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30lbs to lose... Started AGAIN yesterday (Darn Lockdown Snacking)



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    Today's treat... pink grapefruit freeze pops. I bought some freeze pop bags off Amazon and filled them with fresh pink grapefruit juice (one of my favourite fruit juices) and it only works out as 26 calories each. It also means I can pick up more varied juices in my weekly shop without worrying if I'm going to drink them all in time before they go off. Not sure why I didn't think of this earlier! I like ice lollies, I like teeny tiny things (I was made for tapas - I like variety over volume) and I need to get more fruit/veg into my diet again.

    @kcd394 At least you know for sure now what it is you're facing. Adding to what @GabiV125 and @clutterqueen have said - the diet and exercise are not things to even think about right now. Rest, take it easy, and let as many people help out as offer. You have to put 100% of what energy you do have into your body recovering from Covid - everything else can be dealt with later. Put in a pin in it for now.

    @clutterqueen I don't have a huge amount of space either, so I'm assembling boxes on a day-to-day basis, but that fits quite nicely with the 'take it one day at a time' approach that I'm using at the moment. Having fallen off in style, I'm trying to rebuild a routine by racking up a small win one day at a time. I'm not looking too far into the future and forecasting when I'll drop a stone, instead, I'm trying to make sure I spread my food through the day, don't snack, eat things I enjoy and end on a deficit. I cannot wait until this becomes a habit again rather than a chore. I just have to keep going until it sticks...

    I'm looking at my weight loss graph where it's gone up and gradually tried to go up and up. I will not let this be the moment I lose control of the graph. I'm going to keep staying on track and in time, this will look like one outlying blip that gets straightened out.

    I hope you're doing OK, @MommaGemz. Do say hello, even if you can only manage one word at the moment! I've thoroughly messed up myself - which I am now taking steps to fix - so if you've also got off track, you won't be alone in that. Equally, if you're doing absolutely fine, we'd love to hear about your progress!

    Right, off to assemble the boxes for Saturday.
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    What does this look like? Can u add me as a friend?
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    kcd394 wrote: »
    Also finally got back on my treadmill today for the first time in months. Made it for 1 hour staying below 145 bpm heart rate just getting things moving. Lungs must not be too upset cause that wasn't that bad of a struggle today. I ate some cinnamon rolls i made this afternoon, but ended up throwing most away because I kinda burnt them. Still I snacked on two of those, and had too many fun sized twix bars yesterday... Figured I'd walk off one of the two cinnamon rolls that I didn't plan for. The scale is playing nice still and I'm down to 178.1 this morning. Hope everyone had a great weekend.
    This is why I can’t make cinnamon rolls I’ll eat the pan!
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    @thelastnightingale There you go again with another great idea- pink grape fruit freeze pops! Gotta love the calorie count on those too! If I had more room in my freezer I’d be stealing that idea! Maybe when we have a house one day.
    You are really laser focused on your goals right now, too! I’m so impressed with your foresight and planning! Yep, I do believe that graph is definitely going to be trending down!

    Hello @angelexperiment! Tell us a little about yourself and what your goals are. These women are a very supportive, encouraging bunch! When I mess up, they are right here to help me get back on track! ( notice I said WHEN and not IF! @MommaGemz has taught us it’s about progress over time, not perfection. One or two days is just a blip as @thelastnightingale calls it!)

    My day:

    Exercise: ✅
    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅
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    @angelexperiment probably best i burnt them lol

    My aunt apparently went back to work today so thats good. I think my mom was starting to feel a bit better finally but said she felt worse again this afternoon, grandma said she can't get warm and has been staying in bed all day and then mom just told me grandma was having a hard time breathing :-( They're all hanging in there though. My energy levels have been pretty good, but i agree i need to lay off the idea of working out etc til i recover fully. Doesn't mean i have to eat myself silly or lay around all day, but i suppose i should allow more of a maintenance calorie level at the moment.

    @thelastnightingale not a fan of grapefruit, but small treats of small popsicles sounds like a good way to trick my brain into thinking i got a sweet treat with minimal calories. Also i have found i did best when i had my meals pre-planned in boxes. Easy to log, and i found i was less likely to crave things if i already had food planned out and boxed up. I think i ended up getting bored of my go to recipes and need to get back to doing this with some new recipes added, when I'm healthy of course.
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    I came across this article on "cognitive load theory", which is supposed to explain why it's so hard to focus and get anything done during the pandemic. It really resonated.

