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30lbs to lose... Started AGAIN yesterday (Darn Lockdown Snacking)



  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 470 Member Member, Premium Posts: 470 Member
    You can refuel with food after exercise to keep going, but when you refuel with food after no sleep to keep going, there's no calorie burn to balance out the equation. It doesn't seem right/fair, but it is what it is! I've spent this weekend mostly resting, and have managed to reset with two days of normal eating. I've had to give myself a shake and remind myself that I do indeed want to be thinner. It's crazy, you can be reaching for the food and actually forget how much you want to lose weight in that moment. I'm half-tempted to stick a sign up!

    It is odd how some weeks can be easier than others and yet really test you more when it comes to your weight. All I can conclude is that human beings are complex creatures and the mind will always be somewhat of a mystery.

    @MommaGemz Well done for knocking out three chapters. It's excellent to be able to finish the week and say that you've accomplished something. Here's rooting for an even better week to follow, with more accomplishments and fewer challenges.

    @clutterqueen Hope you managed to have a restful Sunday and haven't spent it running more errands!

    @GabiV125 I track my calorie burn with a Garmin and I can vouch for housework making a real difference. Maybe I should go do some... The temptation to let things slide is so high under lockdown...

    Where I am, we're back within a "proper" lockdown until the start of December at least. Which means all restaurants and pubs are shut again and you can't mix with anyone indoors unless you live with them, or you're a single person-household and you've "bubbled" with them.

    Personally, I'm not seeing much of a difference. Still working from home, still avoiding people, still having groceries delivered and exchanging friendly yells through a closed door. I did however have my first takeaway since - gosh, I don't know, I want to say April, but I really have no idea. It's certainly been a while. I ordered something with a calorie count and logged it, so it didn't take me over. Still working my way up to eating something without any nutritional information but after my week of misbehaving, I think it will be a while until I can do that without derailing myself. I need to get back into the swing of things first.

    Have managed to book a Christmas grocery slot, which means 1) I will have food for Christmas and 2) I've committed to not seeing family. I feel... I think, relieved more than anything. I always knew that was my decision, but now it's real and I can stop thinking about it. I'm going to be on my own, and it's going to be lovely. I'll have a couple of days off work, I'll eat some nice food and I'll go for a walk in my hiking boots (maybe even in snow, if we have any).

    Onwards and upwards. Time for a soak in the tub, some moisturiser, a little bit of food prep, and I'll be ready to face the week ahead.
  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 462 Member Member Posts: 462 Member
    Sunday Update:

    I didn't quite make my goals for today. It's stunning how quickly I can fall out of a routine. It was a busy day of filming, packing orders, writing on Chapter 4, laundry and prepping for the kids' schooling this week. Not alot of time left to get steps in, but that's an every-Sunday challenge. I ate moderately okay, but I didn't weigh or log it. I really, really, really need to get back in this habit or my weight loss will stop, period. No logging for me, no loss.

    (Side note: UGH!! My husband is watching football and I keep seeing ads for deep fried turkey!)

    @GabiV125 Housework absolutely counts for exercise. Some days I clean harder than I usually exercise and end up sore the next day.
  • debdoladebdola Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    I'm having the same issue gained during lock down and due to my Dad passing away and my elderly mom living with me and all she does is snack,snack and snack and drink wine.....aghh I need to get some weight off before she gets here for the holidays again. Im so happy she is coming but I get mad because all she does is eat around me and it makes it real hard to stick to any kind of plan, watching someone eat chips and drink wine and eat baked goods. I literately dont like to bring her to the grocery store because she buys the crap that makes you gain weight and brings it into my home! I have set some boundaries hopefully she can abide to them when she gets here, or I'm going to have to literately live in my bedroom to get away from her. Wish me luck got to get some weight off before she arrives or I will be rolling out the door. :#
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 647 Member Member Posts: 647 Member
    @MommaGemz Congrats on completing the first 3 chapters! I think the beginning of any writing project( term paper, essay, book) is the hardest part. I’ve never written a book but the beginning still has to be the hardest part, even when you have a careful outline.
    Well done!
    If you’re able to eat moderately when you aren’t logging, I think that’s awesome! I think that will help you be very successful long term keeping the weight off. My problem is if I’m not logging, I’m going whole hog!

    @Gabiv125 I too believe doing a lot of housework can burn quite a number of calories. Yesterday I worked doing moving stuff for hours, 11 I think. I didn’t wear my HR strap for it since I wasn’t “exercising” but I bet I burned 1000 calories doing it. I didn’t log any of it as exercise, ( I’d jogged first and logged that) but I was so hungry after dinner but refused to eat more. Then was awake by 5 this morning ravenous. That’s when I realized that I must’ve burned a lot of extra calories. My body was so fatigued this morning it was an easy decision to only take a 3 mile walk and nothing more.

