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    Am in the midst of a mini, internal revolution against the "beat my last time" drive that I just can't seem to leave behind. My Fitbit died, and I chose not to replace it because it puts me into a space where, if the Fitbit didn't record it, then I didn't do it. I realized that is a path to obsession--something I struggle with in other ways and other times. I want to work out on the machines because my fitness matters to me, rather than so I can beat yesterday's time. I'll know I actually succeed when, rather than recording the time and the distance and the calories each day, I just put a checkmark. Haven't got there yet. Maybe when I get to that point, I'll be able to put the scale away. It would be a sea change of no small proportions.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR

    I don't use fitbit ... I mainly use Strava.

    I record time and distance, but I'm not out to beat anything. Training isn't about beating your time (or distance) each time you do something, it's about variety and a goal.

    For example, when I was training to do the ultracycling, I'd have a plan something along these lines:

    Monday - rest day where I might cycle a very short distance, or perhaps just walk. Maybe yoga.
    Tuesday - intervals or hill repeats
    Wednesday - moderate distance at a reasonably quick pace
    Thursday - intervals or hill repeats
    Friday - rest day where I might cycle a very short distance, or perhaps just walk. Maybe yoga.
    Saturday - long, long day at a comfortable pace
    Sunday - long day at a comfortable pace

    For my long, long ride on Saturdays, I would extend the distance each week for 3 weeks, and then on the 4th week, cut back. So it might be 50 km, 60 km, 70 km, and then down to 55 km. Then I would start again with 60 km, 70 km, 80 km, and cut back to 65 km. And so on until I was cycling 160 km or 200 km or whatever.

    If you just keep pushing harder and harder, then you burn out and don't reach your goal.

    Oh and also ... I have trouble sticking to any kind of plan without a goal. It's hard for me to just exercise an hour a day unless there's a reason to exercise an hour a day. Right now, I don't have a goal.

    It's difficult to have a cycling goal now because my husband likes to cycle with me. I would like to say that we'll aim to do a 50 km ride next month. I know he can do a 50 km ride because we have built up to it and have ridden that distance once since his accident ... but his energy and fitness goes in waves and changes from one day to the next. So he might be up for a 50 km ride next month ... or maybe not. I just don't know. Prior to the accident, if I said, let's go cycle 100 km this weekend ... we would. So it's a bit frustrating now.

    I'd also like to make a running goal, and may I just need to do that. I ran 7 km on the treadmill the other day and realised I could probably do 10 km. So maybe that will be my goal for this month ... a 10K on the treadmill.

    I'm also hoping my husband will feel up to going to the reserve ... then I might be able to try running outside with my new shoes!

    Machka in Oz
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    Barbie > I don't really understand the intermittent fasting.. I have honestly never heard of it and why it is being done or the benefits of it.
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    Machka- Apples not crisp can bake a pie or Apple bread desert. Can also put in a salad 🥗. Can also make homemade applesauce if you like that sort of thing. Apple danish,Apple Crisp is a type of desert here, even add it to cereals with a dash of honey. Apple pie,Apple cheesecake,etc.


    Happy Mother’s Day to All is Women who Mother our pets,Godmoms, Moms,Grandmas,those who have babies a man during his flu’s lol 😂,helped raise family members kids ,babysitters, had to hold our bosses to customers hands as they cry or toss a tantrum,y to all us Women out there.

    Wore hubby work mask he put aside for me only since this mess went grocery shopping for shampoos to hand soaps a few fresh foods. This morning saw Hubby went back to the store not for food but for Mom Day gifts.

    Amber Tx

    Cleaning,exercise, get stuff done hopefully,Netflix,y eat right (hotdogs!!)
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    The flowers on the arch are purple trumpet vine... there is also wisteria there, but I cut it back so much last year it did not bloom this year.

