Lose 5lbs + in January 2020

Ok...... here goes.....

I’ve been doing these challenges for over 3years now and they seem to help people a lot, which is fantastic!! But the past few months I haven’t been posting them due to personal reasons that got the better of me, and so other have created groups with the same title to continue the monthly challenges, and rightly so.
However, it’s a new year, a new start! I’m going to be posting these challenges monthly again, and I hope people would still like to join in with me :).

Now, the boring part lol.
This is a friendly, supportive challenge! It is not a competition!
People can feel free to come and go as they please. Post as often or as little as they like.
Feel free to post about more than just your weight! We are all doing this together, so if you feel like your struggling or you’re method isn’t working, post about it and get support and advice from others. Post about your mini accomplishments and let everyone celebrates with you.

This is the format for posting weekly (or daily) weigh-ins (it’s just an example btw). So this way we can all keep up with what’s happening with each other and cheer each other on :) :-

Original starting weight -
January starting weight -
January goal -
Ultimate goal -

1st -
14th -
21st -
28th -

Total loss for January -

Well.... that was a long post, but best to explain a little incase anyone who used to do this with me decides to join in again lol.

Please do not disrespect each other or tear each other down, we all know how hard this journey can be.

Hope you all had a magical Christmas and a happy new year. I wish you all the best for 2020.

Thank you :) xx


  • cpanus
    cpanus Posts: 19,077 Member
    So glad to see you, Samantha!

    I'm in.

    Original starting weight -192.2
    January starting weight -143.8
    January goal -140
    Ultimate goal -135

    I weigh in on Monday.

    01/01 -
    01/06 -
    01/13 -
    01/20 -
    01/27 -

    Total loss for January -

  • guppi03
    guppi03 Posts: 21 Member
    Hi Everyone,

    Hoping to get back on track after a 6 month slump (my typical pattern... lose Jan-June and vacillate between gain and maintain for the rest of the year).

    Aiming to try and fast for 14 or more hours a day, significantly limit sugar and processed foods and drink more water, something that is super hard for me to remember to do 😝. I want to listen to my body more and track less as I get closer to my goal weight and maintenance mode.

    Wishing myself and all of you luck this month.

    Original starting weight - 199lbs (love that this is included. Helps me be mindful of how far I’ve come instead of just how far is left to go)

    January starting weight - 158.4 lbs

    January goal - 150 lbs (as I’m pretty sure a few of these lbs are water weight from the holidays)

    Ultimate goal - 135 lbs.

    1st - 158.4 lbs (one more get together with family to get through this weekend. Hopefully being mindful about this challenge will help me avoid over indulging.)
    14th -
    21st -
    28th -

    Total loss for January -
  • Louz163
    Louz163 Posts: 243 Member
    Original starting weight - 224lbs
    January starting weight - 165lbs
    January goal - 158lbs
    Ultimate goal - 144lbs

    1st - 165lbs
    14th -
    21st -
    28th -
  • shenica1
    shenica1 Posts: 89 Member
    Hi. I am restarting my weight journey.
    Original starting weight - 250
    January starting weight - 250
    January goal - 245
    Ultimate goal -200

    1st -250
    17th -
    24th -
    31st -

    Total loss for January -
  • sandramengland
    sandramengland Posts: 1 Member
    Original starting weight - 160lbs
    January starting weight - 145lbs (pretty sure 1lb of this is water weight due to all the salty crap I ate NYE and NYD)
    January goal - 140lbs
    Ultimate goal - 133lbs

    1st - 145lbs
    14th -
    21st -
    28th -
  • BryVia12
    BryVia12 Posts: 181 Member
    Original starting weight-227lbs
    January's starting weight-193
    January goal-186
    Ultimate goal-145


    January total-

  • jenncornelsen
    jenncornelsen Posts: 969 Member
    Hi all!
    Original starting weight-210
    January's starting weight-159.4
    January goal-155
    Ultimate goal-145

  • Cassandraw3
    Cassandraw3 Posts: 1,214 Member
    Original starting weight - 167 lbs (April 2018)
    January starting weight - 158.2 lbs
    January goal - 153 lbs
    Ultimate goal - 145 lbs

    1st - 158.2 lbs
    14th -
    21st -
    28th -

    I hit my goal weight it September, then ate like garbage for the next few months. Back cutting for at least the next 12 weeks.

    Total loss for January -
  • tiabirdie56
    tiabirdie56 Posts: 3,918 Member
    •Lose 5 lbs in January 2020•

    Original starting wgt: 253
    January starting weight: 191
    January goal: 180
    ❄Updating every day through January

    •Monday Updates•📍

    1/01- 191
    1/02- 187