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30lbs to lose... Started AGAIN yesterday (Darn Lockdown Snacking)



  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 407 Member Member Posts: 407 Member
    Day 60

    Whoa!! DAY 60!!! 60 whole days of accountability - good, bad and crazy :D

    Today my mood has been ALL over the place. I woke up in a super foul mood and didn't want to do anything, but just 2 hours later I felt great and motivated. Staycation is over and it's back to work for me! I got on the bike and had a great workout. BUT, I felt hungry all day long. Even after I just finished meals. I mean, I have food in my stomach and I still felt starving. I mean HUNGRY. I haven't experienced something quite like this before. Just ravenous all day long. I drank more water and decaf coffee to try to stave it off until meal times. Just weird. For dinner I made Salmon, so I added an extra ounce onto my plate to help give me that extra satisfaction from protein and healthy fats and that finally worked!

    I hope that everyone had a great weekend!!

    Daily Goals:
    Calories - ✅
    Bike & Steps - ✅
    Crunches - 74

  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 322 Member Member Posts: 322 Member
    @MommaGemz Great job turning your day around. Good idea eating an extra ounce of salmon. Congrats on making it 60 days so far!!🎉

    We went on a hike in the Cumberland Gap after I got back from jogging. Didn’t know my husband had that in mind. But we only hiked a couple miles or so but essentially all uphill the first half. Beautiful scenery.

    Exercise: ✅. Jogged 6 1/2 miles
    Tracked all: ✅
    Under calories:✅

    Already trying to imagine Friday and me not blowing it!
  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 407 Member Member Posts: 407 Member
    Day 61

    Oh Geez, what a day..... This morning my son felt ill and his temp was warm, so that kicked off a whole slew of worries and temp checks through out the day. Luckily, it never went over 100 and he seems totally fine now, but something that wouldn't have caused any major worry at all last year - now could be "IT."

    I find that my two major struggles with eating are psychological and laziness. I work against "comfort eating" and "lazy eating" almost every day. Either life stress or exhaustion triggers the comfort eating, or pure "I don't want to cook/weigh/portion food today" would trigger fast food or high-cal convenience food. Today I battled stress eating. I did build in a portion of potato chips and ice cream into my calories today, so that I could at least have comfort food, but within the scope of my calorie range. It helps, but I still want to eat more. That's when I have to rely on pure willpower to get to bed.

    Honestly, alot of what keeps me on track or these posts and this little community. Because at the end of the day I have to write about the choices I made and.... what do I want to write? So THANK YOU!! <3 I am not saying I don't have off days (because I have posted about those too), but I really want to make those the exception.

    Daily Goals:
    Calories - ✅
    Steps - ✅
    Crunches - 74

  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 322 Member Member Posts: 322 Member
    @MommaGemz You really seem to have a handle on things, understanding your stressors and finding a way to work some ice cream and chips into your day.

    I had a stressful day. Against my better judgement, I kept my appt at the dentist. I called beforehand to check to see if they spray room with disinfectant and if hygienist wears an N95 since my mouth will be wide open practically in her face! They said yes to both. Then I get there and 1 patient in waiting room isn’t even wearing a mask. I opt to wait outside in the rain. Then the hygienist is NOT wearing an N95. I asked her about it and said I’ll need to reschedule then, since I was assured she’d be wearing one. She went and got one. As she was finishing cleaning ( lousy job, she barely even grazed a few teeth. My teeth didn’t get that just been to the dentist clean feeling afterward), a man stuck his head in the room and started asking her questions. I turned my head to look and he wasn’t even wearing a mask at all. Here I was with my mouth wide open.
    So I said something. I Just don’t get it!! I have autoimmune thyroid and pernicious anemia. That in itself shouldn’t affect me if I get Covid. But having 2 autoimmunes, predisposes me for a third. The stress of getting Covid would surely do it! Not to mention my daughters are coming for a visit ( from out of state for their Dad’s birthday) in 3 days and one has asthma. One positive was that when I just really wanted to chomp on some crappy food choices, I just chewed some gum instead.

