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Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



  • cschmitz110515cschmitz110515 Member Posts: 2,663 Member Member Posts: 2,663 Member
    Recap M 1/20 MLKJ holiday: I work today but hubby doesn't so he will be home when I am done... rare for us on a weeknight.
    1) Move hourly / stairs breaks / 5 somethings = Fitbit 7,094 steps, 250+ 12/14 & 26 floors :neutral:
    2) Prelogged everything but supper / net calories zero / 14c water = Hubby and I decided to stay home for supper instead of going out & I cooked something easy & reasonable. Then I had evening snack attack of Brookside (and no exercise cals to offset)... oops. Net cals -412 :s , sodium -1,586 (zowie!), sugar -34 >:) , fiber excellent, protein good, 12c water
    3) BC-CC (ugh) :D once I finally forced myself to start, not as bad as I thought
    4) To-do's: post JFT weekly w-i :) / order tickets :smiley: yay ~ 3 date nights w/ hubby / email P :smiley: funny neither of us watched end of championship game, just too painful / updated ins. card in car :) finally / prep lunch for T :) / evening w/ hubby <3:mrgreen:
    5) Floss :smiley: / retainers :smiley: / bed & no tv 10:20 :smiley: (treadmill before work T)

    JFT T 1/21 ~ Yippee ki-yay! Finally got up to early alarm (ok, after several snoozes) and did treadmill workout before work. Not exactly my full distance but it's a start. Back in the habit again?
    1) Walked 2.6 mi treadmill + cool down + stretched before work = yay me! :smiley:
    2) Move hourly / pace during noon webinar / stairs breaks / 5 somethings
    3) Prelogged everything but supper / net calories zero (yay exercise cals) / 14c water
    4) BC-CC / request email for f/u OAHC mgmt response / contact HD for webinar assist as necessary
    5) Evening: boil eggs / put dishes in racks away / massage appt 7:30 / other?
    6) Unplug 9:30 / floss / retainers / bed & no tv 10:20 (treadmill W before work)

    I got home from work yesterday (hubby had holiday off) to several surprises: he disposed of dead mouse in trap in garage & he washed pile of dirty dishes. Since he no longer works from home, I am the chief dishwasher (we rarely use our old dishwasher) b/c he hates that chore... I was surprised to say the least, and happy, and told him how happy/thankful I was. He hates the phrase "happy wife happy life" (stubborn mule) but after 15 years of marriage (and 9 years together before that), he's learning it really means something. :D<3

    @pridesabtch Gorgeous dress! I can't wait to see a photo of you wearing it. Also, love your "new" hair.

    @mytime6630 I am related to or know at least 5 men treated for prostate cancer, and all are now cancer-free. Wishing you and hubby the best outcome.

    @Faebert Yay for gym time! So happy you can work out (gently) again.

    Welcome to more newbies! If anyone needs/wants more MFP friends, please read my profile before you send a friend request.
    edited January 2020
  • ZizzyBumbleZizzyBumble Member Posts: 1,213 Member Member Posts: 1,213 Member
    @pridesabtch Get well soon, it’s tough when you’re poorly and out of sorts. I’m sure you’ll be back on track when you feel better.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for anyone else who isn’t well at the moment.
  • PackerFanInGBPackerFanInGB Member, Premium Posts: 2,922 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,922 Member
    @PackerFanInGB - i follow Mike Rowe’s mother on FB. She is hilarious. Her post today made me think of you.

    OMG! THIS IS TOTALLY US! hahahaha! I'm going to have to start following her! I didn't know she was on FB. I saw him read a letter from her on TV once and it was so funny, I had tears in my eyes laughing!
  • PackerFanInGBPackerFanInGB Member, Premium Posts: 2,922 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,922 Member
    teigansdad wrote: »
    Something magical about the third cup of coffee

    There certainly is!!! Love this! :mrgreen:

    AJB1014 wrote: »
    Hello friends! I just caught up, glad to see everyone is doing well for the most part! I was quietly lurking for a bit - then just stopped logging in all together for a week or two! Not sure what made me hop back on today but I earned my 4 year badge 10 minutes prior to logging on so I found that pretty serendipitous! I know I'm here for a reason!

    I'm 33 weeks pregnant -not sure where the time has gone? We had our baby shower on Sunday - it was perfect, and I felt so loved! We also did a 3D ultrasound and did some shopping the weekend before that. I'm still working full time, and DH is on week 3 of his new job so still transitioning. Needless to say, the fatigue has caught up, the house is a mess, we've ordered out or gone out way more than I would ideally like, my eating has been lots of cravings and less of what I need, I'm not sleeping whether its heartburn or snoring or general discomfort. But despite all the less than perfect I'm trying my best to enjoy this season of just DH and I that is coming to an end, and this season of carrying a human inside me too! I'm trying to just focus on the good stuff and not get swept away in the anxiety of whats next. I already did an intake with a clinician with my midwives office so if I do start stumbling down the PPA and PPD path I have clinical support already established. Anyway, I'm happy to be back here with you all!

    So happy to see you post! I was wondering how you are doing! You are getting very close now... So glad you had a nice shower! :smile:
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