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30lbs to lose... Started AGAIN yesterday (Darn Lockdown Snacking)



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    Gabi V, I love hearing how you reread posts when you feel like you need a boost of encouragement! I do the same thing!! It’s funny, sometimes I feel like I’m just rambling but sometimes maybe there’s a hint of encouragement in there somewhere!
    Congratulations having your oldest about to graduate in May! It says a lot about you that even though last 6 months have been busy, you’ve had a lot of fun too! The experts say that Moms set the tone for the household. So if Mom is anxious and frazzled, so are others. But if Mom can remain flexible and more relaxed, the rest of the house will follow. Obviously, that’s overly simplified and doesn’t always apply. But Gabi, I have a feeling you’ve given your kids the gift of confidence and courage in the face of challenging and confusing times!

    @thelastnightingale I have to say I am still thinking about all your volunteering and am just amazed that in the middle of a Pandemic, you are thinking of others and giving back! It has to be really tough to be a young person at this time, not quite sure what the future holds! I always remind myself that even though I don’t know what the future holds, I know who holds the future!

    @kcd394 I know things are always crazy at work but take a minute and let us know things are okay with you!

    @MommaGemz Still thinking about you and wanting to hear things are going okay with you. Even if you’ve slipped up with eating habits, no judgement here. And in these trying times, that’s not a big deal at all in the whole scheme of things!!!

    Back on track today, for the most part.

    Exercise: ✅
    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅ ( not by much)
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    Hope you're recovering well from Covid @kcd394 and your family are all getting better too. Do let us know that you're OK when you get a spare moment and feel up to it.

    @MommaGemz Also thinking of you - hope you're looking after yourself and all is OK with you. Even if it's not, come back and have a moan about it if you want to. We're here for you.

    @GabiV125 @clutterqueen It's a difficult time to be finishing up school - I think back to the challenges I faced and whilst I had it harder than the generation before me, I had it so much easier than the generations after me. It's difficult to be a young person making your way in the world right now. Further tuition costs so much more and there are fewer work opportunities. Whatever I can do to help guide students into where they need to go is not really a big ask from me, but it is really useful for them. A no-brainer, really!

    @clutterqueen Never just rambling, Barb - you are really inspiring. You're definitely the cheerleader of this group, and it does make a difference. I know your kind words have helped me pick myself back up more than once!
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    I have classes yesterday, today and tomorrow and last night I was beat and ready to drop. I can do long and I can do boring, but now that I’m older I don’t do so well with both in the same time.
    Back to a touch more sensible eating and indoor biking because it’s cold outside (30-40 highest).
    Talk to you later, take care!
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    Hey all. I am still kicking. Hit the ground running and work has been busy as usual. Things have been a little stressful at work as there are still some rediculous clients causing undue stress, and we're busy. On the upside I felt accomplished as I did the exploratory surgery on that dane myself (only my 2nd foreign body surgery and first solo, just me scrubbed in for it). She ate magnets... thankfully they were stuck together and stuck in her tummy where I could get them out with little trouble. Then I think this week on monday I had an emergency spay procedure to treat a dog with a uterine infection. I removed a uterus full of pus very carefully by myself. Didn't need to have someone there guiding me and I felt confident doing the surgery. And then there were some more sick and difficult to help patients lately that made me feel useless and helpless. So yeah the typical roller coaster of feelings. Overall though I'm more refreshed and able to do my best again, compared to the burnt out state before. Though I am already starting to feel "over it" after 1.5 weeks back.

    It was so nice to finally see Mat again thursday and this weekend... i think he missed me more (I'm ok with alone quiet time, but after a couple weeks with covid I was feeling pretty isolated). I still have a cough. The congestion etc i had are all gone but still have regular allergies with post nasal drip and not sure if its that or covid that has me coughing. Otherwise i have felt great. Mom still has a cough and congestion but did go back to work this week. She said my grandmother isnt doing that good and has a fever rash and blood clots, but she's still at home. The poor lady alread had breast cancer when i was younger which she beat with radiation, thyroid cancer 2 years ago that she beat, and then breast cancer this year that she had recently (2-3 months ago) had a mastectomy for. Then she gets covid. She has had blood clots before too, so hopefully they don't cause huge issues. I'm pretty worried about her. At least for me I no longer have family in assisted living anywhere. But I do have some family with health issues I worry about.

