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    Well this defeats the safety y purpose of PPE by restaurant staff. x0vsj4r14x2f.jpeg

    When salon ignores what I asked for every time.They ask my age give me a haircut for my age group not my face or looks

    Me cutting my own hair (exact hair style I ask for don’t get every time . Going to start cutting my hair myself again.

    Amber Tx
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    Amber: 👍🏻 That’s a good job

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    Our geraniums have lasted through the winter this year and they are now struggling into bloom. If it's a hard winter they don't. This year was pretty mild. Because we are near the coast we don't get many frosts.
    The wisteria isn't invasive. In fact we struggled to get it to bloom at our last house. Here we just give it a cut back to the fence in the late autumn and the flowers come back. Next door has it trained over an arch. I remember in the South of France it bloomed twice a year!
    Finished my bonus calories. Can eat tonight. :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    @AZTeri i'm sorry for all your stress. It's like that here too. No tests so no way of knowing if you got it, other than if one has great trouble breathing (requiring hospitalization or ambulance visit). I didn't realize it could be like that in May in AZ. Good for you for getting cardio back up. You're not alone in having goal setback at this time.

    @Michele i think we'll go back somewhat to "normal" life, but not in 2020. MASKS may not be required everywhere. Here you can buy cloth masks. I saw taylors/sewers selling some for 8-12 and another selling some for 4 euros on my walking path today. i was surprised. The 4 euro ones look thin and i thought i'd wait to find out what the official word is on recommendation for cloth ones. i have read that certain clothes are better than others. There are some really fast tutorials for non-sewn masks for those who don't want to make them. I have some artist friends who got into them as a creative thing and one who is making tons of tongue and cheek ones. I prefer to buy some, either medical masks if they are every for sale again at reasonable price or cloth ones once there is an official word on what is good. i dont have a sewing machine.

    SPORTS : i think they are all going to be audience-less for the next months.

    @Terri Glad to hear that Ireland is less touched by COVID.

    @Suzi thanks for explaining the ABC

    @HEather awesome party picture!

    @Amber nice for the haircut! it's kind of cool to do these things we would never do otherwise.

    @Kylia i'm so sorry for you.

    @Lanette sadly COVID survives very well in the cold, even in the freezer.

    @Barbie agreed about plants doing differently in different climates. Same here for geraniums, they need to be taken in and cut back before it freezes if they re to survive the winter. but Roses do smashingly in the south west of france, grow easily whereas in new england where i'm from they were (at least the ones we had) hard to grow.
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    I lost part of post again

    -Got a fancy GF bakery pastry, about the 5th one in 7 weeks of lockdown.
    -I will possibly make some more of my invention of "nutella" 2 T tahini, 2 T unsweetened, nonfat cocoa powder, 1t maple syrup. yum
    -Picked up a half-bottle of red wine yesterday i don't know if i can drink it since i've been sniffly and so-so of late but i'll see.
    -Lots of cabbage onion curry soup today.
    -Needed some more protein, a lot of things don't appeal to me right now, but i poached a couple of eggs in the soup: love it.
    -Fortunately i can easily go without meat so that shortage if it happens won't effect me very much.

    -Enjoying novel and enough fiction to get me through the lockdown. (3rd book) though i'm very fluent listening and speaking I read relatively slowly in French and at a pretty good pace in English.
    -Lovely moments on balcony in morning in sun reading, and doing a quick sketch and a quick journal entry (sometimes a paragraph, sometimes half a line).
    -Enjoyed speaking to odd people i crossed today: technician, medical secretary, cloth mask seller, family on the street, bakery sales person.
    -My Indoor houseplants are very hardy.
    -Time for basic, healthy prep of simple food - like veggie stew - that i often find more tasty than food out.
    went for a slow 1hr long (or so) stroll.

    got skin culture for shingles diagnosis. Had to wait to get culture, and then delay for results so had to take meds immediately if they were to have effect. it's useful to know what i had had if that's the case.

    My concierge said that finally there is a package for me, received by the replacement concierge, that the replacement concierge had said wasn't there when i went to check, 10+ days ago, and didn't leave me a slip for .. Sigh. That was a pain! One part was a computer cable -necessary for recharging the computer- so not having that is quite a big deal, but ok... I managed well enough. Now i should have the kitchen scale too, helpful particularly for measuring breakfast cereal.