    @thelastnightingale I’m amazed you’ve been able to go so long without takeout! I’m impressed! We do curbside about once a week or so. Initially we were only having groceries delivered, but then I started venturing back into the grocery. My husband said tonight that he thinks it’s time to stop doing that and only have groceries delivered again. Too many people are not properly wearing masks even though we are under a mask mandate. No penalties for not complying. Numbers are going up and expected to really surge after the holidays.
    We are trying to figure out the holidays as well. No get together with all my siblings and their families this year. Only my daughters, and maybe only 1of them. My step son lives in FL with his wife and 2 year old daughter. I’ve not seen them since Feb.! I’m dying to see them( bad choice of words) but it doesn’t seem prudent. They said they will both work from home for 2 weeks prior and then get tested if we want to visit. But the baby goes to day care. And it’s a LONG drive because I’m not flying! I guess we could go and wear masks the whole time.
    But that would be very difficult. Will have to think more about that.
    At any rate, wanted to let you know our holidays will definitely be different as well. I’m so thankful for FaceTime! I want to spend some time over the holidays planning our next vacation for when things are safe. We were supposed to go to Greece May 1 and obviously that didn’t happen. Luckily everything got refunded.

    @DebDola I’m sorry to hear about your father’s passing. If ever there’s a time for stress eating or grief eating, that’d be it!
    It must be tough having a Mom who’s constantly snacking when you are trying to loose weight. Does she have a weight problem? Is this how she’s coping ( or not) with your Dad’s passing or has she always eaten ( and drunk) like this?
    If I know I’m going to be around people who like to snack a lot, I try to have little bags of baby carrots, maybe cut up celery and tziki or a little hummus. That way I’m eating something equally crunchy but not packing in the calories as much.

    My day:
    Exercise: ✅ ( light though it was)
    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 972 Member Member Posts: 972 Member
    @thelastnightingale - bad days that turned into a week happen, but the key is the turnaround, and you did that swiftly and efficiently. I like your idea of a reminder sign somewhere visible, to just snap us back in place.
    Yep, holidays are going to be different, very different this year.
    @clutterqueen - you jogged on days of 11 hours of moving- that is some impressive stamina! I wish we were neighbors, because I love 3 miles walks, just don’t have anyone to do them with.
    @MommaGemz - if the chores are done, the writing is done, eating is on or under maintenance on a busy day, steps can be off. I hear you with the food adds, ugh
    @debdola - my parents eat like that and when they come over my dad complains about anything that is not fried food. My gallbladder disagrees with him . Good thinking in making a holiday plan ahead.

    Yesterday we had a family over for lunch and since it was a beautiful 70F sunny day, we ended up sitting outside and talking for hours. The problem is that I cooked too much and now I have several appetizers and dishes in the fridge and if I don’t freeze some, we won’t be able to finish them. I am a little afraid that I’ll end up eating all that and turn my little success into dust .
    So I’m off to think of a sign to put on my fridge 😁 and to start this new work week.
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 647 Member Member Posts: 647 Member
    @GabiV125 I had a sign on my snack cupboard for months.
    Are you sure?
    Did you plan for it?
    Is it worth it?
    Will you regret it?

    The fact that we have a “snack cupboard” is probably part of the problem of having to battle weight gain!

    I also used to have a sticker star on my phone ( the stickers are from those little packs of green, red, blue and gold stars I think. Every time I looked at my phone and saw the star, it was a reminder to be mindful of what I put in my mouth.
    To encourage my husband to get more exercise, and myself to not overeat, I used to keep a small calendar on my dresser. My husband put one color star on each day of the calendar for each time he exercised and I put a different color star for each day I didn’t overeat. We kept it up for a while. And then we moved and the habit went by the wayside.
    That’s why I like the ultimate accountability challenge- I know I have to post each day. Helps me stay accountable.

    My day:

    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅ ( barely)

    I got to sit on the balcony and relax with a book for almost an hour today! Heavenly!
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 972 Member Member Posts: 972 Member
    I love your cupboard sign Clutterqueen, it’s very smart and covers all after effects of an impulse eating. I’ll use it , it’s just too good.
    My husband is not ready to do anything organized to lose weight, or together but we got to talk about it, so I’m hopeful that we can get where you are. We need stickers.
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 647 Member Member Posts: 647 Member
    @GabiV125 I can’t take credit for the cupboard sign. I read those questions in a book somewhere along the way. Can’t remember where!

    I still have days where I just want to eat but luckily I have things in place that help. The Ultimate Accountability Challenge( in the community section under Challenges) helps because I know I have to post each day whether I exercised ( at least 20 minutes), tracked or logged all food ( and drink with calories) and whether I was under on calories. You get 3 pass days a month so it’s not too rigid. And the Just Say No to Late Night Snacking Challenge helped get me headed in the right direction because snacking at night was my downfall. I felt like I deserved a treat for making it thru the day. And one treat led to another.....