    Exercise: ✅
    Tracked everything: ✅
    Under calories: ✅
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 381 Member Member, Premium Posts: 381 Member
    @MommaGemz @clutterqueen Sorry you've both had a few rough days.

    I've been keeping all excursions very essential. The only shops I've set food inside have been a pharmacy and a post office and I was panicky leaving my home on both occasions. I'm lucky in that I don't need a dental check up yet, but like everyone, my time will come... I can totally understand why it was such an unpleasant experience for you, @clutterqueen. It sounds like it was fairly routine and you therefore hopefully don't have to go back for a good while though?

    It does sound worrying, @MommaGemz. Kids pick up bugs with such regularity, I think there are going to be a lot of 'just in case' Covid tests done on children this year, especially if schools go back here in the fall as planned. The trouble with Covid-19 is most of the symptoms are common symptoms of something else. I guess all you can really do is remind yourself of that each time one of your children runs a temperature. Of course it needs a watchful eye, but it's going to be much more likely it's not The Worst Case Scenario.

    Great work both of you on not responding with bad food choices. It takes a lot of effort to not reach for that familiar crutch and instead to deal with the emotions triggering that response.

    I have really struggled with the weather over the last few days. Today I will admit I had a shower and two cold baths. Running my wrists under cold water wasn't enough, and a bath is the fastest way to regulate your body temperature.

    Breakfast and lunch were very good (I had 5 different types of fruit and veg, and the meals were as planned/pre-logged) but I gave up at dinner and just ate whatever was edible out of the fridge without any prep. Still within calories and macros weren't that bad, but I just couldn't face putting the oven on.

    We've been promised storms this week which I am dubious about, but if we get one, I will be so, so excited.

    As much as I hate this weather, on one tiny tiny level deep down, the fact that there is something I am struggling with more than eating a reasonable amount of food feels like a back-handed tiny win. Right now, the biggest enemy is the heat, rather than my lack of control around food.
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 381 Member Member, Premium Posts: 381 Member
    MommaGemz wrote: »
    Honestly, alot of what keeps me on track or these posts and this little community. Because at the end of the day I have to write about the choices I made and.... what do I want to write? So THANK YOU!!

    Oh, and just to add: I wanted to highlight this. A big thank you from us, @MommaGemz for inspiring us to all try to be a bit more accountable in this thread and motivate each other. I'm glad it's helping you, but you know, you're also helping us. :)
  • NadiaMaylNadiaMayl Member, Premium Posts: 495 Member Member, Premium Posts: 495 Member
    @MommaGemz scary!! Glad his temp didn’t go up any more. Probably just one of those strange summer viruses. But given current conditions, it’s extra stressful.
    My back has been hurting for nearly two years and have seen several physiotherapists. I’m ready for an orthopedic doctor so I have to make an appointment to my GP to ask for referral. And then see.... it’s just frustrating because I can’t work out as much as I’d like to. And I don’t sleep well from the pain. Plus it’s no fun to live with chronic pain. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Other than that, summer finally arrived in NL! I’m enjoying the heatwave! The weigh-ins are also going well. We took my oldest son for ice cream last night and I managed to say NNOOOO! 😝😊
    Have a good day all.
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 55 Member Member Posts: 55 Member
    Ugh I hit done instead of post again last night... oops
    Yesterday I was dragging because we went to bed super late sunday and I got maybe 5 hours of sleep. Consequently I took the easy route didn't cook til late and had eggs and toast for dinner. On the plus side I had 1300 ish calories to reflect my decreased activity and I did get to bed by 1030. However, I didn't make my 6k steps the second day in a row and I've not cooked anything to set myself up for successful calorie days this week.

