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:) I saw a sign that said that 2020 was an unusual leap year---February lasted 29 days, March 100 days, and April 5 months.

:) This has been a challenging time for all of us on top of our usual challenge of seeking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It has been so helpful to me to face this challenge with all of you.

:) A new month is a good time to re-evaluate goals and resolutions and possibly create some new habits and discard others that haven't served us well.

:) I read this thread over breakfast every morning as part of a morning routine that starts at the same time, has the same breakfast, and includes the same healthy practices.

:) Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can find it again.

:) Please sign your post with a name or nickname and a location, specific or general.

<3 Barbie from NW WA

My word for 2020 is "flexible". Who knew just how much it would apply to the life we have right now.



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    Thanks for getting us started, Barbie!

    Kim in N. California
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    Thank you Barbie. Looking forward to May...
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    Barbara, yes, I wish my commute was the opposite also! Oh well, it is what it is. But when I got home after work today, then made dinner (cheated, took a bunch of stuff out of boxes and cans! - but it was good!) and had an early shower - it felt so good! So had a pamper me evening, used my nylon pouffe and exfoliated, then smeared SSS Gelled Body Oil on all over, my hair is still a fright, but the rest of me is awesome! lol
    Having a shower early in the evening also meant that I brushed my teeth early, so no after dinner snacking! A win-win night!
    Barbie, yes most definitely a most unusual leap year!
    Tracey, sorry to hear that AB's powers that be are kind of throwing facilities off the cliff! My sincerest hope that all goes well and visitors act properly.
    Grateful that my province is acting slowly to open things up, but sure wish I could see my podiatrist soon. I have badly ingrown toenails that he was going to take care of for me, but that got cancelled - twice - so now we wait and see. Sigh. Oh well, could be worse, our neighbour was supposed to go in for hip replacement, that is now on hold indefinitely as well.
    Hope everyone has a great night/day/evening!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    Tracey - I'm sorry to hear that. This is probably the most dangerous time for the old and vulnerable. :'(

    Brighton and Hove haven't had any CV hospital deaths since the 22nd April and very few hospital admissions. That doesn't mean it's not out in the community and we know care homes are still suffering.
    However, cautious optimism for now. Most hospitalised infections and deaths have been from the outer ring of the city. As always, it's the poor who suffer the most.
    I anticipate having to be very careful in this next phase. There will be a lot of undetectable transmission and they are still not testing the symptom free. That's what I would like. My difficult friend, who used to work for WHO as an epidemiologist, actually stopped an outbreak of some virus in Bangladesh by sample testing whole blocks of the population so they could see how it was transmitting and where.
    I am waiting for info from the big testing site at the football stadium.

    Thanks Barbie! :D I'm sure I would have found all this a great deal harder without you all. <3 It has been like seeing friends every day! And YES you had the right answer. 50 ×101. (I + 100 = 101, 2 + 99 = 101 and so on) Max had obviously seen the answer somewhere in one of his science magazines, but he was amazed when I said Gauss worked it out all by himself at the age of 8 in a school class. In the 1700s.

    By the way, Machka hasn't posted for a couple of days. I hope nothing's wrong.

    Should be a quiet day today. I think it might be be fish tonight. Cod in the freezer. Zucchini in the fridge. Tomatoes. Lemon. Yummo! Friday is wine night, so a nice bottle of something white or pink looks likely.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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