    With everything picking back up i let the days get away and also the logging, but as before i was at least trying to portion... mat ordered me massaman curry friday night and i wanted to but didnt eat it all at once. I split it in half and saved the rest for lunch the next day. Tried to eat at maintenance type levels this weekend but i did ok m-w last week prior to Thanksgiving at logging and keeping portions to a proper calorie count. Have gone from 178 the other day back to 180.8... but the last weekend i hadnt tried hard to eat a deficit. This week ive been portioning lunches but not logging anything so i bet monday i had a deficit but tuesday and Wednesday with thanksgiving leftovers i likely didn't. Was hoping the cough would be gone by now so i could walk on the treadmill but not yet. Anyway i stayed up last night WAY too late so I'm gonna get to bed now. I'll try to keep checking in more often so i can keep focused on the logging at least.

    Also my name is Katrina (family called me KC growing up so kcd are my initials and the 394 is my po box when i was a kid). Barb i hope your mom stays healthy, gabi i hope your shoulder feels better, and @thelastnightingale i hope you get caught up on some sleep and sorry to hear of your coworker. Goodnight all.
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    @kcd394 Really glad to hear you're doing better - and congratulations on flying solo during that surgery. Look at you doing great things when you're still not back up at 100%.

    Your poor grandmother sounds like she's had such a rough 2020. Thinking of her, and I hope she wins this latest health battle too.

    @GabiV125 Great work on getting in your exercise with the indoor biking!

    I'm a little beat due to the fire alarm going off - it turned out to be a fault in part of the system as opposed to the building actually being on fire, but I'm still shaking my head at how many of my neighbours I had to cajole out. If there's an alarm blaring at you, you leave the building, you don't assume it's probably a false alarm. We had a major tragedy in my city three years back and everyone was super paranoid about fire safety after that for a while, but it doesn't seem to have lasted.

    Still, it's reassuring to know the alarm is loud enough to wake me up when I'm asleep, the additional steps have helped, and it's nice to see the scale slowly moving again. Looking back, last Christmas, I was about 193lb. I'm about 170lb at the moment, so I'm approaching the big day 23lb down. Even if I go crazy, I'm going to end this year lighter then last, and I feel good about that.

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    Hi Katrina - I love your stories and I’m so glad you are feeling better, but please take care. Nagging cough is usually disturbing sleep, which leaves you tired and super busy days are just adding to that- so please take care.
    Catherine - so sorry about your fire scare, and you are so right, people can have the weirdest group reactions at times. I know we are far but we are here and we listen, in my case I also babble a lot, so talk to us, anytime.
    I have so much more to say , but have to go to work- actually in the office today.
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    Katrina, your grandmother has certainly had a tough go of it! More than anyone should have to handle, for sure! It sounds like she’s pretty tough though, and fights through everything thrown her way! Good for her! Praying she feels completely better soon.

    Congrats on your first solo surgery! I’m sure it’s tough to go from the high of that to feeling helpless when confronted with the more difficult to treat patients. Before you know it, that will be a thing of the past as you gain more experience and confidence.

    It sounds like you’ve done a great job eating at maintenance with everything you’ve had going on. 2 pounds different is nothing, just the fluid retained from the take out.

    Catherine, So glad to hear the fire alarm going off was just a false alarm. I agree with you, it’s very disturbing for people to completely ignore the alarm going off! Hope you rest better tonight!

    Congrats on being 23 pounds lighter than last year! That’s a HUGE success!! Especially keeping that loss through a PANDEMIC!! Well done!

    Gabi, so glad you can bike indoors when it’s cold out. I have a spin bike too. Just love being able to knock out a workout in my jammies. Tomorrow is a jogging day and it’s supposed to be raining in the morning. Rainy and chilly is not my favorite combo! It just makes me appreciate the days that the weather is ideal!

    Busy day with errands and cleaning, wrapping gifts etc.

