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30 pounds to lose challenge by March 2021



  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 3,181 Member Member Posts: 3,181 Member
    @shnerb00 , @goyologo
    Question though, do you all increase your calories in according to your added exercise or do you stick to your calorie budget?
    I generally try to split the difference. For example, yesterday:
    Adjusted calorie goal = 1640 (daily calorie goal) + 504 (activity calories burned) = 2144
    Calories consumed = 1800 (falls between 1640 and 2144)
    I have previously tried to stay under the the original calorie goal, but I found that I was losing muscle mass. I know that it's common to lose some muscle mass during weight loss, but I want it to be minimal, if not a gain. I've read that eating all the protein you're allowed, combined with strength training, can help in that regard.

    Do you use dumbbells? Buy some in a reasonable but challenging weight and find a youtube video that fits your pace. We need to do some resistance training for our muscles; I dont think just walking is enough. Also, doesn't weight training build stronger bones, too.
  • shnerb00shnerb00 Member, Premium Posts: 222 Member Member, Premium Posts: 222 Member
    lperkins5 wrote: »
    Happy New Year all, Fat *kitten* here, and still fat...I was hoping to lose 20 pounds over the holidays...but it just didn't happen! I did weigh myself this morning, and oh my God....what went wrong. I started at 283, this morning I was scale was streaming, get your of me!!! Tomorrow I'm using two scales...

    @lperkins5 “Tomorrow I'm using two scales...”. So smart!!! And oh so funny 🤣
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