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    @jaccimc63 I chuckled when I read about the person asking your actual weight. I used to lie on my driver’s license (didn’t we all?). When we moved to Nevada I was at my WW goal of 137 and that is what I put on my license. When I had to renew it, I let that weight stay although I had gone up. Now I’m 120.5 and my license will say 137 until I renew again in 2022.
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    astroamy wrote: »
    Thought I would check in earlier today instead of the last thing I do, half asleep. I am done eating for the day, although plan to get another 2-3k steps.

    Did my second spin class today. It was a different teacher so I didn't like it as much. The one last week had routines that had a lot of variety, for the one today it was more pedal faster or slower. I still liked it and burned a lot of calories. I have a 3 hour telecon tomorrow (ugh) so I can't make my usual strength training class, I am torn between going another spin class with a different teacher (I am slightly obsessed, can you tell?) or working out on the weight machines at the gym. Since I am missing strength training I should probably do the weight machines. Sometimes I wish I could work out for 2 hours a day so I could do both strength training and cardio, but I just don't have the time with work and kids.

    Stall day count: 12

    09/10 192.0, no sweets, 8k steps, cals ok
    09/11 192.6, no sweets, spin class + 4k (hopefully 7k by the end of the day) steps, cals very good

    Could you walk up & down whilst doing your Telecon? x
  • musicsaxmusicsax Posts: 1,467Member Member Posts: 1,467Member Member
    musicsax wrote: »
    JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS ~|~ Round 89 (round 21 for me ) I'm in for another round, tomorrow will be the only day I weigh in though as I fly off for 10 days holiday tomorrow afternoon, I'm back 21st just in time for the next challenge!! Although not weighing, I'll still try to check in each day and read all the posts.

    Female age 61 5' 4”

    Achieved goal weigh of 125lb in summer 2016 by losing 66lb and have gradually gained between 7 and 11 since then; I don't want to gain any more, but would like to get back to my goal weight – I'm working at it – it's a permanent way of life !

    Round goal –not gain too much whilst on holiday; be mindful of what I eat & drink and keep walking.

    End of round 69 134.2 lbs
    End of round 70 133.6
    End of round 71 132.4
    End of round 72 133.2
    End of round 73 132.8
    End of round 74 132
    End of round 75 131.4
    End of round 76 130.2
    End of round 77 132.4
    End of round 78 134.4
    End of round 79 132
    End of round 80 133.6
    End of round 81 133.8
    End of round 82 132.4
    End of round 83 133.4
    End of round 84 133
    End of round 85 131.6
    End of round 86 133.0
    End of round 87 134.8
    End of round 88 132.8 (2 pounds lost)


    09/10 133.2 – 7 miles walked yesterday; rain curtailed for most of the day :(. Later we fly out to Crete so I don't think I will be able to weigh whilst away, but I'll check in everyday if I can.
    09/11 DNW - 5 miles walked yesterday mostly round the airport! macros very slightly over, difficult to control when not self preparing meals ! Oh and scales in my room, but don't work, need new batteries, I've put request in to maintenance!!
    09/12 DNW - no scale batteries yet. Walked 8.39 miles yesterday, some along the beach, estimated 150 calories over goal.

    ?￰゚マᄐ?￰゚マᄐ This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE. ?￰゚マᄐ?￰゚マᄐ

    Sorry amended that to read 150 calories not miles !!
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