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    A colleague of mine convinced me to listen to a live-streamed carol service and sing along at home (you didn't have to dial in or anything, so the only people disturbed by my singing were my neighbours, who frankly deserve the punishment after not following fire safety protocols :wink: ). I don't think I've sung that many Christmas carols since I was in school (and so younger and more festive-minded). It did actually make me feel a bit more Christmassy, which was nice.

    I'm feeling increasingly ready. Bring it. My graph for the last two months is a bit of a nightmare, but I'm back on track and I'm in that place where I'm in tune with what I'm eating, and I feel lighter each day and the scales agree each day. I'm hoping to ride this wave as long as possible and keep repairing that graph.

    If I look at where I was when I first started to lose weight (and that was heavier than last Christmas!), I'd really like to get to 35lb by the end of the year. I very briefly had 35lb a few months back, but couldn't hang onto it. I'm back getting close, and it feels more sustainable this time.

    @MommaGemz and I both previously spoke about settling points - particular numbers on the scale which seem unnecessarily stubborn and you find difficult to move past (and stay past) time and time again. I think I'm battling one now, but I'm feeling increasingly confident I can win this one.

    How was work, Gabi? I read that our Government is now advising people to work from home until April, so if that doesn't change, I expect my employer will let me work from home until April. That means I'll have worked from home for an entire year, something I never thought possible. It's been a learning experience, for sure. The idea of going into an office seems so alien to me now!

    You're so organised, Barb - I don't think I've wrapped a single Christmas present before Christmas Eve in my life! Are you starting to feel the holiday spirit now? :)
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    Catherine, that’s so awesome you did the Christmas carol sing along! I’ve been playing Christmas music on Pandora quite a bit. Really got into the spirit of the Christmas season early this year. Put our tree up on Monday. Mailed packages this morning and wrote Christmas cards this afternoon. Scaled down how many cards I’m sending out this year though.

    Glad you are feeling lighter and the scale agrees! That is a great way to start the Christmas season!

    Don’t think I’m organized just because the gifts are wrapped. Remember I’m not working this year! I’ve had my share of finishing wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve!

    I know what you mean about a settling point. I’m definitely at one. I’ve just been focusing on maintaining. My Dr seems to think I should stay at this weight. My husband and the only local friend I ever see( we have socially distant meetings every couple of weeks, although now that it’s so cold not sure how we can continue) agree. I guess I’m not motivated to lose any more right now. At least at this time of year. If it didn’t make my face look too saggy, I’d like to lose 5 more.
    But with everything going on in the world and our country right now, it doesn’t seem that important to lose 5 vanity pounds.

    Wow, an entire year working from home! Definitely has its benefits. My daughter is working from home again and loves the extra hour a day she has not having to commute. Not to mention the money she’s saving on gas!
    How has it been for you? Benefits? Cons?
    Miss the in person interaction?

    My day:

    Exercise:✅ ( got in my 6 1/2 mile jog, mostly dry until the last mile or so, then rain mixed with sleet)
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    What's your BMI like these days? A healthy BMI has quite a wide range, so it's entirely possible you ^could^ lose 5lb without actually ^needing^ to lose 5lb. If you're back at a healthy weight and people are telling you that you don't need to lose any more, then focusing on maintaining doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.

    Wow, 6.5 miles? That's the twice the distance I do when pushing myself. I've only run 6.2 miles once, and I had to be cajoled round by a dear friend of mine. You must be a proper runner, Barb! Have you always just jogged to stay fit, or did you use to enter into races back in the pre-Covid days?

    Working from home has really been a mixed bag. Sometimes the flexibility with hours has been really positive, at other times it's been awful. I think I'm still figuring that part out, TBH - reaching a compromise that works well for both me and the business.

    Looking on the positive side though, I have lost a lot of weight this year, and I don't think I'd have done it if I was working in the office. I've had so much more control over what I put into my mouth. I've been able to stop to eat when I'm hungry, and I've been able to eat anything I want. It hasn't been restricted to whatever expensive sandwiches the local Pret has left at that time of day or a late-night office takeaway. I've even been able to eat soups and fresh eggs, which aren't things I've ever been able to make in the office kitchen.

