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What are your thoughts on Keto?



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    To answer all these questions, with sources, will take hours. I don't have hours to provide. Later I will list some resources.

    Earlnabby and janejelly

    But I will start with this. I observed in a Dr. Boz, Annette Bozworth M.D., showed on one her videos a prescription from 1915 that stated a keto plan for a patient that was severe diabetic.

    Also, from this video, if you go to 4 minutes and 45 seconds and also 18 minutes and 30 seconds, judge for yourself. I would need to go back through most the Dr Bozworth videos to find which one had the actual prescription that she went through, almost line for line. This was for diabetes. Not epilepsy. Yes, I have seen that most sites for Epilepsy start off with Keto history as around 1920 for epilepsy.

    But for starters, to those who want to know when Keto started, I am using as many sources that I can find, some I haven't mentioned, and I am sure someone will have something bad to say about Dr. Westman, but I have also talked personally, because he is a friend and we conversed a lot until I moved 3 years ago, and in fact, this doctor, Dr Charles Christian, did a DXA Body Composition scan on me, for free, to introduce me to his clinic. I helped with his website as well. I just don't care for the Zone/Paleo diet he prefers. In the end, I waited to start all this research and getting onto to a diet. I researched for 2 months pretty heavily before deciding to go Keto.

    I will say again, I am not a diabetic. I have no health issues. I am not testing my blood. But I am frequently for stretches of days, I am under 50 carbs and thus, most likely in ketosis. So for WMD1979, I am not testing my blood to know for sure. But the difference between low carb and next to no carb is a question I brought up, am I really in Ketosis. I am honest. I brought that fact up. But I also know low carb can be just as healthy.

    But start with this link and watch the two sections of video and see where Eric thinks the Keto started. Sorry I cannot find off hand the actual prescription from Dr Bosworth from 1915. I don't know. I'll try to get to the rest of these questions. But I have done the hours and work and looked for reliable resources, as well as the youtube folks from Keto Connect to FlavCity with Bobby. And yes, this is my general take. A synopsis of my experience looking into Keto and what is working for me.

    J72Fit I will try to get to you as well. Because yes, it is.
  • foolforcarbosfoolforcarbos Member Posts: 70 Member Member Posts: 70 Member
    This is my friend, Dr Charlie Christian. While not the website I helped with, it will show his credentials. Any other cardiologist I have ever talked with after meeting, surely knows Charlie.
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    Thanks mmapags. If you feel it's all mucked up, and only video sources, my last post. I don't need to defend anything, and you can believe, all you want, that I'm just mucked up. I don't care what you think, nor who you are. You mean nothing in my life.

    And to everyone else, take care. I would rather enjoy the weather and walk my dog, kayak, and keep building cabinets for others as clients.

    This won't meet mmapags criteria. But I don't care. Here's a list off all the places I went for information. For those who hate videos - too bad. This is where I went. This is what I watched. This is where I got most my info. And I'll just skip all the websites I bookmarked.

    Scream loud enough and I'm sure y'all can get this deleted. I do not care.

    Dr Nick

    FlavCity with Bobby Parrish

    KenDBerry MD

    Dr Berg

    Dr Boz

    Standford Health Care:

    Ally McWowie

    Keto Connect

    Diet Doctor:

    Ruled Me:

    Jeremy Ethier

    Epigenix Foundation

    2 FIT Docs


    Joe Duff - The Diet Chef

    Headbanger’s Kitchen

    Highfalutin’ Low Carb

    Keto Kamp: (some)

    For meals, you can try almost all of the above as well as:

    Keto Meals and Recipes Channel
    Lazy Keto Channel

    Tasty Meal Channel

    Tasty Yummies Channel

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    I think some make a big thing out of Keto. For me keto just means keeping total daily carb intake down to 50 grams or less. Most of what I eat comes from Krogers, Walmart, McDonald's, Captain D's, ect. When in 2014 on a hunch for pain management of my Ankylosing Spondylitis I cold turkey stopped eating and drinking food containing any kind of added sweeteners and or any form of any grain I was very close to keto by default.

