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    Santd ~ Just keep visiting here and you will get a lot of support from a great bunch of women! :)

    Kylia ~ When you said that your favorite place to be was around water and woods, it really resonated with me as I loved playing in the woods growing up.

    Carol in GA
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    Katla - Leaving the EU has divided the nation, almost in the way of your Civil War. Families have spilt over it. If you want to know more you should Google it. I can't comment. Passions run high.

    Lisa - Yes, she is in IT. She has worked all over Europe, which is now not so easy since Brexit. She has worked for banks, merging their systems, and is currently in a huge City law firm. Very well paid. She is Asperger's, and has been able to work from home 3 days a week in her current position. Commuting is hell for her. She is talking about selling up and leaving the country. :'( She has a small house in the south of France. But that might all be very complicated since Brexit.
    DH wrote a long email to her this afternoon. I hope he won't have sleepless nights over it all. :s

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

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    Tell us about one (or more) non-scale victory (NSV) you've experienced in this first month of the year. :)

    I managed to meet about 90% of my 20 for 20 goals list for January. For me, that’s a big NSV!

    RV Rita
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    Made plans to have friends over at beginning of the month.

    Enjoying sites like going to Como Park Conservatory today to get in some green space. Decided not to take pictures just enjoy the garden. Fun listening to a volunteer talk about the plants that our spices come from like the pepper plant. It is low lying looks simlar to a philodredron and the flower are like lilly of the valley. The pepper is the mature seeds. As I put pepper on my lunch today I thought about what he told us.

    I did buy some face masks today in case we are encouraged to start wearing them. They are rate N-95 so they are better quality than the cheaper masks a bit thicker. I figure I can always use them when I do my more dusty gardening or sweeping out the garage. I have one that looks like a gas mask I used when doing a dusty project at my son's.

    I admit I was prompted to buy them after seeing what is happening in China. I went to a local hardware store. They said the big chains are already selling out. People are buying them if the are travelling. I think there are also people like me who are trying to prepare. Getting the backpack ready.

    Still the best thing is to get plenty of sleep, good diet, exercise, and was hand with soap and water give others space when you can at least 6 feet. These precautions are problably even more imprortant than a face mask.

    :heart: Margaret

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    Flea ~ Sending prayers and good wishes for the heart meds to help your pup.
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    Did a workout on the bosu. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Yoga for Belly Butt and Thigh DVD (this is the new one)

    Tracey – I used to send out my Christmas cards in January. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season was over. I think people really appreciated getting a card in January when you can really look at it. Vince’s company used to have a dinner in the middle of January and I always looked forward to it because the stress of the holiday was over and I could enjoy myself. Enjoy the party!

    Allie – why are you dropping Dan off at work? Didn’t god give him two feet? I hope you don’t keep this up

    Heather – woo hoo for negativity

    I need to go to the vet’s office to get some Revolution to give the cats before we go to FL. They’re closed for lunch from 12 to 1:30 so I guess I have to go before the soup kitchen. Sometimes I leave the soup kitchen at 11:45 so I’d just have to sit around and wait for them to open

    Volunteered at the soup kitchen. They had chicken tenders and chicken wings with bbq sauce and cake (what else) or brownies for dessert. You know, I think Miss Sourpuss is starting to warm up to me. She actually said “hi” to me.

    Welcome everyone new!

    Heather – I don’t think this will create a controversy here. Does leaving the EU mean that it will be more difficult to travel to different parts of Europe?

    RV Rita – to me, every time I don’t eat at night is a NSV for me. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen nearly enough. I can stay within calories (most days) but I really wish I didn’t have the urge to snack at night. I think part of the problem is that I’m afraid I’ll get really hungry in the night

    Went to the vet’s office. We need more Revolution. They only sell the Revolution Plus and Vince has read too many negative things about it so we just kept the RP for Lexi since we have 3 of the regular Revolutions. He ordered more online. Seems our vet no longer carries the Revolution just the Revolution Plus. Oh well….

    Flea – good thoughts for your dog.

    Michele NC
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    NSVs for Jan:
    • Finished one crochet project
    • Read 2 books and halfway through third
    • Logged intake every day
    • Stayed in the green almost every day
    • Met my 7500 step goal all but one day
    • Bought only essential goods
    • Walked outside when weather permitted
    • Got all my tax stuff sorted for DYD to do tax return (She’s a chartered accountant)
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    Flea - hope the heart meds give him some healthy happy years.
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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Flea prayers for your son and for your pup and you. What about the possible promotion makes you most anxious?

    I think it's a little bit of imposter syndrome. I need to read Heather's dil's book or watch her TED talk.

    And thank you for the prayers. I was at the vet this morning for 2.5 hours with him -- it was an appointment, not an emergency, although I only requested the appointment yesterday afternoon.

    Anyway, it is what we thought -- congestive heart failure. So he is on heart medication. I need to record his sleeping respiration tonight and text the office in the morning. That's the last bit they need. But they took two xrays of his heart. :cry: Even I could see the issue, with a completely non-medical eye. She pulled the slides up on the computer, and I gasped and said, "Oh, my." And she said, "Yes. Oh my, indeed. You can really see it, can't you?" Depending on his sleeping respiration, we will decide if we want to do an EKG and get a referral to a cardiologist. That seems a bit much to me right now, since we have him on heart medication already, and we wouldn't subject him to surgery.

    My dog was so brave. I am so proud of him. He cried and whined almost the whole time, just nervous. At one point, when they were trying to get his blood pressure, a tech was holding his body, and I was holding his head, kissing him, and he just buried his head in my chest. We love that dog so much.

    I asked the vet about timeline, and she said we caught it very early, and with medication, he could probably last a couple more years. That makes me sad, but also happy that we aren't looking at a very short timeline. She said that he is happy, still active, so she didn't see any need to recommend putting him down. She said once his breathing is very labored and he begins fainting or turning blue, then she would consider that an option.


    Such a sweet, beautiful boy.

    Willamette Valley, Oregon

    Flea - That's what my Bailey had. <3

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    Flea: (((hugs)))

    I don’t think anyone really knows yet what will happen as nothing has been agreed yet. The situation is even more insecure in where I live in Northern Ireland, which, although it is part of the UK, it will still have a land border with an EU country. And in less than an hour we are out of the EU!
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    I also lost a beloved dog to congestive heart failure ten years ago. So glad your prognosis is better. My thoughts are with you both.
    Annie in Delaware
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    My dog that died of heart failure was ten years ago, I should have said. Isn't there an edit on these? Ok found it! Never mind. 🙂
    Annie in Delaware
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    Evening ladies
    9 1/2 hr day .I'm beat... it was a good day..
    Thinking of all of you going through hard times.. saying healing prayers for you all...