    I tried posting about cancelling my gym membership earlier, its a half hour from my apartment and I now drive half hour the OTHER way to work. Doesn't make sense to zip an hour over to the gym anymore. Plus when we move itl be even farther away. My new solution is that im taking my friends treadmill she wants to get rid of. Her hubby shredded the belt on accident but i have a new one coming already and it was only 68 bucks. I love the treadmill so I'm very excited.

    @mammagemz i hope your son just has a random virus, that's kinda scary these days... we finally have a positive case in the 5 vet clinics I'm a part of... thankfully not the one I'm working in but there's been some intermingling as folks try to cover for vacations etc and a lot of them i do work with mingled at a staff members wedding saturday (i didnt go) so we have to be extra cautious. I now have to wear a mask inside even though we are seeing client's pets in a curbside manner.

    @NadiaMayl I hope you dont have too much trouble getting a referral from your GP... and I really hope an orthopedic doctor can help narrow down and start fixing whats wrong.

    @thelastnightingale i hope the storms cool things off for you!
    @clutterqueen I'm so sorry your dentist trip was so stressful. That doesn't sound professional at all... also I need to find out why mine let me slip through the cracks and never called to reschedule me.
  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 407 Member Member Posts: 407 Member
    Thank you everyone for your support! We are so risk averse that we rarely go anywhere. I get groceries and go to the post office. My husband goes to work every other week. So when even the kids have really basic, normal 'bugs' - it starts a panic. Bleahhh..... But we all feel better today, so yay!

    @clutterqueen I am SO glad you shared your experience. I have a dentist appointment scheduled for the 18th and I have been debating back and forth about rescheduling it. It was already rescheduled from May. The thought of someone digging around in my mouth right now just makes me anxious. I'm so sorry you had to go through that experience - I'm definitely rescheduling it! Great job finding another avenue when you wanted to snack 👍

    @thelastnightingale I'm so sorry the weather is treating you so harshly. It's super hot here, but at least I can stay inside with the AC and pretend it's not happening. When does the weather start cooling down in your area?

    @NadiaMayl I can't imagine what you are going through living with chronic pain. I hope you get to that orthopedic doctor soon! Thank goodness you have some nice weather to enjoy now 🌞

    @kcd394 Hurray for a treadmill to take the place of a gym membership! It will so much more convenient for you. I think you're doing a great job managing some days that have been really challenging. Someone on MFP told me early on that the calorie goal is more vital than the exercise goal purely when it comes to the scale. So if I'm having a challenging day and need to forgo 'something' I usually pass on the steps or exercise and try just to make my calorie goal.

    Great job everyone!!!!
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 322 Member Member Posts: 322 Member
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 322 Member Member Posts: 322 Member
    @MommaGemz, I can’t imagine having small kids now and wondering whether every fever or sore throat is Covid! Not to mention just not being able to do so many everyday things with your kids that we all took for granted! I just wish everyone could buy into wearing masks and wearing them properly( no noses hanging out) and we could put this virus in the rear view mirror! Yes, if I had it to do all over, I’d definitely postpone the dentist appt. Luckily, it was just a check up and I had no cavities or need for anything but a regular cleaning. I didn’t make the next appt. I told them I’d wait and see what’s happening in six months. It’s so hard putting your life on hold. I haven’t gotten together with a single friend in months. Mostly because they aren’t very careful and eat in restaurants etc. I am getting together with a friend who is as anxious about it as I am. We are going to get together and sit at the lake 12 feet apart and just talk and relax.
    And I want to also say thank you @MommaGemz because you are helping us ALL stay accountable and giving us all encouragement! That’s so important now when many of us ( ME!!!) feel so isolated otherwise!!