    For me keto lets me eat the way I now want to eat and I get to enjoy its positive side effecting that I experience in the form of lower body inflammation, better balance and less mental fog, etc. My optometrist thinks going low carb may be what stopped my early cataract formation for the last 5 years and lets me still read some without glasses at near and no corrective lens are needed for distance. BP of 116 over 66 and a 63 pulse is not bad for age 69 with no urine flow restriction.

    I plan to eat this way for another 5 years if not until I die. Like many others I have taken damage before I learned the best way for me to eat.

    It is only 8% of the population that really has a problem eating high carb I read so keto does not seem to be required by most to be healthy.

    I had just decided to never diet again to loss weight when I by default when low carb. When my joint pain starts to get worse I can track it back to eating more than 50 grams of carbs.

    That is my thoughts on Keto in my case and it is none of my business how another adult eats.
  • foolforcarbosfoolforcarbos Member Posts: 70 Member Member Posts: 70 Member

    I’ve lost 18 lbs in 18 days, as this will be my 18th day to log into MFP. My carb intake has gone from 500-600 grams a day to usually under 100g. Often around or under 50g. I also smoke 12 cigarettes a day, on average and I don’t eat 90% dark chocolate. I eat the 72%.

    How much of that is water? Don’t know. Don’t care. Was it because I cut my carbs and most processed foods, corn syrups, MSGs, and things I can’t pronounce and that took out all that water. Maybe and maybe not.

    I have stated that I am not sure how often I have been in ketosis, if at all, because I am not measuring my blood. My counts for the last six days for total carbs have been 25,52,55,84,66,25, and whatever I end up with for today. Maybe on those days after a 25 and I feel a tad shaky, that was ketosis. Should I request a scientific paper to know for sure?

    I have stated I know what ketosis is and what the Keto diet means to me. The original OP asked what my thoughts were about the Keto diet. I am not writing a scientific paper. Just sharing thoughts. Or lies. Or resources from quacks. Or videos no one has time to watch so they can stay on the forum and judge me.

    I guess watching all the quacks on youtube and all the hours wasted means that just because I agree that taking out processed foods is a good thing, it really means nothing, even though I have always felt others have every right to eat all the processed foods they want. I just don’t miss all the things I can’t pronounce. And I must be a liar because I have stated I am getting rid of processed foods from my diet but that I am still eating some processed foods (whole ingredients for the most part) and those pesky Dave’s Killer Bread Good Seed slices for sandwiches. And I said I was cutting carbs. Ha. Eating an occasional apple, who am I fooling.

    I have researched the Keto diet down to 1915 and think that low carb was published in 1863 and think that this was done for either diabetes or epilepsy - seeing as both can cause seizures, but stated that I am not diabetic. I was overweight.

    My calories have been between 1235 to 1327 for the last 6 days, and who knows today where they will end.

    I pointed out my thoughts about food addiction and referred to the National Library of Medicines, in conjunction with the National Center for Biotechnology Information and the National Institutes of Health. While the studies aren’t conclusive, I believe all those R&D labs for all the food companies have calculated how to get us to eat more of their foods. If that means adding salt to Coke to make one thirsty, and then hiding that with more sugar, lost more sugar, or believe that they strip out good nutrients and replace with toxic substances, how dare I? I am sure all those millions of dollars they spend are truly for our benefit and not their bottom line.

    So when I stated there were just 10 companies processing/producing our foods (excluding imports) and that I believe they are spiking our foods to make money and benefit their profits, my apologies. I have been watching too many quacks on youtube. So, while I believe they take out nutritional fats to replace with lab created substitutes so they can label this food: low fat, please disreguard.

    I said Keto is a way for obese people, diabetics, and others to learn what is in their food and what they are putting in their mouth. Guess Keto isn’t the only diet that wants us to reconsider eating corn starch and high fructose something or other.

    I admitted, for the sake of argument, that I misspoke defining lazy keto and referring to that which I defined, in my personal life as I wrote what I was doing, as dirty keto. ALEXA, remind me, never confuse Lazy and Dirty again. Even though, truthfully, you keep looking at the differences and different resources and talk to different people, and you can keep finding different ways to define it. Boy, even the NYTimes and WaPa have their opinion on what is Keto, Dirty Keto, or Lazy Keto. But obviously that link to Healthline someone posted must be correct. But then again, I am watching quacks on youtube and thought these doctors, who refer to the research they have done, were being honest with me, not most likely that they are wrong, and just quacks and liars. I guess I didn’t know about this Healthline website. Should have gone their first. So people should be consulting this group on which websites to go, as these are people who devour scientific papers for breakfast.