    I think I need to work harder at building up a routine (including better sleep!) and dealing with my feelings. I have one co-worker in particular who makes me so angry all the time and I'm trying to not let her provoke so much rage. I know she's incompetent and shouldn't have been hired into her newly created role, but I have no say into whether or not she stays in the long-term, so I have to find a way of "rising above". If I can stay calmer and form more habits, hopefully, this will help with my focus.

    It's definitely a thought-provoking article!

    @kcd394 Ah, you're not the only one. I find it tricky to pick up pink grapefruit because it's not that popular, but I happen to really like it, so it feels more like a "treat" when I do. Finding things that I really like that aren't bad for me is always such a win - the other thing I am loving at the moment is baby cherry tomatoes. They're better macro-wise than grapes and because they're not as sweet, I'm able to stick to a portion without wanting to binge the whole container.

    Really positive to hear your aunt is back at work. It's going to take your grandma longer to shake this given she's older, but it sounds like she's getting plenty of rest, which is the best thing right now. I'm thinking of your whole family and wishing you all well. All coming down with Covid at the same time really doesn't sound like a fun, new holiday tradition you want to repeat ever again! Maintenance is definitely the way to go for the moment.

    @clutterqueen I borrowed @kcd394's mantra earlier and I'm trying to borrow some of your focus too! I know what my own limitations are - if there's lots of food within easy reach, I will go back for seconds and thirds... If I portion out what I can eat and I can only go back and forth between what's in that box, I can actually stick to it. Planning doesn't come naturally, but it really works for me, so I just have to channel my inner @clutterqueen and stay organised.

    @angelexperiment Welcome to the thread! Where are you with your weight loss journey and where are you trying to get to? I hear you with portion control... if I made cinnamon rolls I would have to quickly portion and box them up or I'd eat the whole pan too. My biggest problem is I have such greedy eyes...
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    Oh yea...

    Lol cw: 217
    Ugw: 150

    So my goal ultimately is around 145-160. And to keep going to not stop! It’s a health journey for me as I’m trying to figure out what is going on with my gut and lose weight! I had done basically a very lazy keto and lost about 30 lbs. went on vacation for two weeks and literally regained it in two weeks! Finally I’m almost back to the last weight I was 211 before regained! It was really eye opening and it’s been really interesting as I’ve done basically clean keto mostly apart from some vegetarian items that aren’t clean. And intermittent fasting and omad for the first couple weeks. I noticed inches lost were more than my initial loss and I lost my hard belly that was like 6 months prego. I’m doing no exercise and did no exercise before my initial loss bc of injury/surgery/ injury again. Frustrating but one day I’ll get to exercise my loss is all mental and food and focus! I’m pretty sure I’ve got some kind of fatty liver/ kidney issues as well as no gallbladder so I’m working on healing my ibs c and pcos as well! I’m just a mess y’all! I’ve spent lots of years not eating not real foods to get by and cut the food expense I’d eat whatever my kids eat but that does not give me weight loss and it doesn’t give me healthy living. I’m probably pretty deficient in vitamins and minerals. But I’m feeling better eating more veg and real foods like chicken etc.

    I’m suffering a pretty severe knee injury which I’m feeling a lot of things about! Very frustrated bc I worked hard to be able to walk for 6 months after my total hip replacement! Yes I had a total hip replacement at 39 years old in June. I was doing awesome and then I fell and totally ripped up my knee which isn’t getting better so I have to go to dr Wednesday and see what has really happened though I feel I know I dislocated the kneecap which went back in and I probably tore miniscus badly which is bad. But it’s like I lost all that work to walk so it’s very frustrating.

    Anyway I’m sure we all can support another through our goals whatever they are, we got this!
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    So had a blip I guess! Lmao I ate pumpkin pie and brownies. But I’ve not had them in months. I’ve actually done so well and no cravings for such it was just brought home and my daughter made brownies. Does anyone else feel like when you are losing or dieting or whatever you want to call it your partner ( maybe unconsciously) tries to sabotage you? I know mine does on purpose ( it’s like a weird thing he tests my will) he has done this many times throughout my journeys. Ive talked to him about it. He normally never buys sweets and does not eat them at all. Really I said when he said he brought home a treat of pumpkin pie. Did you get pumpkin purée so I can make my own version so I can partake? No. Oh well I wasn’t going to have it I wasn’t even triggered for the craving like normal. But then my mind said f it allll! Gosh what a mind game. I’ve said no to ice cream, no to sundaes, no to cakes, no to candy during Halloween!, no to apple pie, no to chocolate and so much I normally cave in for. It’s ok I’ve not had this time n literally months. But it makes a journey hard! I know it’s my journey no one else’s and I need to deal with all the people I live with and their daily foods which typically I’m good with now ( not tempting to eat pb, Nutella, bread, pasta anymore).
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    @thelastnightingale - I love how creative and determined you are. The fruit pops sound good and at such low calories per serving, it’s amazing. The daily boxes is a very good and inspired strategy, and a great tool to have in the box. Way to go! Derail-schmerail, look at your planning, you are killing it!
    Frankly, anything works if it gets you through the hard hour, and if not, come sit with us, we have big ears.
    I’m a chocolate head thru and thru and I learned here somebody’s trick for that sweet craving: frozen grapes dipped in powder cocoa. Got both, just need some slight assembly.