    @NadiaMayl Have you considered trying yoga? When I had herniated discs in my back years ago( I had 3 but only felt the one in my cervical spine) yoga was the ONLay thing that brought me relief. Before that when my neck went into painful spasms that hurt so bad I couldn’t stand it, the only relief was when I took enough flexeril( prescription anti inflammatory) to make me go to sleep. Otherwise I couldn’t sleep. Well, you can’t take that every day and keep your job( I was teaching then). I didn’t want to take OxyContin or anything like that( even though one dr wrote me a prescription even after I told her I’d never take it) because it was chronic pain and I was afraid of addiction. I tried 2 different physical therapists and got no relief. Finally, I tried some yoga classes. It took a few weeks of classes but eventually I noticed I was considerably better and then eventually all better. Some things I couldn’t do in the classes because my shoulders were way too tight due to the c4 herniation.
    There are many online yoga classes now and some are specifically for back pain. Especially gentle yoga or restorative yoga. Word of caution though. When you stretch with an injury, it’s okay to feel a LITTLE discomfort. You don’t want to stretch to the point of pain. Back off when you feel pain.
    What made me try yoga? Going to an orthopedist and in less than 5 minutes after looking at my MRI wanted to do surgery. If I wasn’t willing to do surgery, I was wasting his time was what I got from him. I left crying. Good luck! I’m cheering for you! Keep us posted! Also, congrats on passing up the ice cream! Not easy to do! It’s one of my favorite things!

    @thelastnightingale I’m so sorry this heat is causing you some misery! How hot is it there? Is it humid as well? I think my thyroid has dipped a little again because I’m not feeling the heat this summer. It can be 93 degrees and I’m perfectly content to sit outside in it for 2 hours. Of course, I’m sitting in the shade because I don’t need any more wrinkles!!

    @kcd394 congrats on the treadmill! I’ve had one( a NordicTrack) for over 14 years( it’s in storage right now. We only have room for my spin bike in the apt. And the fitness center here has treadmills. If only I could be safe going there again)
    Some people say they get bored with a treadmill. I never have. I love inventing new workouts and challenges for myself. Pyramiding up and down with either speed or incline. Mixing it up with a minute of high intensity speed a few times. You’re going to love it! It’s the best way to become a super fast walker or to improve running speed in my opinion. Just don’t overdo it in the beginning. The rule of thumb for training is to only add 10% a week. If you can easily do 2 miles, then Only add .2 miles the next week. That way you can stay injury free! (Provided you adequately stretch esp the calves to prevent plantar fasciitis). I’m excited for you!!
  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 407 Member Member Posts: 407 Member
    Day 62

    I woke up this morning and I can tell I'm going to be struggling with LAZY today. I just didn't want to cook at all, so I make toast with butter instead of my usual eggs and toast. I knew I would be hungry way before lunch time, but I could NOT bring myself to turn on the stove. I had my normal pre-cardio lunch (sandwich and chips), but I experienced a reaction today that I haven't ever since I started this journey in June. Right after my bike session I got really woozy, dizzy and shaky. Low-blood sugar symptoms for sure. Whoa. Maybe due to no protein with breakfast?? Anyway, I immediately had a snack and I felt better. I ate back some of my exercise calories today, too, just in case my body was just generally in need of more calories. No more skipping breakfast protein! :o:o

    Daily Goals:
    Calories - ✅ (although I ate back some exercise calories which I usually don't do)
    Bike & Steps - ✅
    Crunches - 74

  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 322 Member Member Posts: 322 Member
    @MommaGemz Glad you figured out your body needs protein at breakfast! If I only eat carbs at breakfast, I feel awful.

    My day:
    Tracked calories: ✅
    Under Calories: ✅
    I usually eat back a decent amount of my exercise calories. I’d rather lose more slowly than have my body get used to bigger deficit. BUT I wear a HRM several times to get a more accurate idea of how many calories I’m actually burning. I find that treadmills, spin bikes, ellipticals all greatly overestimate the number of calories I burn compared to what my HRM says, even when it tracks my heart rate as well and I input my weight.
    Sleep well everyone!
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 55 Member Member Posts: 55 Member
    With the 5200 steps I got (legs are sore and I was busy cooking for the week instead of walking), I think I was still under my calorie goal. Tried out a new recipe for massaman curry today. Was super delicious but I think I need to do smaller portions. Its very calorie dense and I should've stopped 2/3 or 1/2 through because I was honestly full enough... It's good, I can tell I've been resetting myself to know what a decent portion size is and when I am full. What I used to see as a normal sized meal now looks like a lot of food... too much even.

