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  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 17,723 Member Member Posts: 17,723 Member

    Although I wasn't aware that lightning bugs had a smell and I'm not sure what creepy crawlers are. But the rest ... :)


    M in Oz
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 10,720 Member Member Posts: 10,720 Member
    Morning all.

    Lactose: I always had sinus problems. Then I read an article about how cows milk lactose can create excess mucus in the sinuses. Went off the milk and sinus problems largely disappeared. DH followed suite with similar improvements. We now have mostly soy milk and yoghurt, I eat goats cheese. I can have small amounts of dairy without a problem, so my favourite honeycomb ice cream is still in my freezer.
    Machka: I use passphrases for most sites/apps. Much easier to remember. My daughter suggested it some time ago, and it made sense to me.

    It's a dull day today, so planning to stay indoors.

    ☘️ Terri
  • KetoneKarenKetoneKaren Member Posts: 5,111 Member Member Posts: 5,111 Member

    Love the smells of childhood!

    Nostalgic for many of those on your list, plus:

    Jergen’s Lotion
    Cashmere Bouquet Soap
    Sweeping Compound
    Hot Iron/Mangle Iron
    Clothes hung on the line
    Cedar Shavings
    Horse Manure
    Charcoal Grilled Food
    Sewing Machine Oil

    Karen in Virginia

  • spikeyhairspikeyhair Member Posts: 1,885 Member Member Posts: 1,885 Member
    Loving all the smells of childhood . Am I weird but I’ve always loved the smell of the dogs paw when you cuddle them and they are warm. Don’t have any doggies now 😢

    Stay safe

    Kate UK (in locked down Liverpool) ❤️
  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 17,723 Member Member Posts: 17,723 Member
    Sunday -- one of our longer rides recently!

    Distance: 18.97km
    Elevation: 115m 
    Moving Time: 1:15:02
    Elapsed Time: 1:20:08 
    Speed: Avg: 15.2km/h | Max: 34.9km/h
  • SuziQ113SuziQ113 Member Posts: 1,474 Member Member Posts: 1,474 Member
    Hello everyone.

    I am wondering about our missing members too. If I recall Penny stated her and her husband would be moving to another location during the summer and would be off the grid. I know a few mentioned the ongoing topic of our current state as being a force to back off from all social media. I completely understand their perspectives.

    Welcome Linnie! I really do not fret about the macros. I tend to lean towards how my body feels by the food I eat. I am fuller throughout the day if I start with a protein. The rest of the day I aim for healthy meals; mostly plant based.

    Rita – Glad to hear Wicket is doing fine after tooth extraction. Sounds like me. I came home and ate immediately after my tooth was repaired. So glad I did not need Novocain.

    Carol – Thank you. My closet used to be filled with pink clothes and now I am down to 3 pink items. I always loved pastels. I guess it’s time to bring back some more pinks!

    Allie – I am starting to just shake my head over the Jean stories. Your heart is in the right place, but if it were me…….I would have told the caretaker to call Jean. By the way the trust sounds like it was set up Jean is getting a big chunk of change having her mother stay there. It’s time she starts doing some work for those funds. But, of course, she realizes you will jump any time something comes up so she doesn’t worry about it.

    Barbara – So sorry about the unexpected cost of Joe’s surgery. I wonder if the doctor will work with you so you can get charged this year in order to take advantage of money savings. Or, maybe Joe has a change of heart. I can certainly understand how he is feeling. I am of the ilk to get things over and done with so I would probably schedule.

    Medicare, Supplements, and the Like – The programs, I feel, were set up to be extremely confusing and costly. As I read through everyone’s challenges I know I will have to seek out assistance when my time comes.

    Reusable Micro Clothes – I see them everywhere; even the Dollar Store. Not a big fan because they really do not dry things the way cotton does. I do use them to clean but then wipe things down with an old cotton tea towel.

    Kim – Oh, what a challenge. What a great group of friends coming out to assist.

    DrKatie – So sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it heals quickly and those stitches can come out soon.

    Karen – CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Mortgage is done. What a great milestone.

    Tammy – Welcome to the group.

    Reading about the snow, wood stoves, heat, etc. has me shivering. It is finally cooler here in SFL – 80s in the mornings! There really isn’t a need for greenhouses. If we expect frost we can just through sheets or plastic over our plants which I seldom do. My thinking…..if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger!

    The sun is finally starting to show. I promised the garden some of my time this morning. Many things need to be controlled out there.