    @clutterqueen -
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    Wrong button, sorry
    @clutterqueen - sorry to hear about your oldest daughter not coming for Thanksgiving. I know that the mind gets it, but it’s much harder with the hart. Mine is 21 and dating for 2y and this is coming my way too.
    @kcd394 - glad your family is mending- what a bummer for all four of you to get it at once. Wish you all well . All these months putting the hard work helped you have the current attitude, and that’s wonderful. Take care!
    @angelexperiment - welcome! Sorry to hear about your struggles and your health tries. You are right, taking it slow and focusing on nutrition is the way to go. There are plenty of seated exercises on YouTube AFTER you heal your knee.
    We came here for weight loss, all of us, but the conversation in time veered more into the “feelings “ area of it, being part of a community, giving and receiving support , equally important in my opinion.
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    @kcd394 What’s the latest with you, Mom, and Grandma? Hoping it’s good news all the way around. Glad to hear your aunt is already back at work! There are actually people out there who still think the virus isn’t real! Unbelievable!

    @thelastnightingale Interesting article on cognitive load theory. I guess it explains why I’ve been doing a lousy job of trying to multi task during this time. I was getting worried it was my age and beginning of cognitive decline!😳 I definitely like the idea of news fasts. I’ve been trying to have at least 1 day a week where I don’t read any news on my phone. I’ve been refusing to WATCH the news for years! It certainly seems to help with balance. And of course, going to sit by the lake and read for a bit, or walking a lap around the lake right behind me.

    I know what you mean about the one coworker who makes you angry! I used to have one who always told me, “But THIS is how we do it. Not like you’re doing!” I always tried to ignore her but I remember thinking, “Yes and your test scores are in the toilet! What’s the definition of insanity?... Repeating the same thing and expecting a different result!” ( we were teachers by the way. And my test scores that year blew hers out of the water. Just a LITTLE satisfaction!
    I find myself getting annoyed with those who completely ignore the mask mandate and then crowd you in the grocery. I’ve started wearing an N95 every time I’m in public now so I don’t have to worry as much.

    Portion control, yes it’s tough for anyone trying to lose weight or most likely they wouldn’t NEED to lose weight.
    If I eat the Quaker sweet & spicy Chili mini rice cakes, I HAVE to literally count them out, Clip and put the bag out of sight or I will definitely eat too many. Ice cream, forget it, no will power. I have to buy the Bryers little mini cups. The only time I buy the carton ( what used to be the half gallon but less these days) is if it’s my husband’s or daughter’s birthday. Then I have someone else scoop it. Something in me snaps when I open a carton of ice cream. I could literally eat a carton in 3 sittings!

    By the way, I LOVE red grape fruit fresh from FL. My parents had a tree in their yard. So sweet. I never care for store bought. My old neighbor sends me some from FL for Christmas. What a treat!

    @angelexieriment It’s great you have your goals mapped out. As you know, we can’t make any progress if we haven’t set goals.
    Like I used to tell my students when I taught writing( if fact I made a poster for the wall)
    “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” ( showed the importance of outlining what they were going to write about before jumping into it)