    I guess I didn't realise how many steps I got in from just commuting and stomping around the office all day. However, if life starts to get back to normal, I would be able to get more steps in locally, so I don't need the commute per se, just a bit more freedom to meet up with friends. I don't really miss the interactions at work (I talk to my immediate team enough over video calls!) but I do miss seeing my friends in person and going to the theatre with them.

    It's been a rough year, even not including what's gone on health-wise for my loved ones, but I'm coming out of 2020 as a better version of myself, I think. I know more about my flaws - and self-awareness is a wonderful thing - and I actually care about my health. Not my weight, my health. Crucial difference! That shift in mindset is important. I'm still not unhappy with my dress size (although, I will admit to being secretly quite pleased with how the back fat has melted away) but I'm motivated to keep going because I'm thinking about the strain on my organs rather than the way I look.

    I'm not racking up loads of stretch marks and saggy skin, but absolutely everyone has some stretch marks, and I can honestly say they don't bother me. Because the important things are heart health and lung function, it's not a slight skin imperfection here and there.

    I was pretty miserable when I first decided to do something about my weight back in May, but whilst I'm still working on myself (mentally as well as physically), I think I'm coping the best I can. Working from home has enabled me to get this far.

    Here's to a restful and healthy weekend for everyone. I managed to finish up work on time on Friday for once and slept pretty much all evening until the early hours. Sleep is amazing. I hope you all manage to get some, especially after your busy week Gabi and you still recovering, Katrina.
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    Hi, I’m back. I had classes mon-thu and went in the office thu-fri. I got in this position just weeks before pandemic so I’ve been adjusting ever since, no big deal, but my oh my , the people around and above me, make it almost impossible at times. Thursday I couldn’t find good things to eat at lunch ( at 11) so I nibbled very little and when the pressure started rising I had no fuel. Closed my door for 2h and took a big breath before taking care of issues one by one, with NO feelings attached. Got home so exhausted I felt like lying on the doormat. Friday I made my tasks list first thing and had snacks with me.

    I love working from home, I love seeing my family all the time and not be physically close to some of my hard to swallow colleagues. I did cook more often and in smaller quantities this year, and for myself I made better eating choices.
    My commute is 7 miles and 26 traffic lights and it takes me 20 min-1h (with accident), without passing by any schools. I’m saying accidents because people always try to beat traffic lights...
    Weight wise, yesterday I peaked at a new lower number-all gone today, and made me realize that this is real, I am not just thinking and trying, I’m also getting results. I am losing very slow, so from the beginning I thought only in the future and I forgot about acknowledging the present. I’m not only going to be there in a year, I am 1/4 done already.

    Katrina, sorry to hear about your grandma struggling and that your cough is still here- take it as an indicator that you need more time to heal . Loved what you said that Mat missed you more- than he is that guy with no issues showing his real feelings, and that’s precious. Everyone I know like that are constantly trying to make the girl happy and after 30y , they are still not taking her for granted.
    Barb- I read a lot about weight loss and for the last 5 the consensus is that they go sloooow, so slow in fact, that are almost unnoticed . Your strategy to give yourself a break now and go into maintenance, at least for a while, is very smart. You get to enjoy the holidays, play with learning maintenance and take the pressure away for a bit.
    Catherine- I too, love old carols and they always made me happy and hopeful, and glad to hear it works the same for you , especially when you got to sing along.
    Congrats on the big weight loss, and on the changes you see and you feel. Of course there is a vanity component to it, but if health is your main motivation, you know you are onto something big.
    I hope @MommaGemz is ok and writing a storm, making school glitter projects and having lots of fun.
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    Catherine, to answer your questions- at my dr appt Monday I weighed in at 126 (the Monday after Thanksgiving, what was I thinking?) I’m 5’2.5” so that puts my BMI at 22.7. That doesn’t take into consideration that I have more muscle than most women my age( or as my dr says most men either). So I do have a little belly fat that I could stand to lose, so losing 5 pounds wouldn’t be a bad thing.
    To answer the running question, I had to take 2 years off due to severe plantar fasciitis( my ortho thinks I severed the fascia but would need an MRI to confirm. Since I declined surgery, no reason to have the scan). But other than that, I’ve run ever since my youngest turned 1 year old. She’s 26 now. I started walking and got bored. I’ve done 5 k’s over the years and 1 10 k and 1 1/2 marathon. I completed training for a second one when I was 49 but a foot injury sidelined that. ( it was a shame because I’d just done a 13.1 training run).
    Most of my running over the years has been in the dark, by 5:15 am. A couple of years I ran at 4:30 since it was the only time I could exercise. Running isn’t for everyone but I do some of my best thinking on a run, not to mention it’s one of the best stress relievers! Now, I only jog, much slower pace to be considered a run. That’s okay by me. I’m just thankful to be able to do it still. If walking gave me the same stress relief, I’d stick with that. I can walk fast for an hour on a treadmill( 5.0 or faster) but can’t maintain that if I’m outside.