    Hugs to all,
    SuziQ – SFL
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 6,297 Member Member Posts: 6,297 Member
    I got home yesterday afternoon.. i wore a swearshirt and was still chilly.. i couldnt warm up..even after i went to bed.. finally drifted off and woke up feeling warmer.. alot of it i think has to do with thyroid..I will call the Drs office for the 3rd time tomorrow and try and get my results..
    Tom did not end up going to Florida..hopefully they will get to go in December ,but this just has been a crazy year.
    All of you are right.. wherever I have worked as of late i get shafted..
    Barbie is right i have to be able to deal with Jean the way she is .. and I am hoping that this weekend is it for weekends away,my brother has been in New Hampshire except for a few days here and there all summer long..
    Jean does the banking and medical care of her mother, but hands on,not so much..and she is what you call a know it all,everything she does or says is right and everybody else is wrong.. she wasnt always like this but progressively has gotten worse..
    And now who knows if she will.go back to work or not .. she is only 56 but i guess can draw on her 401K if needed..but hey they are living with mom all they pay for is groceries.. must be nice..
    Well enough about that. Its chilly here this morning.. in the 30s high today will be 62..
    I still love October..
  • joelann10joelann10 Member Posts: 40 Member Member Posts: 40 Member
    Hello Ladies!
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 8,155 Member Member Posts: 8,155 Member
    Yesterday was great, so I'm feeling a little weary this morning. That's fine. Nowhere to go, no one to see. :D
    I will do a bit of rowing for my bonus exercise watching 24 Hours in A&E . Love medical programmes.
    DH is going to go out for a short walk.

    I'm hoping Gwendolen will be able to get over on the train on Tuesday. The weather looks bearable, so we may be able to wrap up well and sit outside at Fatto a Mano.

    Still haven't found a rug and I'm stalling on putting back ornaments. One decision I made is to put my Japanese pots I inherited from my grandparents onto the shelf by the grey doors. They look good there and the colours, blue and pink, are perfect. They are not worth anything because they are badly chipped, but I loved them as a child and asked my granny if I could have them. Somehow they look ironically old fashioned in that spot, whereas, on the big shelves, they just look old fashioned. Location is everything! ;)
    Must put a hook up for my Art Deco prints. I bought them in Paris at the fleamarket in around 1974. :D
    Decisions, decisions.

    Cooking fennel for tonight in the IP. Having it with seabass.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
    edited October 18
  • FaettaFaetta Member Posts: 848 Member Member Posts: 848 Member
    Smells from childhood

    1.Rocky Mountain Columbines
    2. Fresh cut alfalfa and clover
    3. Rain after a summer thunderstorm
    4. Antique tube radios
    5. High altitude wildflower honey
    6. My mother making chow chow
    7. Cow, horse, sheep, goat, and chicken manure
    8. New Leather
    9. Diesel from ranch equipment
    10. Cotton candy and the fair
    11. Septic tank being pumped
    12. Swimsuit after a dip in the ranch pond
    13. Campfire hot dogs and smores
    14. Chuckwagon cooking at a roundup
    15. Cherry cobbler
    16. Cowboys farting contest
    17. Blacksmith forge
    18. Trout fry
    19. Homemade bread
    20. My grandma's homemade perfume
    21. Bleached laundry on the clothesline
    22. The schoolbus
    23. Fresh fudge
    24. Oranges from Florida for Christmas
    25. Butchering day
    26. Oil paints
    27. Gasoline
    28. Delivering calves
    29. Castrating
    30. Pushing in hens guts after prolapse
    31. Witch hazel
    32. Grandmas girdles
    33. Iodine
    34. Grease
    35. Bag balm
    36. Coal and wood chimney smoke
    37. Wildfires
    38. Cats hairballs
    39. Dog poo on my new boots
    40. Straw at a barn dance
    41. Mesquite when I visited my great grannies ranch in Texas
    42. Campfire coffee
    43. Fish guts at the lake
    44. Liniment
    45. Camphor Phenique
    46. Sulfur when spent time in East Texas chigger country
    47. Dead skunk under ranch house
    48. Lime when applied in the range outhouse
    49. Chocolate chip cookies
    50. The cowboy's laundry
    51. Hot iron branding
    52. Spoiled goat milk
    53. Bubblegum
    54. Coolaide straws
    55. Carmel
    56. Pig poo at my grandpas
    57. Afterbirth
    58. School lunch and sloppy Joe's
    59. Gym lockers
    60. Dissecting frogs
    61. Cooking bullfrog legs
    62. Fileting catfish
    63. School paste
    64. Vomit
    65. Bloody nose from dodgeball
    66. Dead mice in bunkhouse walls
    67. Rancid peanut butter
    68. Preserves and jelly
    69. Baloney sandwitches
    70. Spam
    71. Mountain oyster cookout
    72. Community chili cookoff
    73. My great grandma's snus
    74. Cowboys spitting tobacco
    76. Cowboys smoking cigars at a card game
    77. Neighbors hand-rolled cigarettes
    78. Marijuana growing along the irrigation ditch
    79. Ragweed
    80. My mothers mint patch
    81. Freinds little sisters sagging diapers
    82. Window putty
    83. Garlic
    84. Hot hi fi transformer
    85. 45 rpm record left near a sunny window
    86. My calming herb-scented Raggedy Ann, sock monkey, and teddy bear
    (my grandma made these and used herbs to help with my hyperactivity)
    87. Fresh farm eggs and bacon (made by my grandpa) cooking in the skillet
    88. Herb teas blended by my part Chickasaw and Gypsy grandma
    89. Kerosene lamps in the range bunkhouse
    90. Mushrat hides hanging at our trapper neighbor's
    91. Homemade candles
    92. My grandma's makeup rouge and body powders
    93. Dirty socks left in mudroom
    94. Junior high teacher dying of cancer and wouldn't retire
    95. Making soda and vinegar volcanos
    96. Electric motors burning out
    97. Lightening hitting power transformer
    98. Ether for starting diesel engines in the winter
    99. Dept store nuts and candy counter
    100. Feed store
    101. Gun powder smoke