    I’m sorry to hear about your injuries. I’m sure we all have stories to tell about injuries. But a hip replacement at 39 is pretty heavy. I myself struggled with plantar fasciitis so bad that had to quit running ( back when I could consider what it did “running” instead of “jogging”. The dr thinks I severed the fascia since none of his 6 treatments worked. Then he wanted to do surgery. I said No WAY! No trust in him. At any rate, I started taking turmeric twice a day and finally got rid of the inflammation. Then learned to stretch the calves completely to ensure never getting that again! In the meantime I upped my biking. Couldn’t push down on the pedals, luckily I had clip ons so I only pulled up on them. Totally different sensation. Got the workout in. A few years ago I pulled my SI joint out. Got it back it permanently within a couple of weeks, but what pain, once again.
    Injury free and grateful these days. I stretch A LOT!
    One thing we’ve all learned, is what you’ve learned. It’s your journey. No one can do it for you. So you’ve got to find out what works for you. So every time you’ve “failed” at a diet, what you’ve really done is learned what DOESN’T work for YOU! Which is a vitally important piece of the puzzle. There are so many fad diets and trendy diets out there. But that doesn’t mean they are necessarily the right fit for you.
    I’ve found that if I label certain foods as bad or off limits, that only makes me focus on wanting them or focusing on what I CAN’T eat. So for ME, no foods are off limits. Can I eat all foods every day? No! But it’s amazing how different if feels if in the evening, I crave a certain food, and I’m done eating( calories are used and/or I’m at my cut off time for eating. I just tell myself I’ll work that particular food into my plan for the next day if I still want it. I’ve given myself permission to indulge, but the next day.
    I know I have a major sweet tooth and when, in the past, I’ve tried to banish all sweets from my diet, all it did was set me up to binge on sweets 2 1/2 to 3 weeks in. Every time! I FINALLY learned that doesn’t work for me. I eat a square of Ghiradelli dark chocolate every day. That way I know I’m not depriving myself. I’ve already logged a lollipop (120 calories, so it lasts over 30 minutes) for later because we’re going to watch a movie and my husband will want to snack. If I have a major sweet craving, I’ll make something homemade, like chocolate cupcakes, eat one ( okay, possibly 2) and send most with my husband to work and maybe freeze 3 or 4. That way they are out of sight and I’ve satisfied my craving but with something truly satisfying.
    I still have days I mess up and eat more than I should, but I log it and move on. No more obsessing over it or berating myself!
    So you can have a slice of pumpkin pie; you can have a brownie. Just try to plan for it. Or log it and move on!
    Sorry for that long post! Just want you to know YOU make the rules for YOUR journey. YOU are in control!
    And tell your husband not to be a food pusher!

    @GabiV125 So you are a chocolate head too!?! Wow, another way we are just alike!
    Frozen grapes dipped in powder cocoa! I’ll have to try that! What kind of cocoa do you use?
    My thing for winter( just started again yesterday) is hot chocolate. I have the Nestle Fat free at 25 calories. ( I had to order off because I can’t find in stores any more) Then add the lite whipped cream from a can ( I know not the best for me!) at 15 cal for 2 tablespoons. So for 40 calories I have a soothing treat that lasts me at least 20 mins.

    I’ll post later how I did for the day.

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    @GabiV125 Ooh, I've not had frozen grapes in ages. Dipped in cocoa? I must give that take a try sometime!

    @angelexperiment We have a similar ultimate goal weight - I'm aiming for around 145lb too. :)

    I sympathise, I went through a period of what felt like injury after injury and I almost wanted to just sit very quietly and not move again, for fear of accidentally causing yet another leg injury. A total hip replacement sounds like pretty major surgery to me, so it's bound to be a very slow road back to recovery. I hope your doctor gives you some positive news on Wednesday and gives you a better idea of what to expect next.

    Not as drastic an op, but I know someone who had her knee replaced in her 20s and despite gloomy predictions by her doctors, ran loads of marathons afterwards. You'd never know she had the op; she's in great shape. It may take you a while until you're walking normally again let alone jogging, but the point is, you will get there. We're all rooting for you.

    Is your partner a healthy weight himself? In any case, it's always tough if you're a woman living with a man, because they always, always, always have a higher calorie allowance! We can campaign for equal pay and equal rights... but sadly, the science will never give us equal calories. Damn you, science!

    @clutterqueen It should be easy to do, but it really isn't. Logically, I know I can't control the co-worker's actions as I don't manage her, and it's silly getting worked up about things that you can't change. Something to keep on the active goals list, I guess... we're all just works in progress.

    Fresh homegrown grapefruit sounds amazing! :)

    I bought some chocolate truffles which are 50 cals a piece, which isn't so bad, but I've started having to put them on top of a shelf - the kind I need to stand on a chair to reach - because 1 can easily turn into the whole box. Laziness always trumps greed... I love chocolate, but since having to prioritise calories, I've realised it's actually bread that I can't live without. If I don't have enough calories left when planning the day, anything chocolate-y will get bumped for bread. I agree it's important to acknowledge which foods you really like and to work them into your day so you don't go crazy with cravings!

