18)
    R87 EW/EBF%: 225.6 (-0.6)/19.1 (-0.1), AW/ABF%: 227.1 (+0.4)/19.27 (+0.08)
    R88 EW/EBF%: 223.8 (-1.8)/18.9 (-0.2), AW/ABF%: 224.5 (-2.6)/18.98 (-0.29)

    Goal for this round: 222.0 (nice round number)


    9/10: 223.8 (0.0)/18.9 (0.0). No change is a good thing. Feeling a little bloated and/or "off" this morning. Not sure what it is, but I know my wife is sick or getting sick. I probably did not make good food choices yesterday, but I stayed within my calorie goal. EDIT: In the interest of being completely accountable, I have to acknowledge that I am not feeling particulary motivated today. I was going to just ignore it (I didn't write about it in my first draft of my post), but I really don't want to "get lost" again. I need to be here, probably more on my bad days than my good.

    9/11: 224.2 (+0.4)/18.9 (0.0). I'm going to chalk up this weigh-in to the mood I started out with yesterday. I think I recovered relatively well as the day went by, and I didn't make any horrible food choices (except the "later" night coconut paleta). I kind of needed that paleta; it was delicious! My wife and I will be headed to the gym tonight (she is feeling better @mrs_sutsie ). I'm mostly feeling better, too. The gym means I can get a salad tonight from Cook's Tortas, which is always an amazing experience (you know what I'm talking about @Anlaing016 ).


    I love it that a husband & wife are both working on this challenge together, it really helps when your partner is on board with you, good job folks x.
  • musicsaxmusicsax Posts: 1,476Member Member Posts: 1,476Member Member
    debbie7373 wrote: »
    I'm back again!
    Round 89 (My 7th)

    Age 60, 5'3"
    HWE - 249
    CW - 222.5
    CGW - 220
    UGW: 150

    09/10: 220.3 I'm so encouraged to finally see a drop today!
    09/11: 220.3 Not able to get many steps in. My hip and the front of my thigh is in a lot of pain when I walk. Dr says its sciatica, but I thought that pain went down the back of the thigh?

    When I suffered with my sciatica I could walk no problem - it was sitting that killed me !!!
  • matratazolamatratazola Posts: 101Member, Premium Member Posts: 101Member, Premium Member

    Another RA person here! I was diagnosed at 29. I'm 40 now. I didn't go through the why me's especially the early years, I struggled to adjust and find the right meds. Now I'm doing great. I am on meds, I inject myself, but its just all part of me. I run, I gym, I cycle. I'm very active. People never believe I've RA. Of course I do get down sometimes but overall I don't let it take over my life.


    That's great, I'm so glad you're stabilised enough to continue being active!! Same here, I also inject+mtx and no one's the wiser! Also took about 5 years to get the right treatment and still some ups and downs, but all together - cross fingers- no major relapses :smiley:
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