Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 126



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    @CamandJarvis I cook almost everything with butter, bacon grease or coconut oil. So much better for us than “one molecule from plastic“ margarine or processed not good for you oils. The healthy fats are good for you and keep you satisfied.
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    @SheilaBoneham Glad to see you trying the lower carb track again. If I remember correctly, you did this about 3 years ago for a little while then did an elimination diet. It DOES work and I’m amazed at how my taste has changed. We eat dinner early also - usually by 4PM - and I seldom desire a evening snack. I know you can do this. A little bit of healthy fat is so satisfying!
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    A cream tea ( from my understanding anyway!) is a lighter meal with just cookies and/or scones with clotted cream (which is like an amazing butter/cream spread) as opposed to Afternoon tea, which is a full meal with tea and savory sandwiches.
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    Cranberry, bacon and Brie sounds like an amazing combo! Also, what is a cream tea? Is it what it sounds like... tea with cream rather than with milk or without milk. Excuse my American ignorance please :)