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60 Minutes per Month Plank Challenge - January 2020!

jeffrey_adjeffrey_ad Member, Premium Posts: 664 Member Member, Premium Posts: 664 Member
Happy New Year! Are you ready to plank in 2020? Let's continue the daily plank challenge and continue the tradition of @Spliner1969:

This is a pretty simple challenge thread for those that want to have some accountability with their plank workouts. This plank challenge thread is meant to be flexible enough that people of various fitness levels should be able to successfully complete it as long as they are consistent with doing their planks regularly. If you find you cannot complete 60 minutes. or want to do more, you are welcome to set your own goals, many of us do.

Original Challenge Goal - 60 minutes of planks for the month. That's about 2 minutes of planks daily, or 3 minutes of planks for 20 days or 5 minutes of planks for 12 days...or...what ever you want to do to reach the challenge goal. I, personally, do mixed planks of up to 10 minutes per day. I split them up throughout my normal workouts or do them in a couple of longer mixed sets at the end of my normal workout routine.

>>If you are already a planking superstar or start to consistently hit the challenge goal, feel free to post your own goal at the beginning of the challenge that is higher than the one for the posted challenge. Or post an updated goal once you hit 60 minutes.
>>If you join us late in the month, feel free to post an alternate goal that is in the spirit of the original challenge (for example, joining around the 15th would be a 30 minute plank challenge to finish out the month).

How many sets? As many as you need. If you can do a 5 minute plank in one set, that is amazing!! If you want to do a few sets of 1 - 2 minute planks, that's amazing too! If you need to break up your planks into multiple sets of 15-30 seconds, that's complete fine! I do a 5-minute set that goes something like this:

30 seconds forearm, 30 seconds straight arm with 15 push ups added in for good measure, 30 seconds left side plank, 30 seconds right side plank, repeat the 30 second side planks until I hit 5 minutes total without stopping. Mixing things up gives me a more rounded workout, and I generally never hold any one position longer than 1 minute. I'll then stop, do some yoga, stretching, maybe a few crunches or leg lifts, inverted bicycles, then I'll go back and do this 5-minute plank again to finish up my 10 minutes for the day. Feel free to create your own or mix things up however you would like.

Types of planks? ALL planks and their variations count! Straight arm planks, forearm/elbow planks, side planks, reverse planks, etc. This allows you to vary your planks depending on your personal workout goals. (See next post for a variety of planking ideas.) I even add push ups during some of my planks as well as leg raises, etc. to push just a bit harder. Remember form is more important than length of the plank. Don't slouch. Make sure your core is tight during each plank, don't put all the pressure on your arms or legs, don't slouch. There are plenty of youtube videos (some examples below) about how to make a plank effective with good form. Take some time and view a few of them. It'll help in the long run. Your times can increase as you get better, no worries if you can only do a few seconds at first. Rest, and do a few more seconds, or switch positions. If any of you find better examples you’d like included in the examples below, please post them and I’ll add them in next month. Want to make your own video? Go for it, I’d be super happy to post it.

How to join / participate? Just post your intended goal, then the total minutes of the planks you did for the day and your running total for the month. Just post either daily or as often as you can with your running totals. Some of us only get time to post on the weekends or get tied up doing other things. Catch up when you can, no pressure. No spreadsheets, no groups. Easy peasy.

Last month's 60 minute plank challenge thread:

Welcome and get planking!!

I am continuing this challenge for @Spliner1969 who continued it for @b3achy, the original author. All credit goes to her for starting this thing many many moons ago. All original examples, quoted text, and ideas were, and still are, her contribution. She tells me she copied this from another site, well.. it's ours now! I take no credit here, just keeping the torch lit in her absence. Stay tuned for some examples, and happy planking!

I'd like to add (as stated above in bold) that it has long since been a tradition that we accept any goal. If you don't feel you can do 60 minutes, or if you start late in the month, we want you here. So post your personal goal and start planking. You can come back each month and increase your times until you reach the challenge goal or go beyond it. Some of us go way beyond it and that's ok too. There's no need to feel you have to out match someone else. Your goals are just that, yours. We have never been judgmental. Everyone needs a strong core, and we believe this is a good path to that goal!

Some examples:

30 Day Beginner Plank Challenge - builds to a 2 minute plank (total is 26 minutes and 55 seconds for the month, so 33 minutes and 5 seconds short of 60 minutes. Recommend doing multiples earlier in the program when they are shorter to get more minutes for 60):

30 Day Advanced Plank Workout - building to 5 minute planks (total is 53 minutes and 20 seconds for the month, so 6 minutes and 40 seconds short of 60 minutes unless you do multiples earlier in the program):

Here's an Alternate 30 Day Plank Workout (for beginners, intermediate, and advanced) that also builds to 5 minutes of Planks (by doing multiples of no more than 30 sec planks; also 53 minutes and 20 seconds for the month):

For details on the variations, here's the full slideshow:
@b3achy wrote: »
Intermediate Plank Workouts:
These are intermediate level workouts, good to try once you have a good foundation of standard planks and are looking for something more interesting or with more variety.

