Women 200lb+, Let's Make It Count This January!!!



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    @uyister thanks for the craving chart, going to give that a go!
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    @abbyweaver1975 I am hypothyroid too, with Hashimoto, for the last 14 years. I've found that losing weight is more difficult but not impossible, it means I have to really pay attention. In the old days, I had wiggle room and my metabolism would quickly ramp up with my activity level, I could easily shed 5 or 10 pounds with minimal effort. Now, it's not so quick or easy and it takes longer, but it does come off slowly but surely. Unfortunately, it also comes back quickly if I don't pay close attention, so maintenance for me is going to have to be something I don't just fly by the seat of my pants and think I've got it licked.

    @speyerJ Jane, it looks like you lost an incredible amount of weight in the last year and a half. Amazing! I'm glad to read that you are doing your body work exercises to keep you moving forward and injury free. An inspiration!
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    Hey all. Going to keep this simple as I'm just starting.... again.

    Age: 49 years
    Height: 5'4
    Health: Hypothyroidism, Migraines, Hypertension, Inflammation (Gout, Fibro), Pre-Diabetes. I hope to eliminate all of these through proper diet and nutrition!

    2021 Starting weight/Highest Weight 208.2 (1/5/21)
    GW: 150 by 11/24/21. *I'd like to lose 50 lbs before I turn 50 years old!
    UGW: 140 lbs

    This month:
    1/5: 208.2
    1/10: 205.1

    January Goals:
    Track my food daily.
    Drink more water.
    Sea Moss Gel daily
    Stay within calorie goal 5x a week
    Eliminate food cravings.

    Feel free to add me as a friend if you find our goals similar!

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    SW: 209
    Week 1: 206
    Week 2: 205.4

    Even though I am trying to take it slow so I don't try to do all the things, fail, and give up, I am disappointed with my -.6 loss. I worked so hard and was hungry a lot. I definitely was disappointed when I weighed in. But my healthy habits are starting to feel routine so that is a plus.
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    Hello, My name Is Jaclyn I am not really sure how form works but I want to join. I work in the health care field and this last year has been pretty stressful and reverting to bad habits. I gained way to much weight after having my son then Covid hit and well I gained more. So, here I am. I am done making excuses. I have done amazing on this app before and have reached my goal weight and kept it off for years... I know if I commit and find the right support system I can do it again.

    Age: 28
    Height: 5'8"

    Highest 300 (Nov 2018 I was pregnant at the time)
    SW: 253 lb as of 01/2/2021
    CW: 241 lb as of 12/25/2020
    Weigh-in Progress:
    1/1: 253
    1/8: 242
    GW for January: 235 lb
    UGW: 170 lb

    I am going to weigh in on Fridays. However, I also weigh in on Mondays. I do this because I want to hold my self responsible over the weekends. The weekends is where I struggle the most. Sometimes I get the "Well I have a whole week before the next weigh in I can make it up." So, I am hoping that the Monday reweight in will help keep me more motivated.
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    @Angief05 You had a great loss last week, well done for your hard work!

    @ajverloop158 Welcome to this awesome group, I've had such great support and advice from so many of the ladies. My energy levels have increased and improved over the last 10 months being on MFP and being diligent and disciplined. I'm a big fan of Lesley Sansone online walking routines for inside and set a goal initially of doing 1 mile every day. It works!

    @lilann1961 OMW hope your boy bounces back soon!! I feel for you about your dog, my brother has just been through a ghastly month of dog drama x3!!! I'm forced to have a dry week as we are in a government forced prohibition due to Covid, which is a good thing, I finished my reserves on Friday, so now I'm drinking water. I also love reading, but due to life just haven't been in the mood lately, I'm still trying to finish Ken Follets A Column of Fire, which I started more than a month ago!!!

    @osier5 Ahhh I feel your disappointment, but try not to focus too much on the scale, as some weeks are better than others regardless of how good you are due to water retention, etc!! This is a long term plan for most of us and I know the scale moves down if you are tracking and logging and watching your snacks!

    @RavenStCloud What a victory for last week!! I totally support your week of not binging, I'm on that too!

    @speyerj I follow you closely Jane, you are transforming your life and that's exactly what my goal is, I love the fact that you can reign yourself in, I'm having my first lesson in that after Christmas and NY, after being extremely strict for 9 months the wheels did fall off a bit. However, I ran 3 to 4 times a week and didn't stop, so that's new for me!

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    Hello there!
    I joined My Fitness Pal in 2014 to track food, but didn't end up using it. So, I'm a newbie here!
    I have had weight issues since I was 8-9 years old. I had hormone issues that were not really figured out until I was in middle school and high school (and honestly, allopathic doctors haven't been much help to me over the years!)

    In 2008-2009 I did the HCG weightloss protocol. Lost over 100 pounds, but then didn't eat accordingly on phase 3 and gained 20-25 pounds back in ONE week. My body is very sensitive (eyeroll). I was devastated and basically gave the whole thing up. That whole process did give me an idea of what would work for me to lose weight.
    One good thing about that is that my cycle became regulated for the first time in my life. And after being infertile through 12 years of marriage, I got pregnant!

    Fast forward to the September of 2020, and my 3rd baby was now 5 years old. And I was 300 pounds. My husband and children are very active. I have back and neck issues from motor vehicle accidents from people not paying attention to traffic lights. So I'm limited in what I can do exercise-wise. I got down about 5 pounds. October 4th, I took out grains, sugar, and most fruit.
    That week I found out my adrenals are taxed (our kiddos have a sleep disorder and SPD, and one is on the Autism spectrum and "has" PANS) and a sound test indicated I was often missing the second part of my heart beat. So I continued my better eating, and added in supplements to help these issues.

    By November I had lost about 10 pounds, but then was stuck at 286.o-286.9 for a month. :( My primary health practioner (who is not in allopathic medicine) suggested that perhaps I had higher insulin levels. I did some research, and have made changes accordingly. By Christmas I was down another 10 pounds! And then I went off of this way of eating for 2 weeks over Christmas. But I wasn't going to beat myself up! I had a better idea of how to go forward successfully, wanted to enjoy the holidays, and then get back on track.

    January 4, 2021 ~ The big "After Christmas Weigh-In" had me at up 8.5 pounds. That was O.K. I knew the steps to take. I have taken out grains and sugar (actually my whole family has now) and pretty much all fruit. I'm trying to stick to lower-carb, and it seems that, at the moment, I'm kind of keto. Though I am paying attention to calories and micrograms of fat, carbs, and protein, I am not strictly watching those percentages. Because of my insulin research, I have started doing intermittent fasting, which has been working great for me this week, except I have to figure out my calorie intake.

    A friend of mine was on MyFitnessPal and invited others to join, and as I do better with community support, I "joined" (only to be reminded that I joined in 2014 :oP )
    I found this group in the community forums, and saw that people had short-term goals and the ultimate weight goal. I started thinking about what mine are. I figure my UGW is 145, and I suddenly realized how far I have to go, literally losing HALF of my body weight, and admittedly, I went "down in the dumps," wondering if after all these years, would I really be able to get there, and thinking about how long it will take. This first week was encouraging, but obviously I'm not going to lose this much every week! Ha!
    And, I am also concerned about losing too fast and having more saggy skin than I would if I lost more slowly. I'm no spring chicken, so I do not have youth on my side in regards to the skin! LOL :p

    I weigh daily, but I will only update here weekly. I know a lot of people say not to be a "slave to the scale" by weighing daily, but my body is very sensitive, and I like to know what's happening.

    November 2020 cholesterol and triglyceride tests came back great, but a couple of my kidney numbers came back iffy.
    A1C was 6.1
    BP is kind of iffy. Has been fairly low most of the day, but goes up really, pretty high at night sometimes.

    So, here I am, joining you all, and knowing that I am not the only one facing this challenge.
    I'm sorry this is so long, but I figure it may help me sometimes to look back at where I started.
    Please know that I look forward to celebrating everyone's victories on this journey we're on.
    I look forward to the suggestions of you all! :)

    Sept. 2020: 300 pounds
    UGW:145 pounds
    Short-term Goal: 230 (hoping by my birthday in mid-July)
    1/4/2021 ~ Starting weight: 284.3
    1/11/2121 ~ Week 1: 274.9
    Non-scale victories:
    1/10/21 ~ I can put on and tie my tennis shoes without putting my foot up on a chair. Kind of embarrassing to
    admit, but it is what it is.
    1/10/21 ~ Riding in the passenger seat, my seatbelt doesn't lock-up with a little movement ~ I take up less space!
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    @BlossomingJenn - welcome. If I can offer some advice, don't worry about how long it will take you to get to your ultimate goal weight. Just concentrate on the next 10 pounds. And then the next 10 - knowing that every 10 pounds you shed is going to result in such an improvement in your life - your ability to move, your insulin levels, your heart health, your energy levels. And yes, when you do finally shed 150 pounds or so, you will have saggy skin - whether you lose fast or slow. That is just what happens. But the skin will shrink over time but it might take 2 or more years. But I will take a saggy belly over a flabby belly any day of the week.

    This is a long journey, so do your best to make losing weight as easy for you as possible. Make changes that you are willing to live with for the rest of your life. If Intermittent fasting makes it easier to stick to your calories goals, then keep doing it. If you find it hard to sustain, then try something else. Same with eating low carbs, eliminating sugar, fruit or grains. None of that is necessary for weight loss, but if it helps make your diet more sustainable, then its a good change. If it makes it harder, it is not. All that is necessary for you to be successful is to eat fewer calories than you burn about 90% of the time and to not quit. It's the quitting part that trips up most of us.
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    Hi everyone,
    I’m Shannon and this is my first time posting in the threads here. Happy to have found this group.

    SW: 202.6
    CW: 200.4
    GW (for July): 170
    OGW: 150

    I’ve been in over a year of recovery / rehab for a slipped disc at L3 along with an impinged femoral nerve (that loves to cause issues to my left leg) that has kept me from all my fave activities and found me putting on 20+lbs. Im also dealing with pereneal tendonitis on my good leg (started in Aug/20) that kept me off it for most of the fall/winter with a walking boot for 6 weeks. I also have endometriosis.

    Goals this year are to continue to get more active as my healing continues (working with Physio) - this means increased walking/weight training & yoga), being able to hike, get back to playing tennis & golf, keep stress down, eat whole foods, maintain meal planning schedule that I’ve established, get enough sleep and do my darnedest to prevent any more injuries.

    I’m turning 44 this year and would love to be able to feel more healthy and be able to do things I enjoyed pre-injury.

    I’m going to do weigh in’s on Mondays.

    Happy to have met you all. ❤️
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    Welcome to all the new folks! I am having a pretty good week so far.

    Someone mentioned doing so well they thought they should maybe redo their goal for the month. I have thought of that, but then, what's a goal for? To meet or exceed, hopefully. Don't go changing the goalpost on yourself! If you exceed it by an unexpected amount, that's great. But don't increase your goal amount for next month by a lot, because you won't necessarily do the same again. Keep it reasonable. If your MPF goal is set to lose 1 lb./week, then your goal should be in line with that, so like 5 lb./month on average. Just my .02 - take it for what it's worth!

    I second everything speryerj said above! Be honest with yourself and log EVERYTHING! That part kills me sometimes, but it does help. Don't get fixated on whether you were at or below your daily calories - look at the Nutrition tab for the weekly, and try to keep to your Daily Average. Some days you'll feel like eating more, some days you'll feel like eating less (honest, it does happen!) so as long as you balance out over a week, you're doing well.

    Also, a doctor I saw at the bariatric clinic (I didn't go for WLS) told me to start at about 1800 calories per day and slowly, over weeks, decrease that, instead of just starting right at what MFP says your calories should be. I weighed about what you are at now, and am very sedentary due to knee problems, and I was amazed - I did lose. I am working my way down from 1800 again - trying to get to 1700-1750 this month (MFP says I should be at about 1600), and again am surprised I am losing about a pound a week.

    I can soooo relate to your NSVs as well. The steering wheel isn't rubbing on my belly. I can sit in most chairs that have arms. I can buy clothes at a store (I used to have to make my shirts and pants.) Small children can sit on my lap!