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  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Member Posts: 4,791 Member Member Posts: 4,791 Member
    Fae - He traces some and adds his own spin on them like the Santa’s house and barns, the mountains and such he free hands with the wood burner. We have been doing shows for the last three years but not this year because I don’t want to be in the public that much working at the home.

  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 11,531 Member Member Posts: 11,531 Member
    Stats for the day-

    Walk 2 farmers market w/family- 46.18min, 77ahr, 1.98mi= 216c
    Strava app- 240
    Spin bike- 30.21 min, 22.47amph,190elev,135ahr, 154mhr, 11.47mi= 288c
    Strava app = 335c

    Total cal 504
  • Anniesquats100Anniesquats100 Member Posts: 386 Member Member Posts: 386 Member
    I lost a pound this week. Not bad considering I went to Steven's house and he cooked salmon for me. We had a great time, but it was quite the drive.

    Annie in Delaware
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  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 17,533 Member Member Posts: 17,533 Member
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 11,531 Member Member Posts: 11,531 Member
  • smrshealthysmrshealthy Member Posts: 115 Member Member Posts: 115 Member
    Hey Ladies.. another newbie here.

    I’ve been here on MFP since July and haven’t made any changes to get in better shape.There is a bit of time before the end of the year. Enough to make some positive changes.

    I need to start by:
    Logging all my food and liquids.
    Move a lot more 8 k steps.
    Add some weight training and flexibility workouts.

    I am 60+, married with children and grand children with a goal of 8.1 lbs by years end.

    Smr/ CA
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 6,197 Member Member Posts: 6,197 Member
    Evening ladies
    Fighting something off,took 2 naps today.and back in bed and have the window open a crack to get some cool fresh air in..
    Cancelled my dental appointment for the morning, im just not up for it.
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 11,531 Member Member Posts: 11,531 Member
  • exermomexermom Member Posts: 4,873 Member Member Posts: 4,873 Member
    Did Leslie Sansone’s 5 Day Slimdown DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Body Pump video

    Vince has said that he would get me a maid only if I absolutely needed one because he knows me too well. I’d clean before she came because I didn’t want her to see the house a mess and then I’d clean it after she left because she didn’t do it my way. And he's right

    – hello there!

    Early this morning went to Publix. I didn’t realize that they aren’t giving out rain checks, but there is a sign, I just didn’t know it. Then on the way home stopped at Aldi. Do want to go see a friend who moved to the mountains, but Vince wants to take in the furniture from the pool area today. Maybe Wed? I’m working Tues so don’t know if I can get there or not.

    Made yogurt yesterday. I was surprised at how much whey came out! Today helped Vince bring in the umbrellas from outside, he’d already brought in the receiver and his lighthouse. Need to clean the bathroom floor and for some reason I’m looking for any excuse in the book not to do it. Made rice in the IP for Vince. Does it ever come out fluffy in the IP!

    Tracey– love the ornaments, especially the snowmen hugging

    – I love handmade things, too. To me, they mean so much more. When I’m making something for someone, I’m usually thinking of them while I’m making it. When I receive something someone made, I know it was made with me in mind with love and caring. To me, anyone can go to a store and buy something but where’s the thought, the caring? Tell that to Denise, miss totally materialistic who would only want something from a store.

    – “he would grill and that is it” Sounds like my house

    Anne DE – you may have said, and I missed it, where does Steve live? What part of DE?

    JoDavo and smr – welcome!

    Betsy – how I wish we could have a clothes line!!! Truthfully, I would think that a clothes line wouldn’t be a sign of poverty but more of the fact that you’re taking care of the planet and using solar power to dry your clothes. But then again, some people think it lowers your property values.

    Tracey – I was lucky, when Vince went to the hospital this time I was able to go with him. The time a few months ago I couldn’t go with him and it was so very hard for me.

    Michele NC
  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 17,533 Member Member Posts: 17,533 Member
    We hang dry everything because driers are rare here and even if you do get one, there often isn't anywhere to put it. Houses have been designed for clothes lines not clothes driers. It is conceivable we might have been able to fit one in, but we put a freezer there instead.

    So I tend to buy materials that aren't scratchy when they hang dry.

    As for the smell of clothes/sheets dried outside on the line ... I might be the only person on earth, but I don't like that smell! I usually bring things inside and set them up on the drying rack in front of the split system to blow hot air on them for a few minutes before I put them away ... to get rid of that outside smell!

    M in Oz
  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 17,533 Member Member Posts: 17,533 Member
    Just jump right in whenever you feel inspired to join a conversation. :)

  • fanncy0626fanncy0626 Member Posts: 6,068 Member Member Posts: 6,068 Member
    I love the fresh air smell and hang most of my clothes outside all year :)
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 6,197 Member Member Posts: 6,197 Member
    Well finally fell asleep for a bit,and woke up again.. having a hard time breathing,my sinuses are full but not my nose and am having to mouth breath...Trudy and I are going over to the clinic today just for ha has to get tested for Covid.. I highly doubt that is it. But want some relief.. dont like feeling under the weather..
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