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    Machka [/b]
    Glad you're back in dresses, but don't you think you ought to call the surgeon's office regarding those daily headaches? Sounds horrendous, as do the hot flashes.

    Later y'all,
    Lisa in AR

    I saw her about 10 days ago (it's 20 days post-surgery now) to have my splints removed and she said that everything looked really good up there.

    I am to see her again in about a month and if the headaches and eye sensitivity are still there, I will mention it.

    I had both a Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction ... apparently the turbinate reduction can take a while to heal. Some of the info I've read says "full recovery from turbinate surgery may take 6 weeks or more".

    So ... patience.

    I've still got some swelling, which is probably putting pressure on things.

    And I think 9.5 hour days, including 1.5 hour bus rides are probably not the best for me just yet. I've noticed the jerkiness of the buses isn't helping.

    Happily I can breathe well through the right side now! That's exciting! :)

    Machka in Oz
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    Canadian Social Distancing :grin::smiley:


    The funny thing is ...

    As I'm out and about a bit more now, I'm finding there are two types of people who don't seem to mind violating the social distancing rules.

    1) Teenagers. They're all over each other, and will walk within inches of other people.

    2) Elderly ladies. Before C19, elderly ladies would often come right up to me, talk to me, and pat my arm or hair. They were especially fascinated with my hair to the extent that I'd wear it tucked in or up if I were out and about at lunch. Really weirdly, I'd even have some who would stand so close to me, they'd lean on my backpack if I were wearing one. That's really disconcerting because the first thing I wonder is if they're opening it while it is on me! I've actually suddenly stepped aside and knocked a couple of them off balance.

    Now, they don't touch me which is a relief, but they don't seem to have any concept of space. They still get up right close.

    However, I have found if I whip out a tissue ... everyone scatters! :grin::smiley: It's just nose surgery, but OK ... :grin::smiley:


    Machka in Oz
    Don't forget to wash your hands!
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    At what stage of my life did I quit being a chick and become an old hen? Just asking for a friend .... Faye

    Biker chicks never do! They just throttle up and ride it out!
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    Pip: I don’t think Yogi can get any darker, either. What a sweet guy. Dogs are some of the best people. :heart: It looks like Kirby is ready for the last day at work. :smiley:

    Kylia: Did you get a photo of the thieves’ license plate? I hope the police find them and you get your property back. :grumble:

    Machka: I’m sorry that you’re not feeling great, yet. :ohwell:

    (((deliafayefox))): I hope you feel better soon. :star: re: chicks and hens: We’re all together in a 50+ group. 50+ is awesome!!! :flowerforyou:

    Heather: Your bouquet is beautiful!!! :flowerforyou:

    Today is our son’s birthday! I hope to talk to him on the phone later this morning.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Teri Reminds me of visiting Mitchell, Oregon, and a few years back and the old (guessing age late 60's) biker couple that came in the cafe. I was known at that stage of life for age-inappropriate dressing and at times downright tacky in my choice of apparel, but this old biker chick made me look Amish. Thin leather 1960's style halter top, no bra under and gravity had done some serious damage to her boobs and leather shorts cut up so high that well, my friends husband that had the best seat for viewing confirmed she was not wearing panties. Not sure what she or her "old man's" skin color was as they were covered with tattoos even on their faces. But none of that phased me as I had visited Sturgeous during their annual convention many years before. I am not a biker chick and have no tattoos but I can appreciate the amazing custom bikes and even well-done tattoos.

    What nearly made me pee my pants was when she got up to go to the restroom, was the back of her legs. I choked on my tasty "world-famous" burger as I saw rattlesnakes tattooed each side of her bulging varicose veins, both legs. It was amazing skillful art, but seriously shocking and gross. The snakes looked like photographs and the veins looked like part of the snakes. She kept her legs shaved but her sagging butt cheeks falling out of those shorts that would make Daisy Duke blush just was too much. I wanted to tell her that if she was going to wear shorts that short she might consider a bikini wax or at least shorten hair in a certain area.

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    Machka - That's sort of what happened with us. From 2009 until my husband started working for the City in 2017 for seasonal work he went from job to job none lasting very long. This year he was called back to start at the end of April, in May was told he wouldn't be back at all this year, but received a call yesterday and is going back on Tuesday. I don't know how that will affect his EI this winter but at least it's a little bit of work.

    Heather - Technology is great when it works, but is so hard to troubleshoot. My husband's laptop needs some TLC as well.

    Terri - I love the pictures, thanks for sharing.

    Kylia - Terrible that they keep targeting your small business, I hope Karma gets them.

    FAye - "Chin up and put your best breast forward." Love it!

