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    @twistedsassette – You’ll get used to it – My one son had a bruise on his forehead most of the time till he was about 3. He grew up to be a great worker – always doing stuff.

    @tiabirdie56 I watched an interesting video by a couple of environmental biology professors that I've somewhat followed for other reasons. They explained that viruses have a surface that is a layer of fat and once this fat is broken down they disintegrate - that is why they are susceptible to heat, detergents and friction but can live for months in your freezer. (I don't think that drinking hot things will help a great deal though since your body quickly brings things to its own internal temperature which the virus is quite happy with.) They have done a number of videos on the current situation but I think the one I watched is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym-WGOq96G0
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    Whoop! Go Trump! I knew it HAD TO BE something else going on.
    ✔Going after drug cartels.

    *Remember~ calm before the storm? Storm beginning