I love bananas but they are so high in sugar. Are they worth eating even with the high sugar content?


  • Annie_01
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    I think so...they go well with peanut butter. They also help with potassium though they are not as high as potatoes. Unless you have a medical reason to cut back on "naturally occurring sugars" I would say peel that banana and enjoy it.
  • kshama2001
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    When I was in Costa Rico I ate tropical fruit like bananas and mangoes all day long and dropped a size without even trying. This was because my overall calories were less because I did not have access to calorie dense foods like ice cream, pizza, and cheese.

    I have no medical conditions that necessitate I reduce sugars.
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    Do you have a medical reason to limit sugar? I don't, so I switched my sugar tracker on here to fiber years ago.
  • MikePTY
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    You lose weight by eating less calories than your body burns. The amount of sugar you eat is irrelevant. If you enjoy bananas and find that you can fit them within your calorie goal while feeling full, then go ahead and continue eating them.
  • duskyjewel
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    Personally I find that I have more leg/foot cramps when I don't regularly eat bananas. Apparently my body likes the potassium I get from them and complains if I go without it. So I try to eat a couple per week. Which reminds me, there are none in my house right now....
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    sexymom04 wrote: »
    I love bananas but they are so high in sugar. Are they worth eating even with the high sugar content?

    Bananas are fine...
  • nooshi713
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    There is nothing wrong with fruit sugar.
  • geraldaltman
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    I love bananas, but I worry about sugar, fruit and otherwise, so I have relagated them to once in while status as part of my effort to lower A1C. Having learned I have been below normal hydration levels, I have shifted to fruits with high water content in addition to drinking more to help shore that up. I will find out in a couple weeks if it's working. 🤞
  • kcmcbee
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    Nothing wrong with sugar. I thought that for years. 🤔 Limits/moderation etc. applies even with natural or fruit sugar.
  • BarbaraHelen2013
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    I don’t eat bananas as I don’t find them satiating at all for the relatively high calories. Something about the soft texture and lack of juiciness bothers me for fruit. Fruit, for me, needs to be juicy or crisp.

    Nothing wrong with them though!
  • FireyChimera
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    Eat the bananas lol
  • RachellaJ
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    I eat a banana most mornings with peanut butter, or my newly discovered cashew almond coconut butter. I love it, it’s low calorie because I weigh the nut butter and banana, and it keeps me full, so it’s worth it for me. It’s worth it only if you enjoy eating it.
  • missysippy930
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    Barring any medical issues you may have, eat what you like, if it fits into your calorie budget. Nothing wrong with any food in moderation.
  • paperpudding
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    I like bananas and eat several per week.

    Not difficult to fit into even relatively low calorie allowances.
  • Luke_rabbit
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    I like to buy the smallest bananas in the store. They are about 100 calories and both a great snack and a good addition to a smoothie.
  • sexynurse801ms
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    I love bananas but they give me a serious case of acid reflux!
  • I rarely eat an entire banana becuase of this lol! But when I do.... I like to dip it in yogurt! Add some protein?? haha Idk but it is delicious!