3 minute Bowflex Plank Workout:

Rebecca Louise 5 minute Plank Workout (shows nearly proper form (butt's a little too far in the air, IMO), and modified forms):

DareBee 5 minute Plank Workout:

DareBee Killer Core Plank Workout:


Advanced Workouts:
Do not try these if you have never done a plank before. These are workouts to build up to once you successfully establish a good foundation of standard planks (and probably only once you've managed to do some of the intermediate workouts).

15 Minute Advanced Plank Workout:

See details in this article ~

FitnessBlender 10 minute Advanced Plank Workout (this looks brutal):

Remember, multiple sets of short duration well-executed planks will be better than longer holds:

More excellent tips here. Thanks to @dewit for sharing!



  • UAEFITNESS22UAEFITNESS22 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
  • AnabirgiteAnabirgite Member Posts: 352 Member Member Posts: 352 Member
    I am in and want to be accountable in the new year!
  • lazycat2018lazycat2018 Member Posts: 470 Member Member Posts: 470 Member
  • Lilypal78Lilypal78 Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
    I'm in 😀
  • pisaneepisanee Member Posts: 695 Member Member Posts: 695 Member
    I am going to give this a try. I do them off and on but hopefully this will keep me more consistent.
  • saffelltetvsaffelltetv Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member
  • alucca9alucca9 Member, Premium Posts: 5 Member Member, Premium Posts: 5 Member
    Count me in!!!
  • SammyDee2015SammyDee2015 Member, Premium Posts: 289 Member Member, Premium Posts: 289 Member
    Wow, so many examples to work from- thank you for leading this!

    My own challenge for the year is at least one burpee everyday, so any planking would be a side help to excel there as well as help my core strengthening needs. 😉

    Not even sure how long I can go in one stint yet but will set myself up with the suggested 60minute in January, with a mini goal of 15 per week. 🤗

    Jan 7 0/15
    Jan 14 0/15
    Jan 21 0/15
    Jan 28 0/15

    Let’s plank! 😜
  • klzm728klzm728 Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
    I’m in! 60 minutes for the month sounds good.
  • lazycat2018lazycat2018 Member Posts: 470 Member Member Posts: 470 Member
    Goal 100 minutes

    January 1st 2×2, 1×1 = 5 minutes

    Total: 5 minutes
    Remaining: 95
  • SassyBelle070707SassyBelle070707 Member Posts: 37 Member Member Posts: 37 Member
    I’m in. Need core. 😁
  • anna0478anna0478 Member Posts: 610 Member Member Posts: 610 Member
    I’m in! 2 min per day forearm plank until I build up to the fancier ones!
  • znaoiecznaoiec Member Posts: 1,238 Member Member Posts: 1,238 Member
    Going to give this another go. I am in.

    1/1 2.5 min mixed planks
    Total: 2.5 min
  • SammyDee2015SammyDee2015 Member, Premium Posts: 289 Member Member, Premium Posts: 289 Member
    Goal 60minute in January, with a mini goal of 15 per week. 🤗
    Jan 7 0.5/15
    Jan 14 0/15
    Jan 21 0/15
    Jan 28 0/15
    Super humbling- lasted just 31 seconds in a forearm plank, and I gave everything to it 😲
  • EcoshapedEcoshaped Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    I'd like to join! I'll do my 'test' plank tonight to see what my strength level looks like right now.
  • brennerjlbbrennerjlb Member Posts: 670 Member Member Posts: 670 Member
    2/60 This too was super humbling for me. Full plank - I made it 2 minutes, but with breaks that I subtracted out. Longest hold was 25 seconds. Most other holds were close to that. Got some work to do!
    edited January 2020
  • LoveyCharLoveyChar Member Posts: 2,991 Member Member Posts: 2,991 Member
    I'm going to stem off of old goals. In the spring of last year, I was doing 10 one minute forearm planks at various times throughout the day. I did it every day for a month and a half. My goal now is to do a minimum of 4 one minute forearm planks. If I miss a day, I will add them into other days. My overall goal is monthly and to get 124 minutes of forearm planks. Good luck to all of us in this new year!
  • toysistoysis Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    I’m In 😊 Goal is 60mins for the month of January.
    Jan 1: 3mins
    Jan 2: 3mins
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