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    exermom wrote: »
    Question for you ladies : how do you clean the skin on a kiwi?

    Michele NC

    I don't eat the skin on a kiwi, so I don't bother cleaning it.

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    stats for the day:

    Bike ride home 2 sumner station- 58.40min, 143mhr, 13.5amph, 13.24mi= 519c
    apple watch- 496c
    jog sta 2 wrk- 5.15min, 148mhr, 9.32min mi, .55mi= 60c
    apple watch- 59c
    jog wrk 2 sta- 4.26min, 9.47min mi, 148mhr, .45mi= 52c
    apple watch- 58c
    Bike ride dome 2 hm- 15.53min, 9.7amph, 150mhr, 2.57mi= 165c
    apple watch- 155c

    total cal 796
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    The Science of Well-Being Rewiring Accountability:
    1). I had one T of cream in my coffee this morning, but was otherwise able to stick to a 3-hour eating window from 3p-6p. Lots of roasted vegetables for our evening meal, filling and yummy. I forgot the Brussels sprouts, but we had parsnips, carrots, onion, bell pepper, cauliflower, celery, and cherry tomatoes. Just vegetables. Delish. I have committed to eating one meal a day, and am trying to adhere to a 3- or 4-hour eating window.

    2) I did not go through a box or clean off a shelf today. I have committed to going through 5 boxes/drawers/shelves per week.


    I caught up on required continuing education for work, and helped my spouse with some disability paperwork she had to fill out related to her Achilles tendon rupture/repair.


    Beau, a local teenager, came by a couple of weeks ago to propose reasonably priced leaf clean-up and mulching. He finished today, and our yard looks so nice. He is going to do more mulching and put down some stone on a terraced region in our back yard in June. The mulch smells nice. We let him use our lawn tractor to haul the mulch around, and gave him a code to enter our garage, so he has worked independently to get the work done. He did a very neat job, and blew the mulch remnants off the driveway afterwards. He is going to Virginia Military Institute in the fall. A fine young man.


    Our rhododendrons were lovely this spring, and the peonies and roses are already blooming. If I get a chance tomorrow, I will take photos.




    Karen in Virginia
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    Suzi Q - commenting on this:

    Father Daughter Relationship – Lisa, like you I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had a better male influence in my life. But also realized I would be a much different person and I am happy with myself. When I think of my dad and how he handled things while mom and he were together I know he did what he knew and how he was trained. Each generation either continues on the same path as what was learned at an early age or grows and becomes better. Not everyone can look deep inside and see where they may be the issue or their minds close up to the unpleasantness they experienced so they cannot begin to know where their behavior stems. Oh, the mind is a wonderful and scary place!

    I’be had this conversation with my sister who is estranged from our father. She holds him and our mother responsible for everything bad in her life, even though she’s probably the most successful and privileged one of the seven of us. She is angry (can you believe?) that my mother had 7 kids and PPD. She said she should have stopped. When pressed about when, needless to say she can’t/won’t answer. She’s #5. I can’t believe the anger that comes from her at times. When I said he did the best he could considering he grew up without a father, she said that’s no excuse. It’s so sad because Dad is 90 and certainly won’t be around much longer.
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    Tomorrow soup kitchen. It’s weird how I’m looking forward to it. I’ll get a shower, put on decent (well, I usually wear pretty decent clothes), earrings (those I don’t usually wear except when I’m going out) and makeup. First I’ll stop at Lynette’s office to drop off some coupons for her. She wants certain ones. The to the cleaners to see if they could get my tree skirt whitened (I doubt it)

    M – I’m finding it’s more difficult to drink my water, at least about what I usually drank pre-C-19. Can’t wait to get back to “normal”. I wonder how the gyms will be? I can’t see exercising with a mask on. But one way the virus spreads is thru bodily fluids and I would think sweat would be one of them.

    SuziQ – shooting store employees?????? How is Brevard County doing?

    Sue WA – so sorry about dd’s friend’s brother

    Michele NC
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    Went grocery shopping to grab what’s needed but was a hard hunt. Managed to get a bottle of JRs bath soap yes!! Woohoo 🎉!!
    1 big bottle of antibacterial soap y 1 hand sanitizer small pump bottle. I grabbed 1 regular bottle of soap will mix the antibacterial with it to make double. Manager helped by opening boxes getting me 1 of each plus JRs items.