    N. California
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    Amber Tx

    Gave JR the balloons 🎈 I’m keeping the flowers 💐. Should occupy him a few days to weeks
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    Thank you Kim. Do you happen to know if that purple trumpet vine is Clytostoma callistegioides? (I looked it up on line, and that's what I found). Because the trumpet vine I know is a yellow or orange flowering vine native to the East Coast, sometimes considered invasive. It is Campsis radicans, and I like it, but I am really loving that purple...
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    Was it Katla that bought fuchsia recently? We are going to go to Lowe's this afternoon to the garden center to see if they have any still in stock. If it's crowded, we'll go back another time.


    Today is the 77th wedding anniversary of my parents. They met in college and decided to marry about a year later. My mother was 18. She did not need permission from her parents to be married, but my father was 20, and did need permission. In those days the legal age of consent to marry for men was 21! It apparently irritated my dad that he had to ask his parents for permission to marry Mom. The Navy had just decided to temporarily lift their restriction to allow sailors to marry, so Mom & Dad quickly made preparations to marry, and my father thought it absurd that he was in the military, 2 years older than his bride (who was of the age of consent for women), but he still had to ask his parents permission to marry. LOL.

    It was wartime, and there was no money, so my mom made her own dress out of next to nothing.

    I found a box 9"x12"x3" labeled "Wedding Dress" after my mom died. Inside was her beautiful wedding dress; a blouse & skirt made out of something starchy and sheer, maybe white tulle. It weighed a few ounces. I remembered her telling me that she ironed and starched her dress and then wore camisole and slip underneath, but I didn't really get it until I found that box. She was not short, but extremely thin; her waist was less than 20". The blouse and skirt looked as if they were made to fit a child.


    Today is also Mabel the Yorkie's 11th birthday! Such a good dog she is.


    I'm off to work for a few hours in my office upstairs.


    Karen in Virginia

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    Glenda: Your photos are absolutely spectacular. DH & I drove through Las Vegas one time on our way home from visiting our daughter who then lived in Colorado. Neither of us had been to Las Vegas before and we were anxious to continue our travels toward home. We didn’t stop in Vegas, but we found a pleasant Casino a few miles to the north and had a nice meal there, before continuing on our journey northward. :star:

    Sue in WA: I’m so sorry for your daughter’s best friend and her family. Losing a brother or son to cancer is heart wrenching. As a mom, we always hope for our children to live long and healthy lives. :sad:

    Kim: Your yard is beautiful! :bigsmile:

    Karen in VA: Our rhododendrons are not blooming yet. They are just beginning to bud. :smiley:

    Evelyn Applin: Your view overlooking the Salish Sea is lovely. :star:

    Felicia: I understand your situation. The maps I saw recently show the worst cases and death tolls extending from Portland to Salem. Since then there has been news of one death in our county. :sad:

    Tracey: I absolutely agree with you that funerals are for the living. We need the opportunity to say our goodbyes and also to connect with our remaining family members. :flowerforyou:

    Machka: Here is my apple list--fresh raw apples, apple pie, apple sauce, apple cider, apple cobbler, apple computer, apple ipad, apple telephone . . . :wink:

    SuziQ: We have friends that live in the Villages in Florida. I had a lovely long conversation with M yesterday. They were planning a road trip to visit friends and family on the west coast but have decided not to try a cross country road trip this year. :star:

    Lisa in AR: I love thunder, too. I suspect it is not as dramatic here as it is in your area. :noway: As to recording exercise calories—to succeed at losing weight I need to be able to count calories in and out. I certainly need to keep up recording so that I don’t fall into overeating. :noway:

    Allie: Congrats on your new job! I think you will be brilliant at caring for your brother’s mother-in-law. You have a gift with caring for elders. :heart:

    Our son requested we send Mother’s Day flowers for his wife. This is the first Mother’s Day since her mom died. We have decided to send the same amount to our daughter, who will undoubtedly put the money to good use.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Just lost my post 😢
    HEATHER I’m like you count the calories burned so I can eat more. Vanity plays a large part too love it when hubby tells me I look good, not at the moment though hair a mess, no make up shorts and vest 😂😂

