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    today, I get my hair cut off at noon
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    RitaThe Walmart pics always make me wonder. I never see anyone like that here in Canada Walmart. I prefer not to go to Walmart right now but the cost makes it so enticing. I find my favourite grocery store's prices are anywhere from $1-2 more per item than Walmart. When you are buying a big grocery haul it adds up fast!

    Michele - I think those kids wanting things handed to them are more about the parents and how they were raised than the child themselves. I have a lot of young people in my life that work so hard to get everything they want, if they are earning it I don't see a problem with it. I think the problem comes when they were given everything without a work ethic and without discipline. I truly don't like how the younger generation gets put down so much when it is our generation that raised them and in a lot of cases spoiled them.

    I read once that there is really only two types of parenting styles, the way your grandparents did it and the way your parents did it. Most people will do the opposite of how they were raised and go back to their grandparents way. It was a very interesting article and I related to some of it. I did a lot differently than how I was raised.

    Tracey in Edmonton

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    Jobs - Until 2008, I'd always had multiple jobs at once and/or was taking classes in addition to working full time. I have always been very independent, I never wanted to "have" to move back in with my parents or ask for help. So, I did what I had to do.

    Kids - I've seen some pretty unattractive babies and kids lately...though not on this community. They're all adorable. It's fun to watch them all grow up.

    Michele- You are out and about a lot. I found a grocery delivery service yesterday with which I had a great experience. I ordered at 8:30am and had my items by 10:30am. The shopper sent me a text if they didn't have what I wanted so I could decide to ditch it or substitute it. I asked for non-ripened avocados and that is what I got! It was a very personalized experience. I never have to leave the house to go grocery shopping again! I used one last week that goes to the more "specialty" stores that I will use too, so I can even get my gourmet cheese delivered!

    There is one store I do like peruse because they have new and interesting items all the time. Otherwise, grocery shopping is a mostly unpleasant chore for me.

    Have a great day, All!

    Tina in CA
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    Tracey - I agree with you in that parents for the most part parent the way their grandparents did. I know that my father was the exact opposite of his parents but I'm much more like his parents. They raised their family during the depression when they reused things and saved (sometimes too much like not using a bank). My father was the kind of person who always had to have a new car, etc. Now I'm the kind of person who will go to the Salvation Army for things. That's something my father would never do

    Michele NC
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    Hearing my grandmother's voice this morning
    "Chin up and put your best breast forward."
    I come from a family of small-breasted women with
    seriously asymmetrical breasts. My grandma was such
    a hoot with her motivational sayings.

    Faye typing while giving herself a virtual butt-kicking

    That reminds me of a story my mom told once. She said she must've been about 4 years old visiting her aunt Bertha. Well turned out she was just tall enough for her aunt to flip her t it on her head and it was my dear moms job to apply the ointment!!! Can you just imagine????? My mom said her little brain was horrified, and humiliated at the same time, poor thing.
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    Melissa, you're really headed down the right track! Literally. Tracking foods is the key to stabilizing my weight now that I’m at goal. I had Bariatric surgery to finally help me lose the extra 125# (275kg - wow, that sounds terrifying!) I’d carried for years, since I was 75 and didn’t want to spend these years in a recliner. Thank you, COVID-19, you really helped with THAT goal! 🤪 At any rate, I keep my diet on the higher protein side, but not full keto, since I’m trying to gain 10 back right now. A rather serious surgery caused me to lose some more after I’d reached 140. Keep up liquids. All liquids count, including soup, sugar free popsicles and jello.

    Heather! Go to the Dark Side - get a Mac. I never have those problems and I have Office running great, although Mac’s Pages app saves documents as Word just fine. I have always had Mac products as my personal computer until I went to iPad Pro a couple of years ago. I’ve had nothing that I couldn’t fix VERY easily myself, and never loss of data unless I forgot to save before closing. And nowadays it reminds me to do that!

    Faye! Frankly dear, DON’T give a damn! It just frustrates you. And going face to face with yourself will, if not useful, at least be entertaining.