    My day:

    Glorious! I slept in and started my jog in the DAYLIGHT!! Definitely new for me!
    I did a few chores and then my husband and I took our lunch to the lake and ate, surrounded by beautiful scenery and a feeling of peace.

    Exercise: ✅
    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 104 Member Member Posts: 104 Member
    Sorry for the hiatus. Its been an interesting couple weeks. I had a stressful week last week working with the big boss and sort of short staffed. I also had my first ever review with the boss last week. It actually went well and he reminded me that as a newer veterinarian i am doing perfectly fine. He was happy with my progress and said he's only had positive feedback from my coworkers etc. This week one of our staff found out her dad (she lives with him) tested positive for covid after being exposed to a positive coworker himself. She then got tested Tuesday and was positive so today those of us who were exposed to her monday went in and cleaned the clinic and called lots of people to cancel the appointments we had scheduled this week. We are all now quarantined for 2 weeks. I will go in sometime between Friday and Monday to get tested (waiting 5-7 days to avoid false negatives). I needed a vacation, but that really ruined my plans the next two weekends. Guess now i can try to catch up on some CE things. Yesterday it snowed 4 inches here during work so i had to drive home in a blizzard... that was some white knuckle driving. Was doing 40 tops and couldn't see the road very well. This morning i could at least see but the roads were still solid ice. Thankfully it was melted off the road when we left the clinic. The last 2 weeks i have not logged anything... i kept watching the scale whwn i could amd tried to not severely overdo it. Up to 183 a couple days ago but back to 182.1 today. Perhaps this unexpected quarantine will be what I need to get back on track. I did get 6k steps as i walked to my car after leaving work today so its something. Gonna catch up on sleep re-moisturize my skin, and eat better this week. Plus its a good time to start addind in some exercise.

    @mammagemz woo hoo! 3 whole chapters!
    @clutterqueen yay for better living arrangements, and you motivate me with the consistent jogging you post of all the time.
    @thelastnightingale sticking to a good bedtime is so worth it but surprisingly difficult to practice... my biggest goal too cause when i lack sleep literally everything derails.
    Stick with it guys. I know I've been in a slump and it helps to know I'm not alone. We've got this though! Even in our slumps we've fought to maintain results and not backslide. When faced with stress that is not a small feat, but its time to step up and forge ahead. Lets do this.
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 647 Member Member Posts: 647 Member
    @kcd394 I know it’s not the way you wanted to get some time off, but I know you’ll make the best of it! Snow and ice, oh my! It’s so early in the season!
    So glad your work review was positive! That should relieve a little pressure!
    “Even in our slumps we’ve fought to maintain results and not backslide”. Good point! Everyone has really done a great job with this! I think that bodes well for long term success with keeping the weight off.

    Exercise: ✅
    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅

    By the way, I was not able to access my treadmill at my storage unit. It was too deep in the unit( 30 ft long) and stuff is stacked to the ceiling. I’m SOOO disappointed that I can’t run on my treadmill when mornings are frigid. But I’ve run outside in all types of weather( well not lightening or hurricane). I was hoping to have the option to run inside when thermometer dips below 35 or is pouring rain. I bought some new fleece lined leggings. I’ll make do.
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 972 Member Member Posts: 972 Member
    Happy Friday !
    I had a mother of days yesterday. It rained all day and it made me eat all day. Today was a touch better, in terms of quantity but not quality. I’ll try to keep busy tonight and if everything falls, I’ll just go upstairs and stay upstairs. Maybe I’ll try some of the pampering ideas, I saw here.
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 647 Member Member Posts: 647 Member
    @GabiV125 I agree rainy days make me want to eat as well! Sometimes when I have days like that, I try to force myself to log each thing before I eat it. That helps me put the breaks on! But if it’s a holiday, all bets are off!

    Speaking of rain, I was lucky that I got most o my jog done before it started raining this morning. Getting wet and chilled just makes me appreciate the dry days!! And a hot shower afterward!

    Where is everyone else? Is everyone okay?
    Let us hear from you even if it’s only one line to check in!

    My day:

    Exercise: ✅
    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 104 Member Member Posts: 104 Member
    Somehow there's finally progress this week! I broke 180 and weighed in at 179.8 today! Despite being home all day these last 2 days I didn't overeat. Been working on my fish tanks and trying to get my aquarium plants to thrive. I'm thinking I'll put on some real clothes and go get on the treadmill for a walk cause I've only had 1020 steps today... it was snowy and yucky out yesterday so not eating a lot was difficult. Plus I'm stuck inside to avoid possibly exposing anyone to covid.

