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Coronavirus prep



  • paperpudding
    paperpudding Posts: 9,119 Member
    the next few months should be interesting here in the US after the President's announcements yesterday afternoon.

    Could somebody please briefly outline, for the benifit of non US readers like me, what these announcements were.

    The main new thing is that he plans to require all employers with 100 or more employees to make sure their employees are vaccinated, or have them test negative on a weekly basis to enter the workplace.

    Thank you.

    Yes that could be interesting.

    So it is regardless of occupational purpose of the business?

    Here in Australia the only mandatory employment so far is Aged Care. All employees must have had at least one dose by Sept 17th.
    Temporary exemption for pregnancy ( yes I know you can have the vaccine in pregnancy but they are allowing you to have it after if you choose) and permanent in extremely specific contraindications.

    I work in a medical centre and we run covid vaccines clinics.
    Had a man last week wanting an exemption because he and his partner were trying to conceive a baby
    Became very abusive when Dr refused - naturally since there is no such contraindication and any man could just claim that. :*

    Tasmanian government has introduced mandatory vaccination deadlines for those working in health settings. Qantas and some other employers have also introduced mandatory vaccination for employees.

    This is an interesting read, it's written by the owner of MONA in Tasmania as to why he is requiring employees to have vaccinations

    Interesting - and oh boy these blogs bring out comments from conspiracy theory nutjobs :*

    Yes I was aware of QANTAS - and I' m sure there are other private employers like MONA making their own organisation rules - but as far as I knew, Aged Care was the only mandated (ie govt imposed) regulation.
    Like flu vaccine requirement for Aged Care facilities, this is a federal mandate and therefore nation wide.

    I did not know about Tassie state regulation for all health settings.

    In SA, where I live and work in a private health setting, it is only Aged Care so far.