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What worked for you today?



  • DoneWorkingDoneWorking Member Posts: 239 Member Member Posts: 239 Member
    edited February 4
  • carlaringuettecarlaringuette Member Posts: 152 Member Member Posts: 152 Member
    Taking a 30 minute walk to the Lake
  • BMcC9BMcC9 Member Posts: 3,785 Member Member Posts: 3,785 Member
    logging everything (third day in a row now) - mostly pre-logging then final refine tweek after supper to see what evening snacks might fit in today's quota.

    70 minutes on the stationary bike in the basement "commute from work time" (work from home for 11 months now) means LOTs of snack options available, yet plenty of "exercise calories" still left in the pot so to speak.

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