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    April start Weight:218
    April Goal Weight:214
    Ultimate Goal Weight:175

    Guess I'm on track, my scale is an old POS I have learned to weigh three times and either take the average or the number that shows up the most. Today it was 217. Time for a new scale.

    I hope that everyone else is one track, don't freak out if not. Just find where you are slipping up and adjust. Me I could be doing better in portion control and in snack choices.

    April 1 : 218
    April 8: 217
    April 15: 217
    April 22:
    April 29:
    April 30:

    April 1 : 218
    April 8: 217
    April 15: 217
    April 22: 216
    April 29:
    April 30:

    Only down a pound in two weeks but I have been keeping body measurements and those are a bit more positive. Either way it is progress in the right direction.
    I hope that everyone else is also having positive results and if not don't give up, keep pushing forward.
    Have a great day!
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    Fab idea I’m in too
    April start Weight:
    April Goal Weight: 198
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 175

    April 1 : -
    April 8: -
    April 15: -
    April 22: -8
    April 29:
    April 30:
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    Original start weight Dec 2019: 157.0
    April start Weight: 141.5
    April Goal Weight: 137.5
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 125

    April 1: 141.5
    April 8: 140.5
    April 15: 141.0 No surprise, I'm not walking as much and eating more sweets. Gotta derail the weight gain...
    April 22:
    April 29:
    April 30:
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    My name is Donna. I am 59 years young, 5’ 5” tall and from the Midwest.

    Original starting weight: 253.0
    March Ending Weight: 203.5
    April Goal Weight: 197.5
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 145-155 (we’ll see when I get there!)

    Apr 1 : 203.2 Good luck Everyone!
    Apr 5: 202.8 That’s better. Struggling with keeping my glucose in check (T2D here). Either way too high or way too low. I am working on tweaking the diet more today. Looking for a downward trend on scale, plenty of healthy choices on the menu but less carbs to go along with less calories. Trying to find the sweet spot and when I do, that, in itself, will aid in the weight loss.
    Apr 12: 203.4 Happy Easter Everyone!
    Apr 19: 202.5 Recommitting. The nice weather helps get me excited about health, exercise and hiking. Come on better weather and a vaccination to end this stay-in order!
    Apr 26: 204.3 Travel yesterday included Chinese so this weight is a little deceiving. Clearly I won’t make goal but even if I lose the size of a teardrop, I’ll be happy.
    Apr 30:

    Final thoughts: