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    JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS ~|~ Round 104 (round 36 for me ) I'm in for another round – keep plugging on! Thank you GrandmaJackie.

    Female age 61 5' 4”

    Achieved goal weigh of 125lb in summer 2016 by losing 66lb and have gradually gained between 7 and 11 since then; I don't want to gain any more, but would like to get back to my goal weight – I'm working at it – it's a permanent way of life !

    This round goal to just lose - aim to stick with good habits: be mindful of what I eat & drink, keep walking & refrain from attacking the cookie jar and left over Christmas chocolates – plan is to put them in DH lunch box each day 'til they're gone!! - there are still residual bits hanging around hubby will have finished them by end of this week!
    End of round 69 134.2 lbs
    End of round 70 133.6
    End of round 71 132.4
    End of round 72 133.2
    End of round 73 132.8
    End of round 74 132
    End of round 75 131.4
    End of round 76 130.2
    End of round 77 132.4
    End of round 78 134.4
    End of round 79 132
    End of round 80 133.6
    End of round 81 133.8
    End of round 82 132.4
    End of round 83 133.4
    End of round 84 133
    Ended of round 85 131.6
    End of round 86 133.0
    End of round 87 134.8
    End of round 88 132.8 (2 pounds lost)
    End of round 89 138.2 (+5.4 pounds gained)
    End of round 90 135 (3.2 pounds down)
    End of round 91 132.8 (2.2 pounds down from end of last round)
    End of round 92 133 (0.2 pound up from end of last round)
    End of round 93 135.6 (2.6 pounds up from end of last round)
    End of round 94 135.8 (0.2 pounds up from end of last round)
    End of round 95 134.4 (1.4 pounds down)
    End of round 96 134.4 (no loss no gain!!)
    End of round 97 135 (0.6 up from end of last round)
    End of round 98 133.4 (1.6 down from end of last round)
    End of round 99 134.4 (1 up from end of last; not bad for Christmas period!)
    End of round 100 133.4 (1 down from end of last round)
    End of round 101 137.2 (3.8 pounds up from last round)
    End of round 102 136 (1.2 pounds down from last round – not bad considering Dad unexpectedly passed away 3 days before end of round & I went totally off plan & no walking!)
    End of round 103 – 133.4 (2.6 pounds down from last round – better!)


    02/07 135.2 – Only 3.14 miles walked, one reason for the increase & I did over indulge yesterday. Today Is a new day!
    02/08 135.8 – sigh !! 9.66 miles walked yesterday. Calories exceeded by 306 – I hit the chocolate, must leave it alone!!
    02/09 DNW – away from home helping our DD & SIL move house, DD had been readmitted to hospital following contracting an infection (sepsis) after giving birth to our delightful new grandson 2 weeks ago. Luckily, she reported her raised temperature to her midwife after 24 hours and so taken back into hospital, administered IV antibiotics until the sample of her blood was used to culture the bacteria to enable the lab to produce a personally tailored cocktail of antibiotics for her. She was again discharged yesterday and the spring in her step is returning. Thank goodness it was caught early. So she was encouraged to keep her feet up whilst the rest of us did the work!! We stayed in a local Travelodge, so no weigh in this am.

    ?�゚マᄐ?�゚マᄐ?�゚マᄐ This is NOT A DIET - It’s a PERMANENT LIFESTYLE. ?�゚マᄐ?�゚マᄐ

    @musicsax - So glad your daughter is ok. :smile: Boy it has been a rough couple of weeks for you guys. Hope that new grand son is keeping you all smiling despite everything else. (((HUGS)))
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    @leigh33ca welcome to the group. So sorry about the recent loss of your husband. Sending you hugs and wishing you strength and perseverence on this journey.