50 pounds to lose - starting again - join me with weekly check-ins and support



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    Hello all!

    It's been a while since the last time I've been on Fitness Pal! Back again and never giving up :smiley:

    SW = CW : 160.8 (today August 18th, 2020)
    Mini Goal : 153 (by October 7th, 2020)
    GW : 135 (No date yet as long as I keep progressing)

    Nice to be here!

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    Woo hoo...WTG @azkunk
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    Made a smoothie with these Costco finds. 230cal, 30g protein, 21g carb, 3g fat

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    @azkunk that sounds delicious
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    edited August 2020

  • Beka3695
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  • Beka3695
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    Saturday weigh day
    PW: 188.2
    CW: 185.6 -2.6 for the week!
    LTD: 56.4

    16 pound challenge: 5.6 lbs remaining, 37 days to go. I think I’ve got this!!!!

    I’m very happy with my progress lately!
  • kcd394
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    Today have 13.3k steps already before noon.
    Two weeks ago: 191.6
    Last week: 190.2
    Today: 189.2
    Mini goal: 188 (by sept 15)
    Goodbye 190s! May we never meet again!
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    I have about 60 pounds to lose! I’m down for the weekly check in. 👍🏾
  • JoanneAcevesMoss
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    Hi, there I am back to MFP after losing 80 pounds and gaining it back plus more. I need to lose 115 pounds and need some accountability and encouragement. My goal is to focus on walking 5 days this week at least 45 mins. Just a start. Looking for friends to connect with and keep me going for the next 21 days. Any takers??
  • SunflowerQueen36
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    CW: 197lb
    GW: 192 by 9/30

    Lets do this!
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    WTG @Beka3695 and @kcd394
  • motivatedsister
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    SW: 212.7
    7/27: 210.9
    8/3: 207.7
    8/10: 205.9
    8/17: 205.2 (not so great...but still a loss!)
    8/24: 201.5 (-3.7 - yay!! Down 11.2 lbs since starting this thread, and 21.5 lbs to go until mini GW. )

    mini GW: 180
    GW: 160
  • Leezy55
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    All time high 2019 prior MFP 192

    High 2020 174

    June loss 4 lbs

    7/1 164.0

    7/8 162.4

    8/1 July loss 3 lbs

    8/1 161
    8/8 160.4
    8/15 159.9 finally made it to the 150's. 3 more lbs to the half way point! :p
    8/24 159.5 Not much of a loss but been snacking here and there. And too much smoke and extreme heat. But have another week! Yep goin' for it!
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    SW: 244.6 ( August 6, 2019)
    Mini goal - 215

    8/3- 221.4
    8/10- 225.8
    8/17- 220.2
    8/24- 216.4

    Total weight loss- 28.2 pounds

  • azkunk
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    SW:207 (5/1/20)
    GW: 157
    Total weight lost: 8.5

    7/31: 204.8
    8/11: 203.1
    8/17: 199.4
    8/24: 198.5

    The scale creeped up to 200.0 over the weekend but it’s back down today. I’m getting bored and want sweets but I am happy with the progress and I’m so close to 10lbs. I can’t stop now. I will have to buy some skinny cow at my next grocery run to satisfy this sweet tooth.

    @crystalsan726 - Great loss this week!

    @Leezy55 - a loss is a loss :smile:

    @motivatedsister - Great job! Next stop ONDERLAND :smiley:

    @SunflowerQueen36 , @JoanneAcevesMoss & @LMBelladonna - Welcome

    @kcd394 - that mini goal is in your reach! Keep up the great work.

    @Beka3695 - I am so impressed with your progress. You’re an inspiration.
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    I know! @azkunk

    I really hope I see it come my next weigh day on Monday, BUT I know I typically do not see good losses in a row...no matter how on track I am deficit wise. But it should happen soon!!

    I'm down a little over 20 lbs since re-starting and as expected (based on the last time I lost weight) - I'm starting to see a change in how things fit. I used to wear scrubs primarily for work, but with a job change I wear more regular clothes now. I refused to buy a ton of clothes at my current size, so I basically wear the same outfits weekly. The monotony sucks, but it's helping me to see things slowly changing. No more muffin top, I've gone down in bra band size, tops are looser, and for the days I wear scrubs I've gone down in pant size - making progress.
  • azkunk
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    That’s awesome!

    I wear regular clothes to work but have been primarily working from home since March. I gained some weight pre-COVID but refused to buy new clothes and things got a little tight. Then I started working from home in yoga pants and gained some more weight. I go into the office every now and then and I am still not feeling much change in the fit of my clothes. I am closing in on 10lbs and I’m just wondering when I will notice a change ... maybe 15lbs.
  • motivatedsister
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    Hopefully you'll start to notice a change soon! I loved wearing scrubs to work, but in hindsight it is easy to see how the weight is able to creep up on you since there is so much "give" in scrubs. If I had been wearing regular clothes all this time I think I would have realized sooner just how much weight I had gained.

    It didn't help that outside of work (and because I was still breastfeeding) I was wearing yoga pants and loose tops that would allow me to whip out a boob easily. As we approach fall/winter I'll have to be mindful to not be fooled when I choose to wear leggings/sweaters regularly! Hopefully since I'm now watching the scale that won't happen, but I'll try to still fit in more clothes that don't have "give" to truly see what my body is doing.