    Lisa in AR, I had doorchime curls until age 7, when my mom cut it and it came in straight. She did Tonette perms on me until junior high, then it got curly again with puberty. It’s been curly ever since until I went totally grey, and now it’s barely wavy. 😳 I suspect my anxiety has affected it - it can’t make up its mind either!

    Off to spend time with one of my granddaughters.

    Sharon, Lurking About, Near Seattle/Tacoma
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    Today is International Day of Friendship!

    "On this day, the United Nations encourages governments, international organizations, and other groups to hold events that promote dialogue among civilizations, understanding, solidarity, and reconciliation. Many countries hold friendship-related events, and education and public awareness-raising activities."

    Allie - A ten-hour work day is long even if you're sitting at a desk! Hope you got a good rest.

    Pip - Yogi reminds me of our Luna. She is black and fluffy and it's a hundred degrees outside, but she'll still stretch out and bask on the concrete pad in front of the garage. I don't know how they can stand to hang out in the full sun like that!

    Tracey - I think most little girls are kind of homely at five or six. We have those big old teeth - giant gaps in front - and our features haven't quite settled yet.

    Machka - Wow, I'd love to have an occasion to wear a dress again! I prefer them in summer too. Maybe I'll put on a skirt next time I head out for the grocery store.

    Faye - "Best breast forward!" That was a great saying from your grandmother. She sounds like a hoot.

    It's been kind of a light work week for me, and I'm off on Fridays so I'll be heading into my long weekend soon. I've been very lucky to still have work, and it really makes me symphatize with people whose income is completely cut off by the pandemic. We have a friend in the theatre business (make-up artist and stage hand) and her work is completely gone for the foreseeable future. It must be so scary.

    This weekend's project is to start taking apart my old motorcycle so I can sell off the parts. This is an important part of the decluttering process because between my husband and I we own five motorcycles, only two of which are operational. So we'll brave the heat, set up a fan in the garage, and see what we can harvest for listing on eBay. I ran into someone in an owner group that was looking for parts, and now seems like a good time to get going on this project since I'm not getting manicures anyway!

    Maybe I found some motivation - last night we took Luna for a walk once the temperature dropped below 90. Philip and I were also planking together every day and we started that back up yesterday. Hopefully I can hang onto this motivation.

    Hope you're all staying cool!

    -Yvonne in TX
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    Have overeaten all the wrong foods for two days now! Time to get back on track!

    Carol in GA
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    Faye: Love the sardonic poem with it’s original rhyme scheme, metre, and rhythm. I could imagine it as a cowboy song.
    Yee! Hah! 🤠
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    edited July 2020
    Margaret - I am so very sorry.

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    Margaret - I could hardly believe what I was reading. I can't imagine your sorrow. You fought so hard for him. No one could have fought harder. <3 Sending huge love to you.
    Much love, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    So sorry about your son. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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    MARGARET ~ My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. Your son was blessed to have you fighting for him. :'(
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    Tina – I’ve started to use delivery , too. I find it very convenient ordering the cat litter. Those buckets are HEAVY. The only problem I find is that sometimes it’s just so hard for me to meet the minimum for free delivery. And I refuse to pay a delivery fee. I’d rather go to the store early in the day when there aren’t very many people there. I like to be able to look at fresh produce myself because I know that the people picking the orders just grab the first one they come to. I look at expiration dates, how the food looks, etc. I wouldn’t mind the pickup if the minimum was much less. I did learn that if I ordered a decorated cake, I have to go in the store to pick that up. Actually, WalMart was very good one time. I didn’t realize that I had to mark on my order that there shouldn’t be any substitutions and they substituted some brands that I really didn’t want. They told me to just keep those. Some of them I donated to the soup kitchen because I know that we don’t like them.

    Perms: I was lucky, my mother was a beautician so I always had the most current hairstyles and she never used Toni. I think she used something commercial

    Margaret – oh, I’m so so sorry. (((BIG HUGS)))

    Michele NC
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    Margaret, big hugs to you! I'm so sorry. 💖. Know we love you.💖
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    Margaret- my deepest condolences ,you fought so long for him and im sure he knew it.. will keep you and your family in my prayers.xoxox
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    Margaret - I’m so sorry. Hugs and prayers for you and your family.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country