    I’m glad you can see all the benefits of working from home. I never thought about being able to control what you eat better at home. When I taught school for all those years, I always took my lunch. I made it a point to NEVER buy anything from the vending machine. I was afraid if I gave it once, it would quickly become a daily habit.
    I love that you care about your health not so much your weight. When I decided that I needed to lose the 15? Pounds I’d put on from being sidelined from running ( and overeating as a result of not dealing with stress properly), I did it because I loved my body and thought it was unfair to ask my legs to carry around an extra 15 pounds when my legs tried so hard to do what I asked every single day. Probably sounds stupid but it’s how I feel. I’ve got this one body and if I expect it to keep performing, I’ve got to treat it well. We don’t keep driving a car 100,000 miles without getting an oil change or new tires or checking everything out. But we can buy a new car one day; we can’t buy a new body.

    Gabi, it sounds like you were able to deal with everything at work on Thursday without self sabotaging. That’s a victory, even if you were dead tired at the end of the day!

    Excited that you reached a new low with weight! You’re doing great! I like what you said about not just thinking about the future but acknowledging the present! Very good advice for all of us!

    What classes did you have Mon-Thursday? Is this an ongoing thing?

    Definitely missing @MommaGemz. Which makes me think maybe it’s not a bad idea to share email addresses in case, for some reason we aren’t checking in at all. Then you can reach out and pull me back in!!

    Mine is [email protected]
    That’s my oldest email but still the one I check most regularly.

    Hope everyone is getting some good sleep this weekend!

    Katrina, let us hear how everyone in your family is doing!
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    Actually, the more I think about it, I think you have a point, Barb. It doesn't hurt to have a plan B to help us all help each other stay on track. I've pinged you an email so you have mine and I've accepted/sent friend requests. I'm happy to use whichever plan B suits everyone - doesn't have to be the same for all!

    I knew you were a proper runner with mileage like that! Do you run with a headtorch? How do you find it? I don't really run anymore, but I did sometimes run at about 11pm near home, only because I felt safe with all the streetlights. There are definitely bits of my city I wouldn't run in in the dark... even with a torch. I suppose you could say the same of any city.

    I have so many running friends who find running clears their head and I really, really wish I got that sense of clarity/wellbeing that they seem to get from it. I just enjoy the bit where I get to stop running.

    I am hoping that when I get closer to my goal weight running will feel easier. I mean, the extra weight can't be doing my knees any favours, so if I start running again a couple of stone down, being lighter should pay off.

    Have any of you seen Brittany Runs a Marathon on Amazon? A very small part of me would like to do the London Marathon one day. Most of me though is screaming that I found the 10K so hard that a marathon is just idiotic, even if I get a full 9 months of training.

    One of my colleagues corrupted me with the work vending machine back when we were in the office - we always used it when we were working late, because we 'deserved' it. I'm trying so hard to unpick that. I've grown up seeing food as a comfort, or a reward. Just because I don't eat a takeaway doesn't mean I'm being punished for not doing something well enough - I can reward myself in other ways than food, and if I do go overboard only once a blue moon, it becomes more special, and also easier to recover from.

    I totally get your point about needing to take care of our bodies!

    I think most people have a particular spot in their healthy BMI range that they feel most comfortable with, and while you're already a healthy weight (go you!), if you feel better with that extra 5lb off, that's how you feel and it's not wrong. You're so close!

    Gabi, well done on achieving a new low. That's fantastic, especially with all the stress of Thursday! Whoop, whoop!