    Tomorrow is our 2 year dating anniversary. Mat is gonna come over and we'll make dinner and then go get my treadmill. I'm cooking up the filet minon (its a small piece wrapped in bacon), some asparagus and steak fries. I know its calorie dense so i think i may need a smaller lunch to prepare for the extra calories.

    Today I forced myself to cook the massaman curry cause I needed to use the stuff in the fridge I bought for it. It's obviously not the healthiest meal, so I need to make something else later this week. I have some red peppers to roast to make pepper and hummus sandwiches, but not sure what else to put on it, besides cucumber which I have.

    @clutterqueen i already have some plantar fasciitis trying to wreck havoc... might just start with some stretching etc next week to prepare for the treadmill. It's probably a really basic console... kinda harder to do fancy things like pyramids but can be done by watching the clock and adjusting manually. I like interval training. My go to is couch to 5k. Never have finished the program but was in week 4 once I think.

    @mammagemz i have heard that about diet and that's kinda my philosophy too. Try like heck to minimize overeating the calorie goal and just skip the walk if you're too tired. Glad you felt better after a snack... i had a migraine this morning making me feel nauseous. Thankfully excedrin did the trick well enough that i forgot i even had a headache this morning.

    I think i also should switch to more protein at breakfast, i eat oatmeal every day... its going ok, but i think i might be more endomorph type and should eat less carbs in general. Almost never hit my protein macros on here... what kinds of protein do you all do for breakfast foods?

    Goodnight all. Off to bed a bit late.
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 381 Member Member, Premium Posts: 381 Member
    Guess who woke up today with a BMI of 29.9? A whole week earlier than planned!

    I appreciate my weight might be artificially low on account of being dehydrated, but even if I'm slightly heavier, whatever I lose in the next week should cover that, so I've met my first big goal. :)

    SW: 207.2
    CW: 174.4
    GW: 145.3

    That's another 29.1lb to go, so a little over two stone, but I feel in a good place to make it happen. My eating habits and portion control are so much better and I have beaten the 'settling point' which was around 183lb.

    Weather was awful last night. I abandoned all attempts at sleeping and instead took a long, cold bath and went for a lie down next to the fan. Well fans, actually. I figured if I couldn't sleep, getting some rest was the next best thing.

    We were promised thunderstorms at 4am, but they never happened. Sad about that.

    @MommaGemz @clutterqueen Temperature is in the 30s (celsius) and the best I can hope for in the next fortnight is high 20s. For the record, I'm happiest in a range of -5 to 5. I'm not built for summer weather...

    Got some meal prep done (the advantage of not being able to sleep due to the heat) so have a head start on the day, food-wise. I've discovered I adore fresh pineapple. It's a pain to cut up, but it's worth it. Definitely going to try and buy some more in my next grocery order.

    @kcd394 I usually have a chocolate protein bar at breakfast time, sometimes eggs if I plan in advance. Cheese is also an option - it's not very British, but it's perfectly acceptable in mainland Europe.

    I've never made curry before - having to use so many different spices puts me off. I just worry it would be a lot of work for something that might not taste very nice (due to my sheer lack of experience in cooking curry). I do still have daal on my list of things to try to make though, as it seems very adaptable!

    @clutterqueen Snap - I wear a sports watch all day to estimate my burn. In the past, when I went to the gym, the machines never gave a helpful indication, probably because they were set up for a 'standard' gym user! I know many people reckon sports watches like Fitbits and Garmins aren't accurate, but the numbers seem to work for me.

