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50 pounds to lose - starting again - join me with weekly check-ins and support



  • azkunkazkunk Member, Premium Posts: 544 Member Member, Premium Posts: 544 Member
    Beka3695 wrote: »
    Saturday weigh in

    Last week. 176.2
    This week 172.6
    Total loss 69.4

    I am so happy with this loss!!!

    🤩 Fabulous 🤩

  • Leezy55Leezy55 Member Posts: 319 Member Member Posts: 319 Member
    All time high 2019 prior MFP 192

    High 2020 174

    June loss 4 lbs
    July loss 3 lbs
    Aug loss 3 lbs
    Sept loss .8

    10/5 155.8 Wow! Can't believe I lost weight eating in restaurants (take out) everyday and enjoying humongous delicious pastries (2) every morning for breakfast!! I also finally made my half way loss of 36 lbs. Total loss 36.2

    10/12 154.4
    10/19 154.2

    TLD 37.8
  • ReikcajReikcaj Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    Tuesday weigh in day. I didn't check in last week because my weight had gone up slightly, probably due to water retention because I ate something salty the night before. Well it triggered a binge (I'm addicted to salty things especially potato chips) but I'm back and hoping to NOT do that again. My weight this morning is 201, up from 198 but It could have been worse considering the crap I was stuffing my face with this past week. So glad for this thread it makes me want to be accountable :)
  • keksbalancekeksbalance Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, everyone! I just found this thread!
    Age: 33 Height 5'7
    Highest weight 225
    Current Weight 213
    Goal Weight 150 then reassess.

    I am just starting to track with MFP and plan on trying to start running again (slow and barely half a mile right now but I used to be a distance runner prior to gaining weight) and do yoga. Is anyone on Instagram? I created a private account I am going to use to keep myself accountable and am looking for good follows to inspire me!
  • Fatexterminator1Fatexterminator1 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    I have gained 50lbs, so I am looking to loose 50lbs. Looking for friends that have similar goal. I find it helps to loose it together. If anyone is interested please add as friends. Hope you all have a awesome day
  • AswennuAswennu Member, Premium Posts: 48 Member Member, Premium Posts: 48 Member
    I have 90 total to lose, but 50 is my first BIG goal. Feel free to add me if anyone would like some support :)
  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,625 Member Member Posts: 1,625 Member
    Believe in yourselves!
    I started in January '20 and when I stepped on the scale today I had lost 50 pounds. It can be done, because I did it, even with a diet that is the opposite of "clean" and "healthy" and with almost no planned exercise. I'm not done with my weight loss (Now I get to start on the next 50) but I have double the energy, have lost ten inches off my waist, and feel so much better than I did in January.

    So I'm sticking with you all for the next fifty off, and I hope I can do it a little faster than five pounds a month now that I know what I'm doing. (I think?)
  • Beka3695Beka3695 Member Posts: 3,442 Member Member Posts: 3,442 Member
    Saturday weigh in
    Last Week 172.6
    This week 170.8
    Change -1.8
    Total loss. 71.2
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 82 Member Member Posts: 82 Member
    Highest weight 205 in 2019

    7/22/20  197
    8/9/20 191.6
    8/16/20 190.2
    8/23/20 189.2
    8/30/20 188.2
    9/7/20 189
    9/13/20 186
    9/20/20 184.6
    9/27/20 185
    10/4/20 182.8
    10/11/20 183.6
    10/18/20 183.2
    10/25/20 181
    24lb gone so far, 16 this go round.

    After a roller coaster of October (mostly with stress) and stalling on the scale, where I managed not to gain at least, I'm finally heading the right direction again both mentally and physically. Sometimes all you can do is be kind to yourself and try to maintain til you get in a better headspace to keep going. I had to pause to take care of other mental health things but made sure to at least try and maintain weight vs gain it. Hopefully back on track and better than before. Still no exercise added in so if i get off my tush and do sometihing perhaps I'll get more than a pound a week.
  • ReikcajReikcaj Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    Tuesday weigh in.
    201 last week.
    200.4 this week. It's going in the right direction again, that's something anyway.
    I'm hoping to start on the treadmill again this week. Wish me luck :)
  • willplanet5willplanet5 Member Posts: 13 Member Member Posts: 13 Member
    I have around 50lbs to lose also. Good luck!
  • Beka3695Beka3695 Member Posts: 3,442 Member Member Posts: 3,442 Member
    PW: 168.2
    CW: 168.6
    Change +0.4
    LTD 73.4
  • micahandskylersmommy2micahandskylersmommy2 Member, Premium Posts: 7 Member Member, Premium Posts: 7 Member
  • azkunkazkunk Member, Premium Posts: 544 Member Member, Premium Posts: 544 Member
    SW: 207
    CW: 184.4
    LTD: 22.6

    Hi everybody. I have been off this board for a little bit. I have broken through my plateau and hired a health coach to keep me on track. It has really been helping me learn about and watch my macros. It's also inspiring me to move more and start a workout routine.

    My short term goal is to enter the 170s before Christmas

  • shwethasrinshwethasrin Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone! So glad I found this forum. My current weight is 174 lb and I’m hoping to get down to 140.
  • Susanschwartz84Susanschwartz84 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    Hi guys! I just found this forum and love it! I started off at 310 pounds and lost 170. Then my dad passed and I put weight back on. I'm 178 pounds today and I'm 36 years old. My goal is to lose around 25 to 30 pounds and maintain my weight.
  • CrozifletteCroziflette Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    I've also got 50 pounds to lose.
    I'd love to add you as friends so that we can support each other.
  • azkunkazkunk Member, Premium Posts: 544 Member Member, Premium Posts: 544 Member
    Weigh-in Day: Sunday
    PW: 185.6
    CW: 183.8
    LTD: 23.2

    Looking back over my yo-yo weight loss history, I have to go all the way back to Feb 2017 to see this low of a weight. NSV- I was going to the grocery store today and my hubby jokingly told me to get some jeans that fit. These jeans just came out of the dryer and they are falling off me! They were tight at one point this year where I was using a hack with a ponytail elastic to be able to “button” them.
  • mizzladydeemizzladydee Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    Hello is this challenge still open for new members?
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