    After working from home, even a short commute on a good day is going to be tiring. You get used to not travelling so quickly.

    How's your weekend been, Katrina? Any more news as to how the family are doing?
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    Haven't yet heard back from my grandma. Texted her yesterday and sent pics of two new fish i picked up yesterday (Powder blue dwarf gourami, and a female crowntail betta with some cool colors). Was hoping that would cheer her up a little. Still have a mild nagging cough but at this point kinda wondering if its just from post nasal drip of allergies. I did go get a flu shot yesterday. The pharmacist thought being 3 weeks post symptoms I would be ok to get the vaccine. I was going to grocery shop yesterday, but people were insane... the shoe store was empty, but target was insane (my pharmacy is inside target) and i was so glad to not have to check out up front cause the line was halfway through the store... you'd have thought it was black friday again. After seeing that I decided to get outta dodge and skip groceries til Monday night. Thankfully pet stores were almost empty too, so less worry going after the new fish.

    Have been eating leftovers all week, but someone got us a tray of subway sandwiches for lunch Friday (nice grateful client). Honestly I ate somewhat poorly this week since I was too lazy to cook or log meals, but planning to go to the store to pick up groceries for the week tomorrow after work. I dont think I ate more than maintenance... except yesterday cause I had takeout twice. Water retention this morning for sure.

    All week I think I left work at 640 or 7 every night putting me home 7 or 730. Enough time to scrounge together something (had eggs and toast one night) watch my fish tanks a little while and surf fb, chat with mat on the phone, then to bed. Unfortunately I also surfed internet after I hung up with mat most nights and went to bed 11 or later all week. That doesnt help. My dad called me one night and we chatted at least an hour so I really had no time to do much else that night. Friday I finally got out by 530 just quick enough to make it to the pharmacy a town over to pick up some of my prescriptions before they closed. Was too tired to do water changes on my tanks Friday so I cleaned my kitchen instead. Work was busy and one particular client was a bit stressful, but it was a good week. Planning to try and get a walk in outside today after the dolphins football game is over. Its just under 40 outside I think but I haven't really walked or exercised yet since I got covid and need to get out in the fresh air. (No treadmill here at mats) Not planning a lot just maybe a couple mile walk...

    Will try to check in more this week. My email is [email protected]
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 2,097 Member Member Posts: 2,097 Member
    I sent you friend requests and emailed you my email address, here in MFP
    Happy Sunday!
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    Catherine, yes I saw Brittany Runs a Marathon! I found it very inspiring! I’ve thought about training for a longer race again, but it’s SO EASY to get injured training for a longer race, even if you only add the prescribed 10% distance each week! I remind myself what it feels like when I can’t run at all and that keeps me content just doing what I’m doing. Especially as I age, it’s easier to get injured. I stretch so much longer now after exercise than when I was younger!
    I agree, running with extra weight on can be painful for knees and hips if you are just starting. It makes sense to keep walking. You can always add in periods of increased speed (of walking)to switch things up.

    Take away doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Granted, it’s usually higher in sodium no matter what you order, but if that’s not an issue, you can still find healthy, satisfying things to eat. We had a Thai place in Raleigh that has a chicken dish that is very healthy and delicious. There’s a fast food restaurant that I used to get drive thru from - I’d get a grilled chicken sandwich, no sauce or Mayo but substitute a lettuce wrap for the bread. No guilt! Very convenient.

    Katrina, I feel exhausted just READING your post!! I think eggs and toast are a fine idea for dinner sometimes! Whenever I feel really run down, eggs are my go to!
    I’m sorry it’s so late when you have an opportunity to go to the grocery and then find it packed. I definitely try to go in the morning and avoid weekends there altogether. Could you order them and do curbside pickup? It might make things easier. A number of the groceries do not charge extra for that as long as you order $30 or more of groceries. I think even Walmart supercenters do that. You can start your order when you have a break, leave it, and finish it later. Then choose the time you want to pick up the order( from time windows available)
    Just a thought. We’re you able to get that walk in? If you did, I bet it felt good to get some fresh air.

    Thank you, Ladies for sending Friend requests and sending email addresses! I really think it will set us up for the best chance of long term success!