    @MommaGemz I've only had that kind of dizziness when my body has been starving or if I've pushed myself too far physically. Not a doctor, but my guess is you didn't fuel enough beforehand, and you probably had a harder session than you thought, what with the temperature being what it is. More protein can never hurt when you're working out as regularly as you are, especially as it's a macro you don't find easy to hit anyway.
  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 407 Member Member Posts: 407 Member
    Congratulations @thelastnightingale on hitting your BMI Goal!!!! 🎉🎉

    @clutterqueen Look at all those fantastic checkmarks!

    @kcd394 Happy Anniversary! Your anniversary meal sounds very delicious AND healthy at the same time. I hope you two have a wonderful day!

  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 407 Member Member Posts: 407 Member
    Day 63

    Not too much to report today. No bike today, so it felt like a pretty easy day. I had to run errands and that always helps with steps. I feel much better than yesterday, but my weight did pop up a pound this morning. That was startling, but I could feel the bloat in my hands, so I know I'm just holding onto some extra water right now. I planned a lower carb day today to compensate for yesterday.

    Daily Goals:

    Calories - ✅
    Steps - ✅
    Crunches - 74


  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 322 Member Member Posts: 322 Member
    @thelastnightingale Congrats on the lower BMI in a whole new category!! Way to go!

    @kcd394 Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your day!
    If you want to avoid or get rid of plantar fasciitis, make sure you stretch your calves thoroughly. You have to stretch all the different fibers of the muscle. I like to stretch against a parking lot curb for the angle or something wedge shaped. Make sure you press against the toe mound and hold it at least 45 seconds and then press against the middle of the foot and hold it, then the far side.
    As for pyramids on the treadmill, all I mean by that is you increase your incline by 1 level ( or 1/2 if your treadmill allows it) once every minute or two minutes, whatever interval you decide on, until it is too difficult to increase any more. Then you decrease the incline by 1 level every minute ( or 2 if that’s the interval you decided on). Make sure you warm up for five minutes or so before you start your “pyramid”. You can repeat the whole pyramid if you choose. Another pyramid you can do is instead of increasing incline every minute or 2 minutes, increase speed. If I started at 4.2 speed, I would only increase to 4.3 and so on each minute( or 2) until it is too difficult to increase any more. Then decrease by the same increment until you are back to flat. Repeat if you like. I like to always keep my treadmill on 1 or 1.5 incline to start as it’s more like being on the road. If any of it is too challenging, back off immediately! It’s a tough workout. Make sure you cool down for both workouts. And s-t-r-e-t-c-h afterward!

    @MommaGemz Glad you are feeling better!

    My day:
    Exercise: ✅ weights/strength and cycle
    Under: ✅
  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 407 Member Member Posts: 407 Member
    Weigh-In Day - WEEK 9!!

    Start: 196.2
    Last week: 183.7

    TODAY: 182.5 ✔️

    This week was a rough one mentally and physically. I wasn't even sure what my weigh-in today would look like. Maybe it was being back to work after a staycation, but it just seemed much harder to function this week.

  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 407 Member Member Posts: 407 Member
    Day 64 *feels like Day 15,748*

    To be perfectly honest and transparent, I am starting to feel the drag of this whole effort. Tired of the deficit, tired of the restrictions, tired of the scale, tired of my own expectations….. But this is an important realization. It is exactly this time when I start to feel, “I’ve done well, so I can relax how strict I am.” Then I snack a little more, then I stop logging, then I quit altogether and go back on to gain it all back.

    This is exactly the time that I built up my avenues of accountability – the very reason for this thread. Now is the time to be extra-accountable, extra-diligent, and work through until the enthusiasm builds again. Really, I need to go back to a Day 1 mentality where I was just focusing on one day at a time. That's where I am now. Just get through my goals today. Do not think about next week.

    Daily Goals:
    Calories - ✅
    Bike & Steps - ✅
    Crunches - 80 (just barely because I really, really wanted to skip them)

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