    Spirits ok. Not asking too much of myself at present.

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    Kylia- I am so very sorry for your loss ,especially with all this craziness going on.my sincerest condolences. Xoxi
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    Rebecca: If those body builders on the California Beach ‘back when’ were taking steroids, they may not have survived long enough to “enjoy” the Covid-19 epidemic along with the rest of us. :ohwell:

    JanetR: I agree with Heather. I am amazed that you are a great-grandmother and still so beautiful. Congratulations!!! :star:

    SuziQ: It appears that your employer is positive and upbeat. What a nice thing he did with the “Town Hall” virtual meeting! :bigsmile:

    Bertiebassett: Welcome to a great group of supportive women! Post often and let us get to know one another. :flowerforyou:

    Karen in VA: I love the photo of Josephine the Ballerina. What a wonderful smile she has. :heart:

    Irish Terri: Thanks for the hugs and prayers. Backatcha! We are doing pretty well at this point in the Covid 19 pandemic. We have been diligent about keeping appropriate social distance and using the wonderful masks our neighbor made and gave to us. We are lucky and grateful. :star:

    (((Kylia))) So sorry for the loss of your DMIL. It was so good that you and your husband were able to spend time with her. :heart: :broken_heart::heart:

    Heather: I love the photo of your DS, DDIL, and the grands. The outdoor table and chairs made me wonder about whether his business could have outdoor seating. Is it a possibility, or is it forbidden? :huh:

    Amber TX: Here’s hoping that Brandon Hicks gets a long jail sentence. :grumble: Great job on your haircut! :bigsmile:

    Lanette: Menopause—been there and done that. It wasn’t as bad as I’d expected back then. I briefly tried hormone therapy but it was a bad experience and I chose “cold turkey.” For me, cold turkey was a huge improvement over hormone therapy. What a wonderful improvement in life to be on the other side of that milestone. :bigsmile:

    DawnePhillips: Welcome to a great group! Stop by often and join the conversation. :star:

    I have worn out several clothes items and am considering a "trip" to Amazon to find replacements. Retailers are pretty well shut down in our state, with exceptions of grocery stores, hardware stores and pharmacies. Some businesses have found ways to work with safe social distancing. My haircutter has worked out a safe social distance system. I could use a good haircut and may call for an appointment.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Hi Gals,

    Katla- interesting, everyone I know got their stimulus a week or two ago… so I was feeling left out.

    SuziQ – thanks for the supply/demand info, it matched what I had expected with some nuance that I didn’t know

    Karen – Such good news about Josephine, do they expect that she will be able to dance again?

    Kaylia – and Kaylia’s DH (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) sending you peace

    Interesting about what life will be like- what will the changes be – the new normal. Remember that just a few years ago we were feeling the same way after 9/11 and there are changes as a result of 9/11 but we have found our way and have gotten use to the changes.

    I have a question at this point where it seems most places in the US and in some other locations are beginning to open up at some level from very little to a bunch, What have you learned from this experience that surprised you?

    Kim from N. California
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    Kylia ... will be praying for you and your family ... hugs

    Beth near Buffalo
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    Kylia - Hugs and prayers

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    So sorry for you and your famiy's loss. Sending strength and healing prayers.
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    KIM ~ We have not received a stimulus check! As for what the future looks like, who knows. Our son has worked in restaurants ever since he was 16 and now at 44 has not job to return to. I just keep telling him there is a job out there just for him.

    REBECCA ~ Thanks for the photo. For some reason, I had it in my mind that you lived in a secluded area and now I see that there are houses right across the street. LOL

    I was outside from 1:20 until 2 hoping to see/hear the blue angels fly over but they never appeared over my neighborhood.

    We went for a long ride along the river before noon and boy were there a lot of bicyclists out there. We had to dodge a lot when there were ones on either side of the road and cars were coming both ways. Kind of scary!
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    Kim: We have not received a stimulous check, yet. DH is looking into it and it appears that people like us will be waiting for a while. I am delighted that you’ve received your check. It seems fair for those like you who are self-employed. :star:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon