Women 200lb+, Let's Make It Count This January!!!



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    That is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    uyister wrote: »
    January 2021 stats
    38 years old
    Height: 5' 7"
    SW (6/9/2020): 330.0 lbs
    Month SW (1/1/21): lbs
    Goal weight: 180 lbs
    Weigh-in day: Saturdays
    1/1/2021: 253.8lbs - 1st weigh-in of the year
    1/2: 254.8lbs
    1/9: 250.4lbs
    1/16: 249.6lbs - Finally below 250lbs for the first time in over 3 years (I was actually 248.8lbs 2 days ago).
    1/23: lbs
    1/30: lbs

    Weekly and Monthly Goals:
    * Keep logging in MFP
    * Disabled exercise calories sync in MFP and I am sticking to my 1200 calorie limit. ✔✔
    * Stop drinking water ~15 minutes before meals and no drinking water during meals -> this is going slowly, but have done it most of my meals this week (have to constantly remind myself) ✔
    * Continue the T-25 workouts (Beta cycle week one completed yesterday) ✔✔
    * Do either a quick yoga, stretch, or walk (Reps to the Rhythm or Up to the BEat Fit or Cize - Crazy 8's) workout in the evenings in addition to my morning workout ✔✔
    * Get as much sleep as possible
    * Classes began again on Monday, so my main goal is to keep hitting my step goal daily regardless of what may be going on. I am currently at day 33 of meeting my step goal - trying to make it to 60 days and get a new badge from Garmin!!

    Mid-year Goal:
    * Get below 200 lbs (Hopefully by the end of May)

    Way to go on breaking the 250 goal! That is awesome you are meeting your step goals. Well done!!!
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    Good morning.

    12.27.20: 257.2
    1.7.21: 253.4
    1.17.21: 251.4

    I have been very diligent about logging everything that I eat. The first 4 pounds lost, I was within 15% of my 1500cal, 4 days of seven. The next week I was within 15% only 2 days. This seems to be my mentality with calories... that worked, so go lower to lose more. I usually leave several hundred cal on the table daily. Is this slowing my progress or just what is to be expected?

    Thank you for any thoughts.

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    @uyister what's the thinking behind not drinking water with your meals? I've never heard that one! I would have thought it was a good thing to drink water with food??

    @goal06082021 I have that problem with getting an accurate reading on the scale as I live in an old house c. 1870 with zero decent foundations! I put my scale in 10+ locations in what I think are the most level areas and take the measurement, I go with the most frequent number, and if it's a dead heat (read: I lose my patience with the inconsistency!) then I use the higher number. It only occured to me today that my phone is effectively a spirit level as it has a gyroscope built in! There's definitely an app for that...