    I don’t believe telling an obese person they lack willpower is constructive, on any count. I think one should just address and help them with their food addictions.

    I believe a person who gets drunk once a year is still an alcoholic. So what if all the studies agree with that, or I am simply agreeing with them. Someone from here will set me straight.

    I believe I am eating mostly whole foods and my processed foods come from mainly whole ingredients, and I can pronounce all those ingredients. It’s not hard when some quack teaches you how to read a label. Or is it more complicated than the make it seem. Hmm.

    I believe fiber helps digest carbs in different ways. That a calorie is not a calorie, because of the way the liver works. I believe if one were to drink 24 ounces of Coke a day, versus someone who ate the same calories (as the Coke) in a whole food, the person who drinks Coke will have more weight gain and a harder time dieting.

    I believe most dieters fail because they do not put in the work, count all the calories, or are honest with their eating habits. That said, I don’t believe that for every 3,500 calories you burn, you lose one pound - but that’s my conclusions from my own research from people who feel the same. We must be an underground group. I suggest you keep a close eye on us. I mean, these are people who have written books and papers, but who cares, they are probably also just quacks. We’re a secret society. And no, you don’t get to see our secret research papers - hidden in the American Journal of Medicine.

    I believe we all have the right to decide what to put on our plate, or bowl, and eat. High carbs. Low carbs. Fats. Proteins. But to be on a Keto diet, chances are if you want to ever feel ketosis, that high carb just isn’t going to work for you.

    I will always believe, after watching all those quacks on youtube, that to them, and me, Keto means avoiding overly processed foods. And trying to incorporate whole foods. If FlavCity with Bobby is a poor example, then count me in.

    I have complimented those who have had good things to say, and they just come back and call me dumb or silly. So I guess that’s who I am. Let me introduce myself. My name is Randal. While I stopped drinking 13 years ago, after being an alcoholic for probably 30 years, I am a smoker for my one bad habit. I am trying to rid myself of my second bad habit, as I am trying to follow a Keto diet just to lose weight. I am not sure I am always in ketosis. So maybe I am a failure. Or just simply on a low carb diet. Shun me for not knowing. I understand. You see, I watch quacks on youtube. So I get frustrated with people on a forum, that I don’t know, nor care about, nor will ever meet, but these total strangers tell me they have my best interest at heart, just like the quacks on the video. Boy, who to believe? But you see, I don’t take selfies. I don’t post pics of my abs, or my back, as my profile picture. I am open to new things. I am open to new ideas. I’m not so sure the forum peps are. So, I do research - but don’t stay organized enough to provide what I have learned, by pointing them to the same source when pushed. But then again, most my research is watching everything from just friendly people helping others lose weight to doctors at lectures who are from reputable places. I’m just a guy trying to eat healthier and shed some weight.

    I posted a link to a video of Ally who lost 170 pounds and has successfully kept it off. I felt she explained lazy keto fairly well. I don’t think anyone watched the video. But that’s okay. She’s a quack. She’s deceitfully sharing how she lost weight even though she wants to help others lose weight. How dare she! She’s probably making large dough from her youtube channel. Shameful.

    I posted a video from Dr. Eric Westman, from Stanford, and MIT, that talks about Keto, some history, and facts; and shows all kinds of research people can go look up. But apparently, he, too, according to this group, is just a quack with an online video, found on the Standford website. Again, for shame.

    I really think youtube should consult this group and pull all these videos, uploaded from all these people, who want to help others lose weight. A dieter should know to consult a professional, or at least this group, and demand reliable sources. Till then, they should just keep that weight on.

    I have had access to DXA scans, access to a leading cardiologist, but even then, I don’t know my fat from my water because I, too, am a quack. Who learned from quacks.

