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  • sh0tzz99
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    I have lost 25 lbs since i have locked up here just had lunch of salad and soup..will walk a bit and then back for a nap

    That's a lot in a short time. I hope you are not having side effects. Perhaps you can treat yourself to a cookie. :smiley: Take care of yourself.

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  • Katla49
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    RVRita: Look up fodmap on line. This is something developed “down under” for people who can’t tolerate wheat. DH was having nasty eating problems and it has been fabulous for him. We printed it all & put it in a binder. He eats gluten free and it has been a tremendous improvement. There is explanation AND excellent recipes.

  • Whidislander
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    I put the article under his photo, :-)
  • charsuzy
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    I hope that I’m back. Microsoft has been “updating” my computer. I am irritated. If they want to do this, why in the middle of the day? :ohwell:

    Hi Katla, can you contact them and ask that they do their updates at a different time? I had to change the time that my computer updated and called Comcast where I actually could go into my account and change the time they updated my computer since it's so annoying.

    Washington state USA
  • Machka9
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    edited December 2020
    Windows Updates
    Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update ... and make changes to the time you prefer updates there.

    Christmas Lights
    I have coloured ones on the tree, in the windows, and on some trees outside. I have plain ones in the patio ... the ceiling is a mass of white twinkle lights ... and on my two wreaths.

    Christmas Cards
    I gave up doing them several years ago. If I do any, it will be one card to my parents and one card to my husband.

    I talk to the people I care about and am interested in throughout the year. :)

    Cookie Exchanges
    Not a thing here or anywhere I've lived in Canada. I hadn't actually heard of them until I started posting here! Aside from shortbread, cookies aren't a Christmas thing.
    SuziQ113 wrote: »
    Canned Cranberry Sauce – At one time it was a delicacy. Then I started making many things from scratch and found I prefer making cranberry sauce from scratch. I love being able to control the sugar and adding different fruits and spices so I can adjust it to the meal/sides/stuffing.

    Hugs to all and prayers for those in need.
    SuziQ – SFL

    I don't know if I've seen canned cranberry sauce. I'm pretty sure my grandmother used to make it when we had Christmas dinner with her. Otherwise we didn't have it.
    It comes in a jar here.

    I also eat dried cranberries with breakfast cereal sometimes.

    Starting to put up our tree. I am taking the branches outside and letting them air out before I put it together. The tree is over twenty years old and part of it is stored in a cardboard box. I just learned this year. Cardboard can harbor mold so I figured an airing in sunshine would be good for the tree. I can do it this year too because we do not have snow that is sticking yet.

    Christmas decorations in general harbour dust mites. I'm allergic to dust mites and have to double up on the allergy medication when the Christmas decorations emerge from storage all over the town.

    So, when we have pulled out the Christmas decorations in the past, I've sprayed them down with Eucalypt spray in some attempt to kill off or at least slow down and confuse the dust mites. This year we did something different. :)

    Machka in Oz