    If I stop posting, definitely call me out! Remind me I’ve worked too long and too hard to let a couple of days of overindulging ruin everything!

    My day:
    Exercise:✅ ( cold day jogging!)
    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅
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    Gabi, I got your friend request, but didn’t see your email. Am I missing something?
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 2,097 Member Member Posts: 2,097 Member
    Gabi, I got your friend request, but didn’t see your email. Am I missing something?

    Messaged you in this inbox in MFP.

  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 602 Member Member, Premium Posts: 602 Member
    I didn't get it either - maybe MFP removes email address from messages so they don't get through?

    Gabi, can you send Barb an email and maybe she can then email all of us in one chain so we all have each other's addresses for just in case?

    Starting the week suddenly heavier. I thought it might be period related, but I'm not actually due for a few days yet. Darn. I knew that perfect down streak couldn't last forever. But I'm also starting the week with more sleep than I usually get, which is a real win. Sunday nights are the worst for sleeping, probably because I know I have work the next day!

    Going to try to fit in a few more lunchtime wanders this week as even a short walk seems to really help and it's too dark after work. I'm not basing this on any science, but I think the days that I do stretch my legs outdoors are the ones where my metabolism wakes up. It feels a bit like a solar-powered watch - it'll tick on as best it can without real sunlight, but it won't work at peak efficiency until you give it what it needs.

    Katrina, I'm with Barb on this one - I feel tired reading what you've been up to. Do take it easy - you don't have to be running around at the same pace as before you got ill. It's okay to slow down for a bit. Egg on toast incidentally is my go-to meal for when I'm recovering from something. Eggs really are the ultimate fast food.

    Do you have any other options for in-person grocery shopping? Round here, I get my groceries delivered (it actually really helps with my calories as I have to plan what goes into my online basket rather than randomly picking stuff up) but if anyone has Covid, there's a neighbourhood run group of people who will gladly do your shopping. They would do it for someone recovering from Covid too, you don't have to be still in isolation. I wondered if you had similar groups in your part of the world? We call them Mutual Aid Groups. You do get some people who can't afford their own grocery shops and it gets covered by the community pool, but most people can and do reimburse their shopping, it's just that they can't get out of the house themselves.

    I was curious and looked up those fish - they are really striking!

    Start of the week. Let's crush this!
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    Catherine, I wouldn’t worry too much about starting the week a little heavier-higher sodium in one meal can make the difference! I’ve also noticed that the ways after I do a hard weights session, my body holds onto fluid.

    I realized I didn’t answer your question about running in the dark. Most of my years, I’ve been blessed with good street lights that made me feel safe enough. Where I am now, most of the 3/4 mile path around the lake is well lit, with just the back stretch that isn’t. I carry a tiny flashlight with me and then attach it to my Fanny pack when it’s light enough that I don’t need it. I also carry a piercing alarm device with me as well.

    I love hearing about your Mutual Aid Groups! That’s so awesome that people care about their neighbors, especially those who are virtually strangers to them!

    Good news today. I went for my ultrasound on my thyroid, which I used to have 3-4 times a year. I think I’ve mentioned that I had numerous nodules and they would just measure and track the 12-14 largest of them. Last time I went, they’d all shrunk so much they couldn’t be measured. This time, she couldn’t even find any evidence of any!! It’s the turmeric I’ve been taking! The nodules are what can become cancerous over time. One concern is now GONE! 🎉 Not to mention when I had them, my lymph nodes stayed swollen as well and were painful.

    It’s going to be in the 20’s in the morning. Not looking forward to the first mile being out and then stretching after. It will really make me appreciate my treadmill when I finally, one day, can get it out of storage!

    My husband is already asking for the Christmas treats I bake. Trying to put it off until I bake for his work team and then when my daughters and one of their boyfriends comes for Christmas. I do LOVE to bake but I also LOVE to EAT the treats. With an apt refrigerator, there is no space to freeze anything. I keep seeing more and more yummy looking recipes online. I don’t remember seeing this many in years past. I guess people are still baking more.
    I made homemade southern style biscuits tonight ( not cookies, the bread type). They turned out insanely delicious! I ate 3 and then really had to reign in my eating the rest of the night. Good thing they’re too much trouble to make very often!

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