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Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



  • azulvioleta6azulvioleta6 Member Posts: 4,097 Member Member Posts: 4,097 Member
    1. Weigh in :)
    2. Walk on both work breaks :smile:
    3. 10,000 steps :(
    4. 5 freggies :)
    5. 10C liquids :neutral: 8
    6. Gym (cardio/weight workout) after work :(
    7. 6 hours sleep :) 7h8m...on a new fibro med that is also supposed to help with sleep...good result on day one with the sleep at least!
    1. Weigh in
    2. Walk on both work breaks
    3. 10,000 steps
    4. 5 freggies
    5. 10C liquids
    6. Gym (cardio/weight workout) after work
    7. 6 hours sleep
  • mytime6630mytime6630 Member Posts: 3,660 Member Member Posts: 3,660 Member
    My weight history:
    Name: Joan
    69 yrs old

    SW Year 2017: 217
    SW Year 2018: 195.5
    SW Year 2019 : 206
    SW Year 2020: 182.6
    Goals for 2020:
    These are the healthy habits I would like to do in 2020:
    1. Lose 15 pounds to get to my ultimate goal of 165, and then learn how to maintain it.
    2. To be better with planning my meals each week
    3. to get up in the morning, and have a rough idea of what I plan to eat the rest of the day.
    4. To stop mindless eating. To learn how to eat to live, not live to eat.
    5. To make drinking water a regular habit.. and drink 8+ glasses of water a day

    2020 - January Discard 5lb Challenge
    Name: Joan
    5'11" - yes, I am very tall!
    SW: 185.4 (Jan 3, 2020)
    1st GW: 180.4
    2nd GW: 178 (to be in the "normal" weight range).
    Ultimate GW: 165-175, and learn to maintain.
    Jan 6: 181.2 -- back on track with healthy eating the past 2 days.
    Jan 7: 182.5 - got into Candy Kisses last nite :/
    Jan 13: 181.7 -- getting there, but slowly. Weight went up for a couple days, due to unhealthy eating again.
    Jan 17: 181.2 -- just holding this weight!! Want to get back to the 170s!!
    Jan 19: 179.6 -- Yah! Back in the 170s. Close to my 1st goal of 178 --- then onto next goal of 175, and maintain.
    Jan 20: 180.2 -- but I am not going to worry, since only up .6

    JFT, Tues
    1. log all food :)
    2. mindful eating :)
    3. concentrate on water :)
    4. delay gratification eating .. wait 10 minutes :)

    JFT, Wed
    1. log all food
    2. concentrate on mindful, slow eating
    3. concentrate on water == trying to make this habit. 8+ water a day
    4. go to the gym -- already did this. Best way to start the day
    5. no snacking tonite... or if I do, just grab a apple and stop at that

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  • MLHC1MLHC1 Member Posts: 590 Member Member Posts: 590 Member
    jromf wrote: »
    Restarted MyFitnessPal in November and have managed to lose 10 pounds. It feels very SSSLLLOOOOWWWWWWWW. My favorite activity is to read at home. Sadly, I like to EAT and read at home. Any suggestions how to read but avoid the snacks? My goal is to lose 40 more pounds, get happier and stay healthy. Thank you for any helpful advice.

    Maybe drink a warm cup of tea instead of eating. I enjoy the various flavors Yogi Tea provides. I find the various flavors help curb my desire to snack. :blush:

    Congrats on the weight loss so far!!!!
  • MLHC1MLHC1 Member Posts: 590 Member Member Posts: 590 Member

    Last night I had a wonderful 90 min. massage. Because appt. was later than I usually go, it ended later, and I didn't have much down time once home. My body was telling me this morning, no early workout, so I reset alarm. Altered plans, today will now be my 2nd rest day this week, and workout plans decided for Th - Sat.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Sooo happy to hear you taking time to care for yourself!!! It's a lifestyle not a trend. :blush:

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  • ZizzyBumbleZizzyBumble Member Posts: 1,402 Member Member Posts: 1,402 Member
    Wednesday 22 January

    Log :) but had to make some guesses.
    Stay in the green :) I think so, when I cook for my mum I have to make small nutritionally dense meals whereas I normally aim for a large meal bulked out with lots of veg.
    5 fruit and veg :)
    Water :)
    Fitbit exercise goals :)

    Scale has not moved since Monday - I guess my logging is not as accurate as it could be combined with some impatience. At least it’s not gone in the wrong direction :) I was trying to bank some calories for the weekend when I know I’m going to be in the red. My Fitbit suggests less alcohol and more water is having a positive effect on resting heart rate.

  • kingscrownkingscrown Member, Premium Posts: 602 Member Member, Premium Posts: 602 Member
    I'm not sure if I'll use MFP to record my food as I like to eat Paleo/Pegan and the joy of that is not logging. BUT clearly I need some accountability right now for things like drinking enough water, remembering my vitamins, eating breakfast, getting enough exercise. So, we'll see how I approach this accountability.