    No cart cleaning station now. Did have a worker demanding mask or no entry ⛔️. So luckily everyone had a mask on. Only self Check outs now. I think I accidentally over charged myself by putting yellow onion even tho I had the cheaper red one..oh well luckily was only 1 onion 🧅. I got 1 Apple 🍎 y 1 lettuce head. I found some cheap chicken on sale got 2 bags then oh no realized the bag was leaky! I left a trail before noticing. Worker older man came to my rescue. Was new bags too but the box cutter got a tiny tip of one bam 💥 all it needed to leak out. He got me set up to go again with 2 bags which I put in ziplocks at home to make smaller servings so we open 1 tiny bag at a time make it last. Got hotdog buns y hotdog so welcome to my splurge for myself! Lol 😂 we all crave a childhood treat sooner or later. Found a treat y toy car for JR. Hot wheels the cheap tiny one .97c I popped it open hubby caught it so perfectly sanitized team work! JR got a good boy treat with his car a hunny bun off brand (honey bun store brand bought a box stuck it in my pads dainty hiding box so no one finds them I can give it to JR slowly for a long time every few days.

    Amber Tx
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    Katla49 wrote: »

    We are counting our blessings. There have been 15 cases in our county, and no deaths. More densely populated counties have higher virus cases and death tolls. Portland, Beaverton and Salem have the highest death counts in our state.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    Raising my hand. Not looking good here in the mid-valley. :disappointed:

    Willamette Valley, Oregon

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    Australia's Response


    And a few key highlights from the Prime Minister's speech.

    "By July" 😕 "states and territories will move at their own pace" 🙂 "review the progress of the plan every three weeks" 🙂"international travel will not be opening up "in the foreseeable future"" 😐

    I'm actually hoping it's more like "By September" ... fortunately, from what I've heard so far, Tasmania is planning to take things really slowly, and we are definitely not at Step 1 yet.

    As for International Travel ... we had kind of hoped to go to Canada this coming July. That won't be happening. We had thought about going to Canada for Christmas, this coming December. That won't likely be happening. But maybe next July ... July 2021. :) It would be nice to go somewhere warm (like Canada) in the winter. :)

    Machka in Oz
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    Barbie - the wind picked up today as well. One of the gazebos blew over and almost hit one of our residents. No injuries and they got it up again. Tonight is supposed to rain so all of their pretty sidewalk chalk will need to be done again.

    Heather - I hope your day improved. I think your son did a good job 👍 n the cake. It looks like a campfire.

    Tere - I agree with you on the traditional funerals, when my Dad was ill he told us we didn’t need to “waste money on a casket or funeral. He didn’t want to be buried in a wood casket to rot in the ground”. I told him that I would be fine with the cremation but that funerals were for the living and not the deceased so we needed to do it for his us and the rest of his family. I will never regret a minute getting him to change his mind.

    Tonya - I was having the same issues and my doctor told me to eat more soluble finer. She also told me Senokot is not good for prolonged constipation.

    Beauty Salons are so far being allowed to reopen next Thursday here in Alberta. The hairdressers and barbers are fighting it. The spas, nail salons, etc are not allowed to open until phase 2. A lot of salons are inclusive of all services so they will have to be open, pay utilities as if it was all open but won’t have that revenue. They also have raised the issue of not being allowed to have less than 6 feet amongst staff, but it’s ok to be that close to a stranger. I am praying it gets held off until Phase 2 at least as my daughter has asthma and is at risk for complications.

    Rebecca - I am so incredibly happy for you. What a joyous day you had!

    I talked and texted with a couple of friends tonight that I hadn’t talked to in way too long. It was so nice to know how they are doing. One of my friends lives here in Edmonton and her parents are in Barbados. Her Dad has been in the hospital for the last 5 weeks, not Covid related, he was taken off the ventilator and moved out of ICU yesterday. It’s been very difficult for her Mother not being able to see him and it was hard to keep well informed. My friend has been calling her Mother twice daily to try to help the loneliness from here. What a terrible time for something like this to happen, her parents are in their early 90’s I believe.

    I have to stop on my way to work tomorrow to buy more treats for the residents. They sure have a penchant for their chips, pop (soda) and chocolate bars.
    Our dietician grins and tells us we should let them enjoy the treats.

    Off to bed, good night all!
    Tracey in Edmonton
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    This is a screenshot of the only satire I follow. It is from my home province and usually he just makes fun of New Brunswick and the maritimes. Today’s “headline” caught my eye. I haven’t read the article, just this.zxaxp1gve6w9.png
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    Machka in Australia
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    "Get to do"s and "chose well"s
    Chose well: walked over an hour including up hills while waiting for my tire to be repaired.
    Get to do: invest 10 mins cleaning Dining Room, carry over 10 mins cleaning Guest Bth, mat work, BB&B, firehouse mtg minutes, learn new dance, transplant oregano and parsley, make sweet and spicy cashews for Barb, garlic almonds for Dan, prep potato bed for snow peas, dig up snow pea bed for potatoes and greens, prep raised bed for carrots, parsley root, parsnips, radishes, finish weeding drive, continue weeding flower bed, mulch flowerbed, finish cleaning and start de-rusting Aunt Elsie’s stove, Freddie’s for complete series TDAP <$48, get Shingrix vaccine.
    Reward: inventory seeds, plan garden, order replenishments.