    Hope your weekend has gone well so far. :)
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    @thelastnightingale I out my treats on a shelf that I can’t reach without standing on a stool too! Cuts down on impulsively grabbing something without thinking.

    @angelexperiment I’ve gone hiking with a couple of women who’ve had both hips replaced. You’d never know it from the brisk 5 mile hike we did together! My sister-in-law has had both her knees replaced and the only thing to give it away is the scars you see if she’s wearing shorts. I have a good friend who’s had both knees replaced as well. Still an amazing fitness instructor!
    So you’ll get there! Let us know how your dr appt goes this week.

    My day:

    Exercise: ✅
    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅
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    My aunt has returned to work, mom said she's feeling way better today, she told me that my grandma was feeling better as well. My coworker said she is starting to feel better. I myself only have a tiny remnant of a cough and congestion left so I have the green light to go to work tomorrow. Still don't feel like walking on my treadmill, but maybe in a few more days.

    @angelexperiment like many here I plan for the treats and allow small portions. I also like my dark chocolate so I get the lindt intense orange bars and will have a square or two as desert quite often. If I don't have that I also have the fun size candy bars (currently twix) that I will sometimes take as a snack at work to avoid the rest of the crap we sometimes have available on the break room table. That way I still get a treat but it's controlled and planned for. Strict dieting isn't sustainable for me long term. So I don't diet, i just try to incorporate healthier options and count the calories to maintain my deficit with appropriate portions. For a while I was doing great at losing about a pound a week. Got me from 197 down to 181, then this last month and a half have been rough but 178 is where I'm at now. Also, going for 145 or 150 and used to weigh 205#. Its hard with other people around us sabatoging us (intentionally or not) but if you slip up just log it recognize it and carry on. Thank you for sharing what you've been through so far! Sounds like it has been a really challenging road. The fact that you're here and still committed to the journey says a lot! Welcome and I hope this group is helpful in keeping you honest and focused on your goals.

    @thelastnightingale I love bread... and cheese. I haven't really had a lot of bread in my house the last several months in effort to cook more veggies and proteins and cut some calories but I do keep some pre-made 5 cheese texas toast in my freezer to have on occasion, or cheese filled garlic breadsticks.

    I'm a little anxious about going back to work tomorrow. I haven't done much all week and a half so I'm worried i forgot all the dr stuff and I will get overwhelmed and fatigued... at least its Thanksgiving week so I'm off Thursday, but think I have to go in Friday. Gonna try to relax today, sit back and watch some football, plan out a lunch for tomorrow to keep it stress free, and go to bed early tonight. Hope you all have a good start to this week.
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    @kcd394 So very glad to hear you and your family members are all improving so much!
    Don’t be anxious about work tomorrow. Once you see your first patient, and get to rub some ears or underneath a chin, you’ll be calm and clear headed and everything will be like you never left ( mentally).

    Let us know how your week goes. Hopefully there won’t be any emergencies and everything will be pretty routine!

    Calm, relaxing day here. Got some stuff out of storage. ( no not my treadmill, still buried too deep, just some winter clothes and Christmas decorations).

    Exercise: ✅
    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅
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    @kcd394 Gosh, back to work already? If you're up to going in... work, then bed afterwards. Do continue to get as much rest as you possibly can.

    @clutterqueen I need to give some thought to Christmas. It hasn't even entered my headspace yet!

    Have finally gone back under 170lb, and am feeling better for it. :) Even if I only put on a few pounds, I really feel each of them weighing me down these days. Not quite back at my lowest yet, but I can see it! Getting there...
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    I appreciate you guys for letting me vent a bit here and there. Stuff I can’t share on fb for obvious reason. But I think if we are real we get to the root of our losses and regains to stop them. I do not have a good relationship with food honestly. I’m finally gotten where I don’t crave chocolate sweets and such and I’m really trying to not sabotage that because it’s very freeing! I know I’ve been pretty strict but it’s bc I know once I typically indulge it’s a slippery slope but I’ve found ways to have things I like. I think it more emotional and I am ttrying not to do that as I’ve been so good at not doing that. Also trying to figure out the whole constipation issue and talking about not having a gallbladder and the connection bc I’m trying to figure it out. But no one wants to talk about that bc my posts always get shutdown on it in my clean keto group. I’m not seeking medical advice I just wanted to see others experience with it. I’ve found I might do better on a mct oils based rather than dairy based keto. I read 40 percent of fats coming from mct oils can be helpful as they are a short chain and easier for someone who hasn’t a gallbladder take more time to be able to produce bile. But I’m learning about it. Either it’s too much veggies raw, too much beef, or too much dairy. Thanks for listening to me guys. I know I’m long winded. But I really have no friends to talk with about these things their eyes glaze over when I mention keto anything lol
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    @Clutterqueen - I did not know that turmeric supplement is that efficient in combating inflammation. I worked with this lady from India and she said her entire family takes it by spoon, when they feel something coming up, and she was never sick. I tried once her method of half honey and half turmeric powder on a spoon and I hated it. But in pill form should be fine. I saw them even at Costco .