    I did MFP from 2012 to 2016 and then I went Paleo. The think that really made me mad was the amount of days logging. Mine wouldn't be consistent with consistent logging. My days would reset. I contacted MFP to correct my day count and they would. Made me wonder what I did that would clear the day count every thought I logged on a daily basis. I know minor thing to discourage a person, but it does. I logged on last night and a friend that has been on about as long as me has a day count in the 1000's. That could be me if my days wouldn't stop resetting. OK whining session over.
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 11,657 Member Member Posts: 11,657 Member
    I did post yesterday, but don’t know what happened to it. Also I was locked out most of today.

    Another New day! Another opportunity to achieve great things, one step at a time.

    The only failure is giving up!
    01 Aug 2019: 170.1
    31 Dec 2019: 151.2
    Total weight loss: 19.9lbs
    2020 - Jan Discard 5lb Challenge
    Name: Terri
    SW: 152.1 (02 Jan)
    GW: 147.1
    03 Jan: 151.8
    04 Jan: 151.4
    05 Jan: 151.2 This is mostly water weight.
    06 Jan: 151.2 - 0.9
    08 Jan: 150.9 - 1.1
    09 Jan: 150.2 - 1.9
    10 Jan: 150.2 - 1.9
    11 Jan: 149.9 - 2.2
    12 Jan: 149.6 - 2.5
    13 Jan: 149.4 - 2.7 Upping the intensity of workouts, being mindful of healthy choices, and reigning in the snacking seems to be doing the business. Long may it continue.
    15 Jan: 150.1 - 1.8 Water retention! Took my eye off the ball sodium wise.
    16 Jan: 149.2 - 2.9 Whoah! 😂

    Depth Year - Updates
    I definitely have way too much stuff. I need to streamline my existence, resist adding more stuff, and start using what I have already got. I have been working towards doing this for several years with my decluttering. I need to stop the march of consumerism, and putting money into the pockets of other people by buying things I want rather than actually need.
    03 Jan: This is going to be way harder than I thought. Need to work out strategies and guidelines for what I can and cannot purchase.
    1. I have a stack of books which I haven't read. I will read one of those book a month, and not buy any more books this year. I will source any other books I want to read at the library.
    2. 04 Jan: The Illusionists - Rosie Thomas > 5 chapters per week
    3. 12 Jan: finished chapter 18, so well ahead of goal.
    4. 13 Jan: finished my 1st book: Will start the 2nd tomorrow
    5. Book 2: Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, Gail Honeyman
    6. I have closets full of clothes that no longer fit. I will work my way through them over the next two months, and either alter them to fit, or donate them to charity.
    7. 07 Jan: One bag already full and ready to go to the charity shop
    8. I have a lot of Craft supplies. I will optimise what I have before I buy any new supplies. Sticking to this one will be difficult.
    9. 07 Jan: Depth Year: I have Patchwork Craft this morning. I will pick out one of my ongoing projects and work on it to completion. No new projects until I have finished at least 3 ongoing ones.
    10. 14 Jan: Craft Group: working on patchwork project from last Tues.
    Daily Goals
    • Food: log All food and drink; stay under goal; balance macros/micros; Hydrate adequately; NLNS!!!
    • Exercise: Knee Physio; 7,500+ Steps daily; 30 + minutes intentional exercise
    • Other: Daily Mindfulness Practice/Meditation; Practice Self-care; Positively reframe thoughts; Live! Love! Learn!; 15 mins Daily Declutter session; keep up to date with chores

    JFT Tue 21 Jan
    Daily Goals:
    • 10.30am: Craft🌟
    • 2.30pm: Hairdresser 🌟
    • 15+ minutes HIIT🌟
    • 10 + mins strength 🌟
    • read Ch 3, Northern Lights😏Not enough time.

    JFT Wed 22 Jan
    Daily Goals:
    • 10.30am: Ancient Buildings Group🌟
    • Playreading 🌟Agatha Christie: A Murder is announce! Great fun! I read the part of Julia.
    • 7pm: Crochet Group🌟
    • 10 + mins strength 🌟

    JFT Thu 23 Jan
    Daily Goals:

    • 10.30am: Leaders/Convenors Meeting
    • Laundry: fold/put away
    • 15+ minutes HIIT
    • 10 + mins strength
    • read Ch 3, Northern Lights

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  • awhit4842awhit4842 Member Posts: 236 Member Member Posts: 236 Member
    JFT Wednesday
    1. Log all food 👍
    2. Gym👍
    3. Drink 150oz water👍
    4. Spin at home👍
    5. Only 1 drink at happy hour👍and I logged in my beer and hardly ate any dinner to make up for the points.

    JFT Thursday
    1. Log all food
    2. Gym
    3. Drink 150oz water
    4. Spin at home
    5. Pack for trip tomorrow
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