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  • Katla49
    Katla49 Posts: 8,952 Member
    Allie: I am thrilled that you’re receiving good care. You have always been the care giver in the time I’ve known you. I am pleased that you are now getting good care. ❤️
  • Faetta
    Faetta Posts: 1,059 Member
    Allie (((HUGS))) <3

    Katla I am highly allergic to juniper. >:)

    Michele Thanks for explaining why you married Vince. o:)

    Barbara I had to read your statement about "Joe cutting you off," twice. :D

    KJ Your Kindle post made me teary-eyed. :'(

    Lisa I thank sympathy is something even the most compassionate males lose with age :/

    Fae near Rio de la Frontera central Or/Wa
  • margaretturk
    margaretturk Posts: 4,356 Member
    Kelly Thank you!

  • spikeyhair
    spikeyhair Posts: 2,044 Member
    Kate UK ❤️
  • Anniesquats100
    Anniesquats100 Posts: 909 Member
    Thanks! My mom is 88. Exercise for her could even be walking around the house for five minutes. I'm scared she will lose the ability to climb the stairs. Not sure what would happen then. My Dad is badgering her about the exercise now, so I have to not overdo it.

    Dr Katie - hope your hand gets better fast!

    Annie in Delaware
  • Faetta
    Faetta Posts: 1,059 Member
    SuziQ Are those all your windows? I love multi-colored lights for Christmas and the holidays. I leave mine up until the middle of Jan. I have never been one to appreciate white or solid color lights for the holidays. Nice photo of the lights. I have trouble getting a good photo because my fence is white. Going over today to help a friend put up her huge tree. I do a small tree that is well known as Fae's Christmas Shrub.
  • pipcd34
    pipcd34 Posts: 13,091 Member
  • Katla49
    Katla49 Posts: 8,952 Member
    edited December 2020
    Tracey: New PJ’s on Christmas Eve is a nice tradition. :bigsmile: I remember opening one gift on Christmas Eve, too. Others were opened in the morning before we drove to Portland and shared Christmas dinner at my cousin’s home. We also visited my Auntie Irene’s house. She was a reader, too, and bought me a horse book for my Christmas gift each year. I still have every one of them. I also treasure a book that was a Christmas gift to her as a young girl, Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott, dated 1886 & 1887. She received it as a gift in 1908. :heart:

    Barbara: We have so many new "rules" these days. If your dog group meets outdoors or in an area with good social distancing and mask wearing owners, it would likely be a pleasure for dogs and people alike, and safe. I hope you & Tumble are able to have a good time with them. :star:

    Lisa & Barbara: Our library is also available—sort of. They participate in Library to Go. It is managed through Amazon and the electronic books are able to be downloaded to your computer, kindle, tablet, or smart phone. You must have an up-to-date library card to to check out books through Library to Go. I had to renew mine, and the librarian met me outside on the steps to update my library card. Only staff was allowed inside. I think it is still true. :bigsmile:

    KJ: Kindle my Heart is so touching. Thank you for sharing. :heart:

    (((Allie:))) I am happy that you are safe. :star:

    SuziQ: I’m glad the insurance company finally settled & your roof will be repaired. :flowerforyou:

    Heather: I am so sorry that your DH had trouble sleeping due to worries about his ailments. I hope the doctor is able to resolve the problem. :heart:

    We’re working on Christmas gifts for our adult children. DS and DDIL’s gifts were settled yesterday. We already sent our contribution to DD’s children’s gifts. DD & her DH’s gifts will be attended to on Monday. Then we’re done!!!

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • Snowflake1968
    Snowflake1968 Posts: 5,623 Member
    Lisa - Trading me in for a younger model is something Rodger would tell me. 😂

    Allie - I’m so glad they are keeping you until everything is working properly and you have begun the healing. I bet you are one that wouldn’t rest as much as necessary at home.

    Suzi - that’s a huge difference in the assessment fees! Good for the board for fighting.

    Fae - I so agree about the white lights. I’m all about the coloured lights at Christmas. One thing I will say about the white lights is that the ornaments are highlighted a bit more. I have some white lights in decorations but my outdoor lights, window lights and tree lights are coloured. I see quite a few in our area have gone back to coloured this year.

    Katla - my daughter had one of my Grandmother’s treasured storybooks from when she was a little girl from 1915 or so. It was lost due to water damage in the fire we had. She now has some of her old readers from her teaching days in the 30’s and 40’s.
    She also has one of my Dad’s readers called All Sails Set, there is a story in that called Circumstances Alter Carla, I loved that story as a young girl.

    I have found another project for my poor husband to do before Christmas. Our son in law, saw something he liked and I can’t have it delivered before Christmas so we’ll make it ourselves. It will involve wood burning though so the majority of the work will fall on him.
    I have a couple of stocking stuffers left for the adult children and then I think I’m done except for our poor son in law, I’m struggling with him this year. There is always one.

    Tracey in Edmonton
  • barbiecat
    barbiecat Posts: 15,101 Member
    :) We just picked up our groceries at QFC. There were some items not available but the things that we couldn't get last week, were available today. I was able to use the paper coupons I get in the mail so I saved $5.90 on today's order. They didn't have the stuffing mix I wanted nor the turkey and I realized how relieved I am at being freed from making turkey this year.

    :)Rita, I'm glad to hear you have some relief from your sadness about your daughter. She is what she is even if it's not what you'd like.

    :)Library Our library was closed from March to June. Now it is open for pickup and delivery outside. Checking out electronic books via Washington Anytime Library and Hoopla has been available all the time. I also get books through Paperback Swap online.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
  • sh0tzz99
    sh0tzz99 Posts: 552 Member

    I went to Costco tonight and bought some Christmas gifts. I saw the Dolly Parton book I want. I hard a hard time leaving it there and not buying it for Myself. We have a rule in this family though, “no buying yourself anything in the month of December”

    Tracey in Edmonton

    We used to have that rule too, but now we don't buy each other Christmas gifts. We buy each other things throughout the year.

    Tina in CA