    Our library is soft opening we can now return books through the drop box, and call to schedule pickups of held books. Called in, waiting for return call.

    Our Humane Society thrift store is open, restricting number of shoppers, requiring masks and accepting donations only by appointment.

    Our county and both cities have expired the prohibition on transient lodging, allowing the motels to reopen for others than essential workers. That worries me, where will the visitors go? All the beaches that are accessed through State Parks are closed. City parks are open for walk-ins, but the parking lots and bathrooms are closed.

    Coach Ken emailed that the dean advised we won’t have BB&B classes until January. Have tried to persuade Coach to give Zoom a try but so far he’s reluctant. Maybe he’s thinking one way streaming, but with zoom he could see us to guide and correct.

    Our governor will allow counties that meet certain criteria (low incidence, adequate hospital facilities and PPE supplies) to do a Phase I opening May 15, and our county has applied. That could mean we could be dancing together again as limited gatherings of up to 25 will be allowed. If not at the grange or the tavern, at least at the basketball courts. I’ll continue to livestream church to see how close we come to 25.

    Machka cute official mascot of 2020 :lol: Waldorf salad with your apples, celery and walnuts?
    SuziQ You look great. VERY well done. Incidents of people shooting store employees for trying to require shoppers to wear masks? :noway:
    Annie when I spend too much time in my bed my back starts to hurt. Hope you feel better soon!
    Sue in WA I’m not familiar with those songs. Hope you can share them after they’re all put togethers.
    Kim gorgeous entry, what are those flowers? Please more pics!
    AZTeri2016 and Rita gorgeous desert pics!

    Beautiful day today but was soo pooped from my long walk I didn’t get out into the garden or stroll with the dogs. Will do better tomorrow.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    April: better than March.
    daily: steps= 5797 ;) vits=7 log=7 CI<CO=6 CI<250<CO=2 Tumble & Shadow 5=5 mfp=7 clean 10 mins=8 outside=6 up hill=8
    wkly: BB&B x3= rx= dance=
    mnthly: board mtg= grant= review 20for20=
    bonus: AF=4 play=0 sew=0
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    Kim Agree with Barbara. Such a gorgeous entry, what are those flowers? Please more pics!
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    Machka in Australia

    I should add that the apples aren't particularly crisp anymore ... the tree produced a lot and I couldn't keep up!

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    Rita, Kim, - Lovely pics. <3 Your entryway looks very British, Kim. :D Rita, I didn't know that Apache Plume. Lovely.

    It is a bank holiday here today to celebrate VE day. Gorgeous weather, so I will be keeping away from the seafront. Of course, most people are not at work anyway, so it won't be all that different. ;) The celebrations have gone virtual. We were scheduled for a concert performance for the singing group. :'(
    I've ordered a pizza for tonight, which we will share. We'll have a salad with it and also a starter of corn on the cob. That way the damage will be less! >:)

    I'm feeling better today. Yesterday, when I had my 'accident' my knee was quite sore and stiff, even though I was jogging, and in the evening my legs were quite achy. I took a mild antihistamine before bed and paracetamol. Slept well.Some kind of mild virus/flare up? No idea.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    No new confirmed cases in B&H. That doesn't include care homes. Just hospitals.

    Boris is making a speech on Sunday.
    I'm sure the re entry will be very gradual.

    DH back to his usual self. <3

    Making yoghurt.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    My new trail running shoes have arrived!! Just in time for the reserves to open ...



    Machka in Australia
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    Cloudy but warm today here.
    Have been good for the last 2 days, exercise (which I do everyday mostly) eating within calorie allowance. Don’t feel so bloated
    I was defo comfort eating too many carbs. Got to keep it up need to lose at least 8 lbs to get to my comfortable weight.

    Was hoping to see the Flower Moon last night but it was nowhere in sight. The night before it was huge shining right in our bedroom window. What’s that all about? Don’t think it was very cloudy as I could see some stars. Must be something to do with Earth’s rotation

    Going to make soup today still experimenting, chicken broth wasn’t wonderful.

    HEATHER great you got your refund. We got refund for our March holiday (waiting for it to go in bank) Ryanair have cancelled our outgoing flight on 27th this month have applied for refund. They haven’t cancelled return flight?? Yet! How are you supposed to use return flight if you don’t go in the first place. No doubt it will be cancelled in due course

    Stay safe and enjoy VE celebrations (we have lots of live stuff on FB)

    Kate UK ❤️