    I won’t get into the anti-inflammation benefits about Keto because I have no experience with inflammation. Does being sore after clearing land in August in 102 degrees count for experience with inflammation? Doubt it. Maybe I need to consult this group. Hmm.

    So for the OP who asked what my thoughts were on Keto. It’s a way for some to learn how to eat better, try to shed some weight, eat healthier, and understand a diet that has been around since 1863 or 1915 or 1920 or a new fangled fad. Yes, Keto is getting one’s carbs down, to burn fat, and produce ketones - while they monitor insulation and was actually prescribed by physicians for severe type 2 diabetics, and people with epilepsy (though their Keto diet is completely different as one bite of a candy bar could cause a seizure), but that Keto diet is getting hijacked by people like me and others, like quacks, who are now following a fad to use the Keto diet as a way to steal ideas to lose weight.

    If you don’t like what I believe, why should it matter? I don’t plan on being on Keto, or if I am really just a low carb dieter, or if avoiding ingredients most can’t pronounce, or if avoiding the sixty ways to list sugar or 20 ways to list MSG (excitotoxin), whatever form of Keto this group tells me I’m on, I don’t plan on being on this psuedo-Keto forever. The diet that is helping me understand whole healthy food and still not have to eat my veggies, that diet. I know eventually, I will be 145-148 lbs or so, and then will need to decide is that still overweight, or just the right weight? and then I will need to find a way to maintain that weight and not regain the weight, or the 12-18 lbs of water - or whatever this group feels I have lost. I will hopefully, by then, know more about nutrition and dieting - and will continue to ask questions that I have, on other websites, that are more open to just discussions without call me a quack, silly, wrong, dumb, or whatever. Those that don’t demand me to justify my knowledge by cherry picking my words. Wow, what if I go back to carbs and overly processed foods and labels I can’t read and gain all that water back? What would be the odds? I got a lot of research to do.

    I agree, let’s not be happy I am at least trying to lose weight and get healthy. I need to study harder, list resources, get my facts straight and tow the line. Absolutely, ya’ll should care what I have chosen to believe. Oops, let’s not start getting sarcastic now, as I go back to watching quacks on youtube who genuinely want to help people lose weight. Thanks Dr. Nick, FlavCity Bobby, Ally McWowie, and Dr Berg. Thanks for getting me motivated to start this process, though I am sure I am a failure already and just a horrible person who is lost. Let me explain to janejelly one more time that the processed food I eat have pretty whole food ingredients. But sure, let’s hear her call me out on my resources one last time. Thanks Jane.

    Let’s not say we’re happy I simply lost weight, and water, and my friends say I look better, and hey, I surely I feel better. :) Motivation. No, let’s suck that motivation back out, there, soldier. Let’s not get too happy. Let’s remind you most people lack willpower, that there is no food addiction, that we need reliable sources, that we are confused. Let’s talk from a superior level, and all the other things I’ve been told here, thus far. Truthfully, I am posting this so I feel better. Not a one of y’all will say wow, maybe we were cherry picking ways to rip on this guy. No, ya’ll are much smarter than that.

    So while I go out, smoke my cigarettes, kayak with my dog, as we go walking around the hill country, here in Texas, y’all can take the time and cherry pick out all the things you disagree with and tell me what a bad person I am for sharing my thoughts on Keto. This is just basically a summary of what I have said thus far. So knock yourself out. So yes, my name is Randal. I guess I am just an @ss. I tried to answer a question on my feeling about Keto. My feeling for the OP on my thoughts about Keto. Now I know better. Everyone - have a great weekend.
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    ozonezoe wrote: »
    Love hearing people’s opinions and experience with different life style changes! Let me know what you think of keto and if it was beneficial for your life!

    I can't do it. Its impossible for me to keep to that diet. I need carbs, fat and protein to feel the best.
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    jdbly3373 wrote: »
    ozonezoe wrote: »
    Love hearin4×?g people’s opinions and experience with different life style changes! Let me know what you think of keto and if it was beneficial for your life!

    I can't do it. Its impossible for me to keep to that diet. I need carbs, fat swe2? protein to feel the best.

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    My friend was on keto and she has a good result. I want to try it, too.
    Thank you for your tips. I'm still thinking about it.
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