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SOUP SEASON: What's your favorite?

pancakerunnerpancakerunner Posts: 1,605Member Member Posts: 1,605Member Member
Love me a good soup... partial to chicken wild rice or broccoli cheddar or chicken noodle. What's your got-to?


  • LyndaBSSLyndaBSS Posts: 5,769Member, Premium Member Posts: 5,769Member, Premium Member
    Cream of Mushroom

    Tomato Basil soup with grilled cheese on rustic multigrain bread
  • VegjoyPVegjoyP Posts: 180Member Member Posts: 180Member Member
    I have always loved pea soup( No ham). There is a seafood soup in a vegetable broth base I had at a Chinese restaurant that was sooo good. I loved my mom's Sheppard stew. Miso and a good hearty vegetable in broth base.
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  • acpgeeacpgee Posts: 4,010Member Member Posts: 4,010Member Member
  • moonangel12moonangel12 Posts: 90Member, Premium Member Posts: 90Member, Premium Member
    I was just thinking today that I needed to gather my soup recipes together! Working on a batch of tomato free (daughter’s allergies) vegetable beef - I add vinegar to replace the acidic tang.

    The other family favorite is sausage and kale! Subbed out broccoli this past week and it worked well...
  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Posts: 2,275Member Member Posts: 2,275Member Member
    Potato soup
    Quick French onion soup
    Tomato soup w/toast or grilled cheese
    Hamburger vegetable
    Cabbage soup
    Chicken and dumpling soup
    Pinto bean soup

  • Chef_BarbellChef_Barbell Posts: 5,210Member, Premium Member Posts: 5,210Member, Premium Member
    Split Pea with Pork and Loaded Baked Potato
  • fastfoodietofitcutiefastfoodietofitcutie Posts: 484Member Member Posts: 484Member Member
    Chicken and dumpling
    Homemade vegetable
  • Katmary71Katmary71 Posts: 1,344Member Member Posts: 1,344Member Member
    Split pea is number one, I'm trying a vegan version this week with jalapenos. Second favorite is bean. I also love pho!
  • JenSD6JenSD6 Posts: 450Member Member Posts: 450Member Member
    Hamburger sauerkraut soup
  • Kupla71Kupla71 Posts: 150Member Member Posts: 150Member Member
    My go to soup is butternut squash. I make it all year round.
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 888Member Member Posts: 888Member Member
    Chili...just made my first batch was awesome but hard to only have one serving.
  • vamanvaman Posts: 133Member Member Posts: 133Member Member
    Clam chowder or oyster stew.... made with fresh, not canned, shellfish 😁
  • Safari_Gal_Safari_Gal_ Posts: 156Member, Premium Member Posts: 156Member, Premium Member
    Ooooh so many... 😋

    Thai coconut with chili and lime
    Cream of cauliflower
    Portobello/shiitake mushroom
    Pasta fagioli
    Tomato :)

    Actually I’m not sure I’ve met a soup I didn’t like 🤔

  • purplefizzypurplefizzy Posts: 438Member Member Posts: 438Member Member
    Jamie Oliver’s chicken-butternut-red-coconut-curry soup easy and awesome.

    Blended winter veg soups in general...
    Usually with curry or coconut cream.

    Also into the ‘pour screaming hot Thai broth over fresh veg and tofu/meats’ hack versions.
  • melodyveganmelodyvegan Posts: 41Member Member Posts: 41Member Member
    Lentil soup
    Lasagna soup
    Kale and white bean soup

  • BarbaraHelen2013BarbaraHelen2013 Posts: 598Member Member Posts: 598Member Member
    So many! But strictly homemade...I really dislike tinned soup and the stupidly expensive chilled tubs from the supermarket.

    A few off the top of my head:

    Chipotle Black Bean
    Tortilla Soup
    Mushroom & Tarragon
    Cheese and Onion
    Cullen Skink
    Icelandic Fish Soup
    Moroccan Chickpea Soup
    Pasta Fagioli
    Lemony Lentil Soup
    Sweetcorn Chowder
    Cauliflower Chowder
  • missjck2missjck2 Posts: 127Member Member Posts: 127Member Member
    Good old fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup!
  • cupcakesandproteinshakescupcakesandproteinshakes Posts: 137Member Member Posts: 137Member Member
    Lentil and tomato.
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