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    What did the mother cow say to her new calf as it frolicked around the meadow in the late evening???
    It's pasture bedtime!!!
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    Lanette, thanks for the pattern links! Have to add that to my project wish list!

    RV Rita
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    Getting ready to spend a few hours with my parents- I love spending time up there. It is so peaceful. Just an hour north of us. Seeing them and getting my hugs from both of them is what I need.
    Found out yesterday that I don't have to push/rush to loose these 10-15 lbs like I thought. Former hubby text me last night and they have postponed their trip out here because of the virus. I know it is the best thing, need to be safe but was really looking forward to seeing him. Not sure when they will come out. After getting his text, I did snack a bit too much so did go over my 1000 cal which I am ok with and my snacks were pretty good ones(1/2 cup of egg salad by itself, 100cal pack of caramel rice crackers)SO, now I have until 10-10-20 to work on loosing the weight- 40yr class reunion. We are still planning on having it as of now. It will be outside in the vineyard and our class isn't that big- we may get 75 people or so. Hoping things ease up by then. If not, we will have to wait another year. I am ok with that I guess- the not knowing is hard- I am the one in charge of all of the planning
    Have a wonderful day ladies

    today, from Alexander Valley, CA at least for a few hours.

    mom just sent me the list of veggies/fruit that is ready that we will be getting some of and bringing home"
    Green beans, Cauliflower,
    Zucchini Bread
    Peach Jam
    Blackberry Jam
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    Speaking of biker chicks, Walmart people pick I snuck in a couple days ago while stay well away from them.....

    Good news/surprise woke up yesterday to my DS for some unknown reason figured out how Zelle works and put $400 in my checking account for no apparent reason!!!

    bad news I was so excited I spent $100 of it at Hobby Lobby getting material to finish my upholstery project and poncho projects plush a collection of crochet hooks I’ve been wanting and a couple odds and ends, then 50 for my DS requested items he can’t get where he lives, then 200 in groceries so all gone already. I need to learn to wait before I spend!!!! Bad bad bad!

    Just some park pictures I took recently of an area I don’t often photograph.

    RV Rita (who hates Walmart but sometimes have to go)

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    Dandelions, quack grass, and other noxious weeds
    Met with their death before they went to seeds
    Disappointed in myself for being a lolly gagger
    I straightened up stretching my back, walked
    Around the yard, until I regained my swagger

    It took only an hour out in the rapidly heating sun
    I squished some chlorophyll on my thumb, enhancing the fun
    Would I take my morning walk so on MFP I could brag
    Or mope around begrudging doing needed chores, not
    Fixing my hair, changing sweaty clothes and just be a hag

    I walked a mile to the top of the hill where I could clearly see
    The glorious forest boasting, but not camouflaged by its trees
    Looking above the gray clouds rising and turning puffy and white
    I walked with purpose, swinging my hips, sashaying like Tyra Banks
    The mysterious gloom was lifting, I knew the day would be alright

    I headed for the shower, hot but happy, dripping with sweat
    Then I remembered my iced mocha so I sat down without regret
    So here I sit tapping the keys on the compute, without much to say
    With sweaty clothes both inner and outer, sharing too much information
    It will be once again, another, a deja vu, a repeat, a two bra day

    PNW 2 Bra day 2qet2rr0l2yi.jpg

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    Did Jari Love’s Extremely Ripped DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to go on the StairClimber

    – Most kids I know of want things handed to them. When we were first married, we lived in a third floor walk up apartment, Vince went to college (so did I), we worked hard for what we have. Admitted, Jess went back to college. But Denise had a house basically handed to her. Jess would rather spend $100 on sneakers than $50, she’d rather eat out than make something at home. A lady at ceramics feels that her daughter should get a free education (and guess who will pay for it?).

    – I’m so sorry to hear that the saws were stolen

    M – I agree, you went back to work too soon. Your body needs more time to heal

    – it’s a good thing sometimes to mix up the amount of time that you exercise

    – lovely flowers!

    Faye – GROAN! You are a good poem writer

    RV Rita – what a wonderful thing for your son to have done!

    Made hard boiled eggs after exercise. Now have more yogurt in the IP. I found that I need about 2 batches for the pops. Then went to the dentist to get the bridge put in. Now home trying to get caught up

    Michele NC
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    Lisa--I think as we age we see things in a different way. I agree our grandchildren are beautiful as are most children. As we get older we realize how precious life and children are.

    Margaret--Sounds like the new puppy is a hit in a lot of different areas. Congradulations on the 7 pounds.

    Well enjoy the day ladies. Blessings, Vicki GI NE <3
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    Michele Thanks! My poems since age 50 have all been stories about my life, past, and current. Sort of the old straight forward cowboy narrative style.