    @thelastnightingale - yep, hard to get at, is the place to keep the too-tempting treats. I’m 1.58 m so that makes the step ladder my best friend, so the chocolates are in the garage.
    Aggravating coworkers are unfortunately everywhere. Had about 100 strategies for that, but now I try to be as concise as I can and then I walk away immediately. Around the building if needed, because it’s just not worth it to get in their game. I get unfocused and then need extra time, to finish my projects . My current one is incredibly lazy AND an instigator of drama, when he’s bored.
    Hurray for the weight loss! Focus on how well you did turn it all back, how quick and efficient. You did not fall off, you had a vacation and now you are back here, stronger than before.

    @kcd394 - you are going back already? Oh my. The total number of days at home are irrelevant, what matters is the number of days feeling healthy and symptoms free. The fact that your body fought a little better than others, does not mean that it needs no recovery time. Sorry if I’m a little opinionated, but it’s always better to put your health first, please believe me. I did it too when I was younger and nobody ever noticed nor appreciated. Work is work and is always there, but we only have this body

    @angelexperiment - love your name btw, I feel your pain with spouse not going with your program. So is mine, not because he wants to derail me or anything, but because he gets so excited about his foods that he wants to share, so I can be as happy as he is. The compromise I told him is to offer me a taste, not a plateful- I can handle one bite even if I’m not hungry or not in the mood for that food. Other times, like now when I’m doing a vegan fast until Christmas, I say thank you but no, I smell it and praise it, but don’t eat it. Sometimes he pouts, and I leave the house then for a walk with the dog and when I’m back , all is fine ( I admit this is a strategy I learned with our kids).

    Saturday I went to a fire pit party by myself because my husband worked. It wasn’t big, just about 12 people, but they had about 5 varieties of each : appetizers, main and side dishes, deserts and fruits. I didn’t exactly panic, but was not easy to navigate it. In the end, when I felt slipping in, I left early and the next day the scale showed the exactly same number as the day before.
    It is the season, right?
    I thought of your question @clutterqueen about how to plan it to not kick myself later and last night at 3am when I was just watching the ceiling I got it. For the 3 days around the holiday ( did not decide for one before and one after, or two after) the average to be maintenance calories plus exercise and plus no more then 100. That leaves me room to play with which day to make it short and if I reach that number , than I exceeded only 300, which is nothing. And if I’m not, then just come back to plan after.
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    @angelexperiment - you and I post in the same time. I missed your last one because it came in while I was typing and now again. So funny.
    I still have my gallbladder but we are not on good speaking terms, so I have no experience about after surgery strategy.
    For the constipation I’m sure you tried many, but did you figure out which one is the fruit/veggie that does it for you? For many are apples, or plums, but for me is mango . I did not want to go on the medication route, just saying.
    How else would we get answers if not asking the question; if we can we will help, or at least, we would listen.
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    GabiV125 wrote: »
    @angelexperiment - you and I post in the same time. I missed your last one because it came in while I was typing and now again. So funny.
    I still have my gallbladder but we are not on good speaking terms, so I have no experience about after surgery strategy.
    For the constipation I’m sure you tried many, but did you figure out which one is the fruit/veggie that does it for you? For many are apples, or plums, but for me is mango . I did not want to go on the medication route, just saying.
    How else would we get answers if not asking the question; if we can we will help, or at least, we would listen.

    Well I am doing a mix called superseed that’s got a bunch of fiber to help I think I just need to take it daily. I can’t eat most of those fruits but I do add in small amounts of berries like strawberries blueberries. I do eat veggies so I’m not sure what happened except that I added in heavy cream daily and I think my body can tolerate moderate dairy but not heavy dairy. I always seem to do better when I eat vegan vegetarian but I can’t always eat like that bc of budget. But I guess I will figure it out! I think my gut really needs to heal.
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