    Fae ex Colorado ranch girl
    edited October 18
  • barbiecatbarbiecat Member Posts: 14,347 Member Member Posts: 14,347 Member
    :) Breakfast finished, hubby sleeping, time to walk the dogs in the drizzle
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 11,653 Member Member Posts: 11,653 Member
    Evie1958 yeah, we took care of them. I found the chalk also Messes up the scent trail. Vinegar and water, and citrus peels also do it.
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 11,653 Member Member Posts: 11,653 Member
    spikeyhair wrote: »
    Loving all the smells of childhood . Am I weird but I’ve always loved the smell of the dogs paw when you cuddle them and they are warm. Don’t have any doggies now 😢

    Stay safe

    Kate UK (in locked down Liverpool) ❤️

    Not any more weird than my remembering and liking the smell of cow poop
  • KJLaMoreKJLaMore Member Posts: 2,204 Member Member Posts: 2,204 Member
    Good morning all! Happy Sunday! It has been a rainy weekend, so all I have been able to do outside so far is pick up some branches (yesterday after grocery shopping). Unfortunately, with the rain, came some strong winds....which means there are more branches in the yard again. lol Anyway, got my yogurt made, two soups for the week (a mushroom soup and an onion soup), chicken salad is made for Tim to nibble on, and a black bean salad for myself.
    My weight is continuing to go down, slowly. IF it continues to do so, I could be in ONEderland by the end of December. I can do this! I am keeping my one glass of wine or beer a day in my meal plan. Sometimes I have it, sometimes I don't; but I like to have room for it. Lately, I have been eating bacon, as well, a couple of times a week. But for the most part, my meals and snacks are mainly high protein and heavy on the veggies. The lower calorie meals allow me to have the bacon and beverages.

    Welcome new ladies! Linnie, Tammy, deadon... and any others- Remember to bookmark the page, to find us easier! Come back often, read and glean what info seems pertinent to you and chime in when you feel the urge! IF you are comfortable doing so, tell us a little about yourself (as specific or general as you wish).

    Heather- The Repair Shop! I started watching that a few weeks ago! It is wonderful! How very cool that the place where they film it is nearby! So...I am guessing it is NOT actually a repair shop? Is it a museum then? With a souvenir/bake shop? Happy birthday to Johnny! The girls in the wheelbarrow! <3

    Michele- About mid summer, I put a post on our local fb "informed" page requesting egg cartons. Last year I received 500 egg cartons within three or four days! This year it took three months to get about 450 egg cartons. I blame C-19. I think a lot of people began raising chickens or using egg cartons to make their own little structures. It is a bit of work. Once I get them, I clean them all out (some come very cobwebby/dirty with chicken/egg matter on them). After I clean them, I spritz them with bleach water and let them dry. Then, it takes 8-10 hours to hot glue the cartons together to form the spaceship. After it is built, I spritz it all down again with some bleach water. So...with the cleaning and spritzing time, it is probably a 15 hour project. So, this year, I spent more time cleaning and constructing than the hours that it was up and played with. :/ Live and learn!

    Well, I need to scoot. I have some paperwork to do, today. Paperwork is probably my LEAST favorite thing to do, but having it be a yucky day outside will help me stay on task. ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
  • KJLaMoreKJLaMore Member Posts: 2,204 Member Member Posts: 2,204 Member
    Ooooh! Childhood smells! Thanks Machka
    1. The woodstove
    2. Dirt and worms (spring)
    3. apples, leaves, and moss (fall)
    4. old spice and cigarettes (my dad)
    5. morels, onions, and butter (my grandma)
    6. warm sun on husky fur (my dog)
    7. hot tarmac with a hint of some type of flower or fruit (Mexico)

  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Member Posts: 4,882 Member Member Posts: 4,882 Member
    Barbara - the lights took me about 2 minutes to hang. They aren’t hard wired in.
    This is a picture of the light unlit and one lit to show my daughters how it lights up the room. 2 came in the set for 36.99, I hung the other one in the bedroom and have ordered a set for over the kitchen counter.
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 11,653 Member Member Posts: 11,653 Member
    Yogi asking , u gonna eat that crumb on your plate? I need nutrition for our upcoming walk/run today ya know.
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 10,720 Member Member Posts: 10,720 Member
    Barbara: Crab Apple Jelly


    Just getting ready for family Skype. Be back later.

    ☘️ Terri
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 10,720 Member Member Posts: 10,720 Member
    Missed out this step in the post. “Boil for 10 minutes before bottling in in sterilised jars.”

    It’s delicious
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