    Did over an hour this morning, kettlebell walking vid and line dancing vid both on YouTube

    Made my leek and potato soup worked out the calories about 500 total will serve 4-6 so great Probably only 3-4 for me as having it fo main meal

    Kate UK ❤️
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Lisa in AR: I love thunder, too. I suspect it is not as dramatic here as it is in your area. :noway: As to recording exercise calories—to succeed at losing weight I need to be able to count calories in and out. I certainly need to keep up recording so that I don’t fall into overeating. :noway:
    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    Katla, I was talking more about that everlasting drive to do more than the day before. The thing that drives me, in that if I burn 100 calories today, I have to burn 101 tomorrow, until I push myself past the point of reason--more trying to squash that inner demon that says I must always win SOMEthing or I'm a loser. Haven't quit recording things--just trying to remind myself that there's a longer game I need to win.
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    Regarding apples again .... have you ever done something salty with them. Or savoury in some way rather than sweet?
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    I’ve been in the desert too long! The trees and flower garden pictures are waxing nostalgic for me! Lol. But not the upkeep!

    Washington ladies!!!! Any room at your places for a 28 foot motor home to visit for a bit?? lol

    Rv Rita still sneezing!
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    Machka- salty Apple

    Can make a trail mix with it. Salty as you like that way.
    Apple chips

    Waldorf salad can add tuna or chicken to it also can substitute or leave out what you don’t have https://thesaltymarshmallow.com/waldorf-salad/

    Baby blue Jays all over the neighborhood left their nest we got to see one super up close watch papa feed it on a low limb inches from us. Then it hopped limb to limb as its siblings were much braver flew tree to tree lol.
    Amber Tx
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    SuzieQ- ooh Godiva! Yummy 😋. Your flowers 💐 are so cheerful 😀

    Amber Tx

    Machka- Can even make a Apple Cabbage Slaw my German relatives spoke little to no English made it plus Apple wine (wine was alcoholic y nonalcoholic versions. ).Goes good with meats of all kinds even soy based versions.
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    SUZI Q ~ Smokey has good taste! :)
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    exermom wrote: »
    Question for you ladies : how do you clean the skin on a kiwi?

    Michele NC

    I don't eat the skin on a kiwi, so I don't bother cleaning it.

    I wash it with soap and rinse it well. Then cut if off with a paring knife. The skin is edible, but I don't like the texture. However, I don't want the knife to be covered in "dirt" or as I'm cutting it off. I pretty much wash all fruits and veggies that way. It's probably overkill, but it's what I do.

    Tina in CA
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    Haven't finished reading, but wanted to make a few comments.
    For the ladies that are having constipation issues, what is your water intake? While fibre and roughage are very important, so is water to make it all slide on thru. If you aren't taking in water, your body will take it from wherever it is, which can make for discomfort. Also, Metamucil is a much more body friendly additive than Senekot, but again, water, water, water!
    Also, kind of forgot about this, but for those of you who are having trouble finding tp and are resorting to washcloths.... When I had my kids, I had to do peri-care afterwards as both required episiotomies (sp! sorry!). I kept an old (well rinsed!) squeezable shampoo bottle in the bathroom, before I did what I needed to do I would fill it with warm water (trust me, you want it warm!) and when I was done I rinsed the area off, quick dry with tp or cloth and you're good to go! Might cut down a bit on laundry.
    Heather sorry to hear of your incident, hope it's just a one off too. Happy to hear that you finally got your money back from the credit card company!
    Kim, is that a clematis over your front gate? Gorgeous!
    Pip, keeping good thoughts for you and your teeth!
    That's all for me, must go off to work!
    Hugs for those needing them, congrats to those celebrating and welcome to the newbies!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island where the weather is gorgeous!!