    Tomorrow is my covid test... hoping for negative results. I am a little stuffier than usual but forgot allergy meds the last two days so I think I'm ok. As far as I know my coworker still doesn't have symptoms. Both my mom and aunt (both live in another state) have it right now and they sound awful. Seems to be ramping up lately. Happy Friday everyone! Hope you're all still hanging in there...
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 647 Member Member Posts: 647 Member
    @kcd394 Yea for breaking into the 170’s!🎉
    That’s amazing you’ve been stuck inside at home for 2 days and didn’t overeat!
    Sorry to hear your Mom and aunt have Covid. Praying they get better soon and your test comes back negative!

    I got together with a friend today. Together might not be the right word. We each picked up lunch at First Watch and met at the lake, where we sat at least 10 feet apart. Still, the interaction in person with someone who’s not my husband or daughter was nice.

    Exercise: ✅
    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅

    I just want to eat a bunch of junk but I’m trying to hold it in check. I know if I succumb and eat a bunch of junk, I’ll just want to eat more.
    And Thanksgiving is coming. Even though we are having a small non traditional take out meal( I’ll be with my daughter and she has a tiny apt kitchen) I know we’ll have treats. Plus I feel sure I’ll make a small sweet potato casserole since that’s my favorite thanksgiving dish. It’s more like dessert with the marshmallows on top!

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 647 Member Member Posts: 647 Member
    Well, I was doing okay today until my husband unexpectedly brought home some take out I hadn’t expected and couldn’t or didn’t resist. Went over on calories. Got to get back to it tomorrow!

    Exercise: ✅
    Tracked: ✅
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 972 Member Member Posts: 972 Member
    Me too! We went to dinner last night and it turned out to be an outside affair, in 40F. I was dressed but not to sustain hours, and my husband had fun, so I did not complain. I ate well, stayed in my allowance, had only one glass of wine, but then the mixed nuts bowl ended next to me and that’s that.
    To a new day!
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 104 Member Member Posts: 104 Member
    Still waiting on results of my covid test but I'm clearly getting sick with something so it'll probably be positive. Hanging in there with some cough congestion and the worst part is back pain from my furniture... guess i need to sell it and find something else at some point. It looks nice and is the first new furniture ive ever had but i learned the hard way what i need from a couch or chair... thankfully i have an ikea chair that is helpful and i stretched on the floor today to try and alleviate some pain. Thinking after the football game I'm watching i need to clean out the humidifier so i can run it.
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 104 Member Member Posts: 104 Member
    Also finally got back on my treadmill today for the first time in months. Made it for 1 hour staying below 145 bpm heart rate just getting things moving. Lungs must not be too upset cause that wasn't that bad of a struggle today. I ate some cinnamon rolls i made this afternoon, but ended up throwing most away because I kinda burnt them. Still I snacked on two of those, and had too many fun sized twix bars yesterday... Figured I'd walk off one of the two cinnamon rolls that I didn't plan for. The scale is playing nice still and I'm down to 178.1 this morning. Hope everyone had a great weekend.
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 647 Member Member Posts: 647 Member
    &GabiV125 Those mixed nuts get me too! The funny thing is for years, I’d never even TOUCH them when my husband would buy them! Funny how your taste buds change over time.
    At any rate, I was back on track today. But it was hard; I wanted to eat MORE! Sunday’s are the hardest day of the week for me. Two reasons: I don’t do a hard cardio workout so I have less calories to work with and I try to relax more and thus have more time to snack!

    @kcd394 I’m impressed you were on the treadmill for an hour when you don’t feel well. Don’t overdo though since clearly you’re fighting something. Hopefully not Covid, or at least a very mild case!
    I’m envious you have your treadmill that you’ve gotten to work. I know all the work you put into getting it to work. As I mentioned, my treadmill was too far back in our 30 ft storage unit stacked to the ceiling to have access to it! I REALLY miss it!!!

    Glad your scale is being kind to you!!

    @MommaGemz and @thelastnightngale We miss you and hope things are going okay with you! I know it’s only been a week since you posted, but it seems longer! And I miss knowing what’s going on with you!

    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 972 Member Member Posts: 972 Member
    @clutterqueen - yay to moving away and forward from hard days ! That is a great way to have lunch and catch up with a friend, with a take-away at a beautiful view of your choice. Sounds like you had a great time.
    @kcd394 - I hope your test comes back negative! It seems like you are planning well your time off, with good food, exercise and taking care of yourself. Enjoy it because you earned it and hope it’s just that, a well needed break in your routine.
    @Mommagemz and @thelastnightingale -hope you are doing good

    Today I’m starting a religious 6 weeks vegan fast/plan (to Christmas) and I realized that I need to go shopping and start cooking. I need plenty of options, or else I’ll fill up with bread or worse, sugars.
    Every year this brings me back to a good place mentally, activates me physically and I get a drop on the scale as a bonus. Will see how this year will go with all the extra stress around.
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